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The Brighton Argus a prelude to Monday

Hi there readers I hope as always you are safe and well where ever you maybe, after I had received the feedspot accolade I thought about a press release and see where it goes if anywhere. 

So far I’ve had Copydesk from Sussex newspapers reply and my favourite the Brighton Argus whom thanks to Brighton museum I have a good relationship with and a lovely journalist offered to take up my latest story 

What is the Brighton Argus

Unlike the larger country wide papers and tabloids the Brighton Argus centres its news from the Brighton beach right back through Sussex making them the largest distributor of media news in the county. 

From feel good stories which I hope mine will be the Brighton Argus covers all from charity and fund raising events, local community interaction and of course the serious news that helps to catch criminals and help fight crime.they are a vital and vigilant paper that’s not scared to say it how it is or spend their own resources to help keep Brighton safer

Brighton Argus Flying high

Just up the road from where I am is the AMERICAN express Amex for Brighton and hove Albion and this is a big part of the papers revenue as Brighton has a huge football following GO SEAGULLS. 

Brighton Argus covers the games and add content from their footy man in the know (sorry Brighton Argus I don’t know your sports correspondent) and when Brighton won the premiership Collectibulldogs was lucky to be in the same paper the same day. 

The cities paper of choice Brighton Argus

Everywhere you go from newsagents to bigger retailers you’ll find copies of the Argus I’m not too sure how many readers or subscribers but they are on most paper billboards and you can get a hint of the front page from this. 

I myself have a few stories I could tell from when I was a paper boy for this paper early mornings and avoiding detention so to getting to the shop at the right time ready for my round. 

Brighton Argus the little blue bird

If you are not local but wish to obtain the Brighton Argus and follow their daily schedule and new bulletins media style they do have a twitter page that’s constantly fed with up to date news from around Sussex. 

It would be nice to see the paper get more interaction on Twitter their posts are good and the camera shots of subjects like goals from the football are second to none, here you can follow the Brighton Argus without the cost and brilliant for those further afield. 

Thank you we cannot wait

It was a long shot asking the paper to do another story on us but since our exhibition and feedspot website accolade I feel our locals should at least know there’s proud moments being achieved in the city we all love so much. 

Mental health may get mentioned and I’m happy with that I just want a feel good story to come out maybe dispel mental illness myths and even give Brighton Argus a platform to show they work with all members of the community they serve. 

Thank you Brighton Argus

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the journalist whom has written my piece I’m as well as others intrigued as to what’s been written and how well it goes down with everyone, I’ve had no issues before so fingers crossed for a pawsome article. 

Once it’s published I will remit on this blog article with a follow up just to show our readers what’s been written and I’ll provide a link once given so all you readers can read too, feedspot and the Brighton Argus really have made our 2018 alongside our views reviews and blog comments. 

Paying it back

Maybe the title is cheeky but as stated I worked for or on behalf of this paper, I lived in a time where any money I made went to my parents on the promise I’d get it back one day (I never did) I worked for coldean newsagents and had four rounds. 

Two in the morning covering coldean and the bottom end of moulsecoomb and the same again in the afternoon I was ridiculed bullied I had a couple of bikes taken off me but I always YES ALWAYS got the paper delivered . 


No need for sympathy it got me out of the hell hole that was home and if I was careful and preplanned my routes I was often left alone to deliver this paper, now over 20 years on I’m in the paper others will be delivering let’s hope times have changed and paper persons are treated with respect. THANK YOU COLLECTIBULLDOGS 

The Argus likes to hear people’s stories and give them a chance to be seen here’s their cool link to leaving your latest story or telling them how much you adore Collectibulldogs and wiggles lol

Here is the Argus website for anyone interested in catching up with local goings on sports local events and much more just press here

Another news article from Collectibulldogs all we want is a little support from our local area we know bulldogs are not easy to promote but we are an educational website with great fresh original content you couldn’t find elsewhere

Metal bulldog figurines check out some of our other pages and articles familiarity is key to bookmarking and return visits which we love and are humbled when we see people returning

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