Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure


Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure

Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure


Hi readers, I hope your well, first of all can I state the fact that the Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure has nothing to do with Brighton Museum and my article today about the topic of Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure is the fact we never did reclaim the bulldog breed!


The exhibition itself was ok as in visitor numbers to the museum but it’s done nothing to change any perceptions here in the U.K., other countries do not have this issue and they do not have elements of their society that associate certain breeds with nationism and as this stereotype was from the 1990s I for one had thought people had moved on but no !

Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure

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Even the fact that some believe that Winston Churchill had some not so nice beliefs still dates back to the 1940s-1950s I’m not sure who’s noticed here but it’s 2012 is it not time the bulldog breed was left alone, the reconfiguration of breeding into this shape and style from the bulldogs of the past not only was the fault of humans and the fact a smaller breed was needed for new estates housing the workforce that started coming into towns from the rural lands people forget that 200 years ago most of English money was not made in high skyscrapers but large rural farms and homesteads.


No other country in the world that I know of has such a problem with their own native dog breed and national flag both getting the same treatment, I remember when I was little playing out on my skateboard people would have a pole just like in the USA and have the Union Jack 🇬🇧 And England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 flag on it, nowadays in the U.K. it’s seen by many as a sign just like the bulldog and now you’ll only see the flag on national buildings and on windows and cars around the country when England football team play


Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure

Worlds first bulldog memorabilia exhibition


i knew from the beginning this was in the minds of many either the breeds seen as a sign of nationalism and the bulldogs health problems, now when I’ve been out I’ve heard the lot from I’m cruel owning a bulldog to they shouldn’t be here, the more passive insults normally enclude jokes about mothers in law, and I knew that if this is just out for a walk I must of had balls of steel to take it online.


I told my museum mentor the state of play regarding my collections subject and that I get little support in the U.K. and as the lady works with those with mental health issues a reply of yes your right isn’t something positive, I knew the facts so just agreed.

Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure

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Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure Was a success in a few ways I did manage to hold the worlds first bulldog memorabilia exhibition even if it’s the only ever one ☝️ I’m doubtful the museum will be helping out Collectibulldogs from any help promoting to the pop up museum we once spoke of another chance to showcase the bulldog breed and again try and reclaim the breed.


Ive had hardly any correspondence from the museum I know there’s issues with them emailing me and I’ve not been to art group or worked since a fellow client passed away, I feel a little resentful towards the museum so much could of been worked out in 2018 but it’s now valentine’s Day feb 2019 and apart from a failed meeting I’ve heard nothing and I’m sure any meeting will just be bad news for Collectibulldogs.


Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure


when I met up with a friend after twenty years and adopted one of his bulldogs and started all this I never expected so much hatred from the crap 💩 I get online daily to no support from the country that once was so proud of the breed, I started a collection for my own purposes and maybe should of just kept it quiet, it gets boring and tiring having to  you sarcasm wit and intelligence to fight back.


Im over the U.K.Labour Party blocking me it just shows they cannot wipe their own bums let alone run a country if they believe all bulldog owners are White supremacists or part of a party not in the mainstream that’s just stupid backward thinking and I hope Karma teaches all that stigmatise me and or the breed.

Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure

Pitching for a pop up museum is our next logical step

With over 5000 bulldog memorabilia pieces there’s scope to teach people about the breed if they wish to learn and if we could reclaim the bulldog then things like Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure won’t be for nothing or another like it but with better advertising and proper educational story.


This is of course my dream ! No one else’s no one cares apart from the small core of bulldog owners and they are not collectors so not many support the venture going on here, that’s not to say we are dead in the water I’ve done so well on social media formats that alternative avenues could be worth thinking about and remember Brighton Museum bulldog exhibition failure was a failure to change perceptions it was not the fault of the museum.

I tried for a pitch to do a bulldog pop up museum

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