Bulldog antiques let’s trend on Pinterest

Pinterest loving our antiques

Bulldog antiques doing well on Pinterest

Hi readers I hope that you are all well and safe out there We started hitting a new format Pinterest! Bulldog antiques let’s trend on Pinterest Is a great idea Now this format is primarily for pictures and videos and with little to no spamming issues it’s the perfect place for collectibulldogs to post to.

Our interactions have increased over the past few weeks we did have a monthly visitor score of around 27k and this has shot up since we’ve started engaging our latest view score is 164k and rising, saving others pins and trying our best to interact  by inviting others to use our boards is just the start.


Bulldog antiques let’s trend on Pinterest Would be a dream come true theres lots and lots of interest on Pinterest for bulldogs, puppies antiques well there’s everything on there if you can think of a board to create you’ll find there is already thousands of pins to help create said board.


Our Pinterest pictures are doing ok at the moment

Above is a link to our own Pinterest page but we do have other boards we have been kindly invited too just like this board called Our pets board where you can add any kind of pin to do with domestic pets it’s quite a favourite board to use.

Pinterest boards of interest


We do not own every board on the page we have boards like The small business pin exchange and Healthy lifestyles included so when we are reciprocating we can have a choice on where to stick the right pins on the right boards (my apologies to users PTSD means I sometimes get the board wrong.

Some clever person came up with the board for everything Where you can add almost any pin and collectibulldogs is thankful to be allowed to post in these segments it’s even better when others either pin ours or hit our links to help with both Pinterest and website impressions.


So to get trending we need more Pinterest followers our engagements are rising but it’s not easy to follow back all until we receive a ratio of followers ourselves we do not wish to unfollow any of the 50k and we don’t want to loss our 30k following so it’s our next step to try and raise our follow limit.


Bulldogs in motion only on collectibulldogs and Pinterest


We are not sure how to trend ! We see it pop up all the time but even though there’s bulldog memorabilia on Pinterest it’s only us showing bulldog memorabilia as a main stay ! Just like other formats we have trouble fitting in on social media formats due to one of a kind status plz click if you wish to assist thank you so Pinterest is a breath of fresh air.

More Pinterest boards of interest


Pinterest is great 👍

Thats correct we have lots and lots of boards so it depends what your demographic is just like Gifts for him and Gifts for her ! Why be stuck ever again choosing a precious piece for a loved one these boards are full of ideas, From Fashion right through to my own idea of adding A mental health help board giving my own experiences through my articles and saving others pins.


Maybe you need Pet supplies or just want to check out other peoples Cute pets the pins submitted are usually of a great quality and you’ll have hours of fun just musing some of these established boards, Pinterest shows it’s ok to post your objects on to a social media format without getting into any kind of anxiety inducing problems.


You can post practically anything on Pinterest

Home modelling  Colouring for adults  Online shops a global community  Top games and gadgets  these are just a few of the other boards there’s hundreds to see and a community of over three hundred million users now that’s amazing yes Facebook and Twitter take the lions share but with freedom of speech dismissed on Twitter and Facebook owning your online life


Pinterest just enjoys fresh content and interesting posts just as long as your not over doing it your impressions can increase daily and this is how we intend to try and trend all we need is the right followers saving our pins and hashtags and we should get there but it’s not for definite as stated we are the worlds only bulldog memorabilia website so it maybe a challenge.


Pinterest on collectibulldogs


Cheers to all on Pinterest from collectibulldogs

If no ones noticed we already have Pinterest in our footer but we aim to get auto posting set up and add save widgets to our website so others can save our pictures as pins (please contact us if you use this and want engagement) our RSS feed is starting to get some good end results.

For those on Pinterest thank you for excepting collectibulldogs we enjoy the format and hope to create connections and if we backlinked your board then it’s our pleasure also if your a board owner and want a backlink here just contact us and it will get added.


We hope our pins get shared to other boards so that we can build up a group of mutuals that we can reciprocate with as we are for now just pinning randomly from the main board we’ve also offered collaboration but maybe to the wrong followers as not many have excepted so far.

To our collaborators please be more visible that way even someone with PTSD like myself will find it easier to get to your boards and share out, we think our pins are good but in case it’s otherwise I’ve asked a friend to come up with some thing interesting to help us on the format.


Check out our Facebook page 📄

Thank you Pinterest for all the interest !

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