Junior bulldog club memorabilia collectibles


Junior bulldog club antiques and collectibles


Hi there again readers, hope your all good out there Junior bulldog club memorabilia collectibles have managed to find their way to Collectibulldogs by a gentleman not wishing to collect anymore, we had thought that buying out and the last collection and liquidised it into Collectibulldogs.


I have to be honest it’s a lot of work keeping up with who’s who in the bulldog world so I’m not best placed to give advice but Click here and the link will take you to their website homepage and where these collectibles first started out.

Silver trophies 🏆


Silver junior bulldog club collectibles


Some collectibles need that extra polish lol it will come up stunning

Part of the deal includes two silver trophies 🏆  i know one is the Best In Show Champions Cup and its inscribed Junior Bulldog Club, Mr & Mrs Driscoll, Champion Sailor’s Choice, it has a sticker on the base saying Best In Show Champion Jnr Bulldog Clubthe. These will look beautiful polished and presented with the rest.


the smaller of the Silver collectibles is Inscribed Junior Bulldog Club and there is a sticker on the base that says Jnr Bulldog Club Special Beginners D/B and the number 18, I know a lady from the junior bulldog club so getting information ℹ️ should not be to hard then I can pass on more about these pieces to you folk.


Beautiful club coin collectibles


A fabulous addition to the coin collectibles we already have here


Very happy to say that in the deal comes two coins very well preserved and of gold and silver content, I do not know much about these yet but I’m sure after a while I’ll have more information on whom won them how old they are and the best thing is collectibles like these come in threes and I have the bronze one in our collection.


The deal comes with a 40s Japanese ceramic bulldog I have this piece in my collectibles so will most properly pass one onto charity, unlike the gracious trophy donation from miss Sutton in Australia 🇦🇺 I had to pay for these which is fine the amount for all seemed low so I paid half more than the sellers asking price this should get them a drink or two and would go along way to the seller becoming a new contact.


One of the collectibles that is not gold or silver

Danish collectibles my bulldog is nearly home


On top of this deal is the one I’ve been practicing patience with Lars over in Denmark 🇩🇰 has my gorgeous antique ceramic bulldog, costing a lot of money I decided to ask for a layaway payment plan, it’s not been easy sitting day after day week after week paying when I know I can just use my card lol.


One of our most treasured collectibles on its way very soon


Once I have the piece I’ll do a blog article on it and why I think it’s so special and I’m also hoping Lars meant what he said about linking up websites, he has a brilliant site for collectors he’s pieces are all investment opportunities and I hope after we continue to do business.

I keep on the track of teaching myself patience,yet with the fact I cannot wait for the new collectibles to arrive means I’ve already lost that battle lol. Happy collecting and stay safe folks.

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