Bulldog Backlinks / Reciprocal blogging offer


Sharing backlinks is caring. Not only that we can all improve together

Hi there readers I hope your well and safe, this article written is to reach out to bloggers and website owners everywhere, we are offering back to back backlinks and would like to offer reciprocal blogging. with the emergence of Google’s new system aimed at mobile use we need to work together to keep our website domains strong.

I learned all this new jargon from my web host and designer and I’m lucky enough that collectibulldogs has a working web team to sort this out, in the mean time I e been doing some off page Seo to try and improve my own Da and Pr. It’s public knowledge that my DA Is 26 (up one point this week) and my PR is a healthy 38.

Backlinks continued

Once the proper Seo is done on my website the DA should rise into the thirties but I have no plans to stop until the websites at least 45 DA, this is the most natural way of getting backlinks or email websites asking which I hope my host will do at some point or leave a reminder on the website.



The idea as most know is to have your url or website address put organically on someone else’s website This shows google just like the blog comments that your website is interesting or comparable with other websites and blog pages, improving your scores isn’t easy and the highest domains of DA ninety have been around for years.

I’d like to thank all those that have given collectibulldogs a backlink especially Brighton museum, we had one with Brighton toy museum but I think it went when they updated it but I can just email to get that sorted, this benefits both parties please don’t think we won’t share because it’s what we are good at.


So I have the museums as backlinks jewellery shops peoples websites and blogs and a few other places but more is needed, if for any reason you wish to help but are thinking (what’s he going on about) just leave a comment below and I’ll help and explain.


Reciprocal blogging opportunities

One way to get backlinks organically is to guest blog for another and add links onto the blog (I always ask first but most don’t mind) I did start out with a guest post page BUT when the first to want to guest offers no reciprocation and ends with PUT IT UP OR DONT ITS UP TOO YOU well even though I’m a gent and posted it I will not work with the likes.

Now because of one bad egg my mind has changed and now if folks wish to blog and leave links etc then it’s only fair that I get something in return and that’s basically what gets asked of me which is a blog article with a few backlinks to ones website or url addresses.


I cannot speak for everyone else but I work like a social media guru with your blogs and it’s for free with the website set up to send out all blogs to certain formats automatically BUT I spend lots and lots of time pushing blogs back out I call it recycling and do not see it as spamming, with a website as large as mine it’s most probably easier to find my blogs on social media lol.

Guest post area is reserved for all guest posts we do not mind what type of topic you want to contribute as long as it’s clean and family friendly, any endorsing websites should be honest upon connecting or find that your post has been published but the links either removed or made No follow links instead. This is safeguarding my readers from bouncing to a website that involves buying or online cold calling.




Another sure fire way to get noticed by google isn’t just by content and SEO but the comments left on blogs, articles, external source related segments and sticky comments left,(a comment with a useable link) these are ok depending on whom left the link and where to, our spam filters out all these unless approved first.

With saying all this a comment or two would be great and if anyone out there wants to leave a sticky link comment for an example feel free to go ahead, whilst on the subject if I leave my latest blogs underneath could anyone be willing to leave a comment sticky or otherwise and opinion is ok as long as it’s not aimed at anyone in general otherwise fire away,(am open and honest to discussion on my illness).

Gold, from medals to situations



We all want the best for our websites and maybe a lot of people out there have only just learned of DA which means domain Authority and PR page rank, my call to action Campaigns normally do not work but if you do your research you’ll find everything here correct even Google’s change to websites being even more Mobile friendly.

As I’m not an expert and you don’t wish either offer then all I can say is keep an eye on your analytics to see what your demographic are looking at your content from, if your site is only viewed by desktop like some really old sites then I’m (just guessing) that you will be fine, as for the rest of us let’s link up and rise our DA with shared content and of course those all important DO FOLLOW if you want to talk specifics.


That’s all I can really say for now for more info google this or even contact my web hosts for any latest updates, I’m lucky in the fact that guest posts are already being considered both in and out / internal and external, even if you do not fully understand this is a great offer and for those taking part a win win all round, even link ups to us could link together.


even if it’s one backlink at a time we will get there

One of our most powerful links comes from Brighton museum so I’ve added their twitter profile in the hope I can gain my new employees some much needed followers and interest, I have to say without permission I’m advertising independent of the museum (it’s only down the road lol)

The link goes to the websites news area but there’s much much more if you have a play around with the menu