A couple of things to know that may help collectors. As there are a multitude of Bulldogs cast in Bronze and very attractive they are.

Knowing a little may help you to know what you are looking at and what the difference in values are that you will encounter.

There are two methods in the making of them and its useful to know both .The seller usually mentions which casting was used.
The first is COLD CAST BRONZE. This is an old method which is allso named Bronze Resin, which consists of a mix of bronze powder and epoxy resin.

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The mix is applied to a silicone mould in several layers. A wire frame is then inserted for added strength. Then the mould is filled with the resin and bronze powder.

These may look like solid bronze but they are not the real thing, but are
popular amongst Bulldog collectors.

Many old Bulldog sculptures are reproduced in this way and are very attractive to collect.