Bulldog antiques/ collectibles we got offered lots 2022

Bulldog antiques/ collectibles

Bulldog antiques/ collectibles

Hi readers I hope your well, today’s article Bulldog antiques/collectibles we got offered lots 2022 started by us at Collectibulldogs.com getting an email from a lady in the United States of America 🇺🇸 Alison contacted to ask if we were at first interested (till destination was realised) and then asked if we would assist.


The collection would get you way into beginners land and beyond I’ve seen the pieces and there’s a few top ceramics, some I’ve not seen myself and envious as the lady will not ship her delicate pieces, I was told there’s two hundred or so, and that even the curios that they sit in can be sold too, they are all surpurb quality


ive seen Royal Doulton BESWICK rosenthal even a Karl Tutter piece there’s a couple from Denmark 🇩🇰 and lots more besides, Alison has herself a beautiful bulldog collection for sale and just think it could be yours, if I were in the states I’d give a price just becouse it all looks so inviting.


Alison has requested that no shipping can be involved and it’s collection only but GET AHEAD BULLDOG COLLECTION FOR SALE is open to anyone that wishes to go and pick all these pieces up, so if your stateside and want a ready made collection or a start up if your continuing your venture like us


Bulldog antiques/collectibles

The collection is on the move AGAIN ! It will never look this cramped again
Bulldog antiques/collectibles

Since this article first went out some years back collectibulldogs.com has many sellers send pictures wanting to sell their collectibles antiques memorabilia all sorts of bulldog themed pieces that collectibulldogs would love to own research and display, before I continue I must say there’s also been the occasional conman / woman that has tried to sell me fresh air.


This is usually from a Facebook account that has been recently made and pictures of photo memorabilia in display cases are shown and all the person says is are you interested in buying bulldog antiques/Collectibles, of course I am but that doesn’t mean to say that the person on the other side of the format actually has anything for sale I am not sure but recently someone contacted collectibulldogs.com to say exactly this and I wrote a blog about it as I thought I would be getting new pieces for the collection


Bulldog antiques USA opportunity to grow 2022Is the link to this article now I cannot say for sure wether it’s a sweet lady wanting to sell or someone with just photos hoping I’ll chuck money at them, I’m not silly though so I state I’m happy to work this through but I’ll be buying small first. This means the seller has to give an address and other details to make the business part of the deal work.


If you don’t hear nothing back within a month like prices names dates shipping fees and everything else associated with buying and selling you know it’s not real and they were just after ripping off with no interest in selling you any bulldogs and just after your money. But not everyone has been that way or we’d have no new or unusual pieces of Bulldog antiques/collectibles to show you.

Bulldog antiques/collectibles some of the best came from sellers

Bulldog antiques/collectibles

VR life Bulldog antiques Brighton Proud website
Bulldog antiques/collectibles


Collectibulldogs’s has an astonishing amount of Bulldog antiques/collectibles it would take years to get these in if it were sale for sale on each piece, unfortunately sometimes and fortune sometimes are the reasons behind the selling of these collections or sub section collections, this kind of business has helped the collection and it’s grown to be world beating in just seven years.



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