Brighton bulldog museum says Goodbye to Mark Radcliffe

Brighton bulldog museum says RIP Mark Radcliffe

Brighton bulldog museum says RIP Mark Radcliffe GOOD BYE FRIEND

Hi readers ! Todays article was going to be about Brighton bulldog memorabilia but I’ve just seen and heard that a good Facebook friend and big fan of collectibulldogs Mark Radcliffe lost his fight with cancer.


This man lived a humble life so it’s only fitting that collectibulldogs pays tribute to this fella in the best way possible, I met mark years ago when he was starting he’s bulldog group so I helped him.


Together We Built the English bulldog owners club very much like the Brighton bulldog museum on Facebook that runs a group called the English bulldog collectors club I think I managed to help Mark get up to about 10,000 followers before he had the confidence to push his group forward.

The English bulldog owners club is now an amazing group of over 25,000 followers a proper group for bulldogs enthusiast lovers and even people like me that add posts about Collectibulldogs and the Brighton bulldog Museum blogs and updates.


Brighton bulldog museum says RIP Mark Radcliffe

this has come as a proper shock as it was only a few days ago I was talking to Mark on messenger about his chemotherapy and how it was going, I know he had been fighting this battle for awhile because we spoke about it but I wasn’t ready to see the fact that he had passed away when I went on his group today.


Collectibulldogs would hope that somehow this article and Reach his family say that they can see that we have immortalised this amazing man forever in an article and Collectibulldogs with also like to pay its condolences and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Mark.

I will not forget him in a hurry or at all as he was a very big fan of Collectibulldogs Brighton bulldog Museum he loved the idea of this website he also fell in love with the Collectibles as well.


Mark was always happy to have Collectibulldogs post in the group he said to me once this was the least the group could do for the amount of work that I had put in to boost his group I never took the Mickey dropping or spamming his group but I always appreciated the fact that I was able to post my blogs there.

Brighton bulldog museum says RIP Mark Radcliffe And his sense of humour


Mark was not a small bloke so until I understood he sent with humour when he said he was coming round to rob my home I even made up excuses to say that I’d move my collection on it wasn’t until I got to know Mark properly and I understood his jokes.


whenever we spoke on messenger he would ask about the family I thought this was quite decent of him and I always asked how he was in himself as I know that he had physical and mental health problems and we seem to click over certain issues.


always talkative always chatty there is never a dull moment having a chat or talk with Mark sometimes it was for a couple of minutes and other times we could chat for awhile I knew Mark was going through hell with his chemotherapy but I didn’t think we’d lose him this quick.

I hope that admin keep the English bulldog owners club going as it is a testament to one man’s quest for the love of the English bulldog to bring so many bulldog owners and breeders together in harmony this was one of Marks clever quirks.


i’m going to leave this short and sweet as I have posted it to Marks group I am hoping that some of them that new Mark will get in contact with me and wish to insert their own part into the article…….

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