Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina Here’s the royal Doulton brindle bulldog hand painted

Our sympathies at first go out to all those effected by the Covid 19 outbreak/ pandemic it’s becoming regular but the decent thing to do Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina ! to those that know brindle bulldogs or our website may know but many wouldn’t.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina A close up of those individual brush strokes


Brindle bulldogs it’s all about the colour of the fur And heres Wikipedia’s definition of the colour it’s one of the traditional colours in the bulldog world and actually rarer than you think both here and in reality to see a full fur coloured brindle bulldog with its few colours that look all mixed up.


This is of course is not true and brindle bulldogs that are bred are classed as some of the best in old school colours, our own Scruffy-Louise was a stunning version of brindle, and just like a sharks body she had a pure white tummy and dark on top but unlike the shark had that traditional brindle eye patch (can be seen in some photos)

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

The tiny royal Worcester One of the smaller brindle bulldogs

So going through the collectibulldogs English bulldog memorabilia collection we found some brindle bulldogs and thought we could have a look at what seems like the hardest of hand painting skills (we’d love it if an artist could write in and let us know ) just how hard it is to paint brindle.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle bulldogs a close up of royal Worcester

Brindle bulldogs few and far between !


When I got off my butt to start this article I thought I would be up all evening just clicking away and would have to continue tomorrow after I’ve done my gardening chores but low and behold we do not actually have that many for the size of the collection.

Even looking at the artwork that is surrounding me in the front room and it doesn’t seem to be that many brindle bulldogs in art form either, brown on its own doesn’t count but even with saying that and pieces like the royal Worcester not making the cut there are others that are what we’d class as brindle bulldogs.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Our brindle bulldogs at collectibulldogs like Beswick basford champ

It’s also for the artist to make clear their own definition and personal touch when painting these bulldogs and there are differing degrees of success depending on how you see it, could this be the hardest of patinas to paint ? or is it just simple brush strokes.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle bulldogs beswick brindle patina

black white dark brown light brown, if you were to mix these colours up wet there would be a horrible colour left so getting a brindle bulldog finished from it’s white porcelain start could be seen as a skill and why we couldn’t find many.

Orange and white became the new brindle bulldog

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Royal Worcester there’s two but it’s still part of the brindle bulldogs selection

Going round choosing brindle bulldogs did show that the collectibulldogs collectibles actually holds more pieces of an orange and white colour, many spotted and some with just the eye patch.


If I was looking to do an article just for the word count I could of created an orange and white ceramic bulldog blog, knowing the brindle bulldogs here are the rarest of of our pieces is a new thing maybe only noticeable due to lockdown boredom

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Doris Linder is amazing at painting brindle bulldogs


Yep going back over the blog articles from there’s no mention of either of these subjects, I’ll look up youtube after I’ve written this article and see if there’s any video clips on how to draw or paint brindle bulldogs.


Until then let’s start with the pieces I took earlier look at the different patinas and try to work out just how these artisans of the past managed to handle the body work on these ornaments and how they replicated the brindle patina time after time.


Introducing our own brindle bulldogs

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Heads up ! Brindle bulldogs maybe not yet this crown Devon bulldog head relies heavily on brindle

Lets get started with the Royal Doulton Bulldog now we have the small the medium and the large and due to different sizes you would think the brindle patina is a little different for each size bulldog

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

crown Devon close up


This is not the case and I’m not sure how many sets were made in 1917 and 1939 but they are all perfect, the small brindle bulldog pops up on eBay quite a lot and there’s no difference in any of them yet all individually painted.

you will see in the course of the article that artists have very different ideas about what our brindle bulldogs sitting in our display cabinets should look like, many have it down to a T others I’ll let you be the judge of.

Choose from your favourite brindle bulldogs

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Artisans have different adaptations to their own interpretation of brindle bulldogs

As we showcase these beauties we are giving you the opportunity to click and save ! If you want a bulldog brindle or otherwise or like the brindle close up shots feel free to save and keep you have our permission.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

From Knud Knun artisan at royal Copenhagen a different way to show off brindle bulldogs patina

Adding to that we apologise if the quality is not brilliant an iPad has been used so closing in for a real close up sometimes does not work out, we think we got the essence of each painter as we show the brindle bulldogs and the brindle Patina

Brindle bulldogs

Another example of brindle bulldogs from Europe using those subtle pastels

Noticing too that most of the bulldogs are made in England there’s one from St Lucia and a couple from the company in Royal Copenhagen but searching as we have done there is none from the likes of the USA Germany or even japan.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina royal Copenhagen must of controlled some artistic expression with different artists same colours


I mention these countries as they have a high rate of bulldog memorabilia head scratching though wondering why so many countries have opted for the two colour approach in the (investable section ) of the porcelain selection.

Brush strokes and time or a dilemma

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle bulldogs royal Doulton

How do you think this is created ? As you can see the artists surely have their own versions of the idea of brindle bulldogs take Knud Knun for example he’s artwork with the likes of the bulldog is A totally different look to his traditional work, B makes brindle look subtle.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina Royal Doulton again

This form of wave like Colour would to some seem lazier than other pieces shown this though is indicative of the Royal Copenhagen factory itself, if you look at all our royal Copenhagen bulldogs they all have pastels in the colour.

The bulldog from St Lucia has always been a conundrum it was bought from an antiques shop near to where we lived we only went in as the owner was a bargain hunt tv program expert and saw this there.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

A good go. Studio piece signed

We think this was made there And then sold to tourists who would’ve visited the island after World War II and of course when Bulldogs were all the rage, the action expert did say he had bought it back years ago and found it by accident (maybe sales patter ).

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle bulldogs studio piece

Brindle bulldogs it’s all a blur

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Avon ware bulldog or Koala bear lol

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle bulldogs a blurred view

Continuing with the brindle theme we seem to change with some of the pieces, just like the royal Doulton K1 mum there is a fine line between the dog being a brown and white dog and the brown obviously gets darker

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle bulldogs another brilliant GoldSchneider brindle bulldog a part of history

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Different kind of brindle

this same technique is also used on another piece from the company Avon ware, the bulldog they created does resemble more of a koala bear we think (can you see the resemblance) we only knew this piece was brindle as we have two.

The studio pieces that you would think had a blurred finished look were actually surprisingly good we did not find many but the ones we could find there is a real attempt even if a little dark to get this brindle colour down.


The two Winstanley brindle bulldogs are testament that the patina is easier than maybe we think to achieve, the company of Winstanley is small and the workforce when they were running were a small team of potters and their painters.


Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Leynham pottery bulldog

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Lovely wedge wood bulldog figurine

This can also be said for the goldSneijder a trio of polish artisans that set up residence in Staffordshire during the war working for one of the many Staffordshire pottery houses that were running at the time.

We are very proud to own two of these bulldog beauties not only because there’s two different pieces but also the story behind these three persons and research has shown they seldom made domestic pet ornaments.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Wedge wood patina close up

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Leynham pottery brindle close up


What about Scotland’s contribution with this piece, a sandy light brown English bulldog quite large in size and of a decent quality, we’ve seen one before so know this is not a one off and we bought ours from a lady in Scotland KelsBoro may not be trading anymore so it’s nice to have a little piece of Scottish history


Wedge wood also have their own contribution with the bridle and white English bulldog this is completely the opposite from their signature bulldog pieces found in both black and blue and jasper ware I think it’s called.


Brindle Bulldogs a few facts

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle bulldogs it’s rare to have the set. Japanese made date (occupation 1946)

A few articles we have written in the past are about the war and the supply of simple commodities like paint we as a nation had shortages of everything and paint was often in the mix.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

It’s a blurry line is it brindle can YOU TELL


it’s widely believed that Royal Doulton Often ran out of paint and some set pieces got onto the open market stamped but not painted, when your paining your pieces the same colours as the Union Jack and spitfire colours then red white and blue would of been in demand.

At the moment searching the bulldog collection we cannot find anything from Germany that resembles a brindle bulldog this is quite a surprise as Germany is or was a wonderful place to find some really good quality ceramics and the antiques can be surprising but no brindles.

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina Winstanley bulldogs come in different sizes

Brindle Bulldogs a beautiful fur patina

The larger of the Winstanley collection the piece is seated. Brindle bulldogs

A set was found on the shelf but due to that blurred look it’s best we leave judgement down to you, if someone wrote in saying “the blurred pieces you talk of” are not brindle and explain why that would be terrific as I’d learn something new and can pass on too the collectibulldogs faithful.


As stated in other articles it can get easier to date and find the origin of English bulldog memorabilia the colour of the paint can be a giveaway for example Spain like to use nice bright colourful pastels just check Lladro and royal Copenhagen is similar soft colours on exquisitely made sculptures.


Lastly if you wouldn’t mind please

If you wish to try and emulate brindle bulldogs or even just learn to draw one we created / collaborated with youtubers whom will teach you A FEW DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRAFTS WITH BULLDOG THEMES

I’m hoping this helps others of all ages to get together and try something different you never know when this crazy time ends you could of learned a new money making idea ready for when the world decides to restart.

Oh yes before I go I’d like to ask my readers to please use the comments section and please help us to reach that magic 100 white hat organic trustpilot reviews of five star quality! YOUR REVIEWS KEEP US STRONG 💪 PLEASE HELP US GET STRONGER! The year is moving on fast and we don’t wish to miss out on individual kindness.

The comments and reviews are a start that Wynne and myself wish to try out ! We want the comments section to be used more like a mini feed or forum and reviews we hope will bring more trust to the website but new interactions as we chat in the comments section and others join in.

I’ve been hard at it writing articles recently heres a few  Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ? Is another recent article  Wynne done a Covid 19 article on safety Covid 19 safety by Wynne  and then I wrote Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! before I realised my play on words had other meanings this innocent mistake was left after as the title bought attention to the article

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