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Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO 2022

Brighton antiques museum

Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO 2022


Howdy Readers, I’m not quite sure how to start Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO 2022 let’s start with what I’d class as good news and that’s after seven years we finally rank on Google


Reinking coach sent me a email a couple of days ago saying that a past article that I will leave as a link Here in case you wish to read itThis article boosted collectibulldogs up by a staggering 28 places, we have fluctuated before but this jump was massive.

Getting to higher on Google search console Beating shops auction sites and even eBay please remember that most e-commerce websites have to pay for Google ads whereas a powerful blog can do just the same.


having the new Google analytics four helps me to analyse Brighton antiques museum how many visitors we get and what countries they come from is brilliant looking at Google analytics and seeing that over 20 different countries have visited your website that day.

Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO 2022

Okay so here comes the bad news my website even though I can see all this stuff going on needs fixing ! unfortunately there are broken links Bad header tags and no SEOwhich is search engine optimisation.

normally this would come as part of your website package your website designer should’ve put in the search engine optimisation online part themselves unfortunately I chose a web designer that has no search engine optimisation experience.


Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO, if we want Google and other servers to do most of the work when crawling on the website then it is our search engine optimisation and website fix that needs sorting out.


last time I tried fixing this issue I went through crowdfunding and unfortunately only two people were willing to put money forward to help me invest in getting my website up to scratch I felt bad so I left the account and they got their money back.

if I’m a mind reader then the despondent out there will be screaming at the blog shouting why don’t you sell some of your bulldogs collectables to pay for the website fix unfortunately I do not see this as a viable option I cannot lose pieces that I have spent years chasing if there are other options available.


Brighton antiques museum may try crowd funding

Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO 2022

Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO 2022 WE MIGHT NEED TO CROWD FUND UNFORTUNATELY

Brighton antiques museum would come up better on search engines with a more organised keyword ranking system, with proper search engine optimisation we would be accepted on more servers than we currently are.

other website uses with also see that the Collectibulldogs site would have a decent domain authority and this will bring in revenue in the form of back links and people wishing to blog, so I have been thinking that if I contact Brighton museum and speak to a friend there I might get help with crowdfunding.


some may say that that’s a great idea and others may say it’s just another form of begging I know for a fact there are also grants out there for start-ups,social enterprises and community enterprises to I would have to approach these with someone professional.

Brighton museum would gladly open up a crowdfunding page for me as I stated I have had one before but I did not wire to my bank account and as only two people paid and $80 I thought it was an insult to keep their money and sent it back and left the website broken.

My broken website needs an overhaul


before I continue I would like to say I have just sighed As running a website it’s not easy if you do not have a team behind you I’m always getting emails from web designers and search engine optimisation specialists but I do not have the money to say yes to any of them.


when the website gets visited you will not see any of the broken parts apart from in the bottom first page where there should be a Facebook in the footer, where I have been so frustrated about this issue I have forgotten passwords so I’ve not been able to give the information to my host to re-add social media.


there are three forms of SEO  search engine optimisation the first is easy when you get given a blog format the blog writer will give you tools in which to write a content Rich article telling you all the search engine optimisation you need to rank your blog.

i’m hoping that I’m not coming across as lazy I do google so much when I do come across errors or get emails about errors most of the time I am just left frustrated I’ve been watching YouTube videos and Google know how’s nearly all night but getting nowhere fast.

All I want in life is some peace and seo !

Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO 2022

Brighton antiques museum badly needs SEO 2022 LETS PRAY THE RIGHT KINDHEARTED PERSON READS THIS !


let’s forget the peace part for the moment I’m actually more focused on the SEO side of things ATM I will quickly explain the three different types of search engine optimisation needed, i’m quite pessimistic so I’m not sure they will ever get fixed


The first SEO is hell you write your blog article a format gives you tools to create a search engine optimised content rich article most to come with a professional plan but I am using the free version I don’t want to pay $59 just to work out a keyword especially in my niche where keywords are quite hard as bulldogs memorabilia does not have many


The second option is the most expensive so my Brighton antiques museum would need a expert to go online and go through every single page for bad headers no keywords proofreading and broken links these are the kind of things that need fixing on my website and as stated I cannot afford it.

The other form of search engine optimisation is off-line or social media-based search engine optimisation this is also keyword focused but helps as you are bookmarked onto social media networks where your blog articles will automatically be published on the social media format instead of you having to publish it manually.

Doing my own SEO


Below is an image of how rank math the blogging format help you to create content creation using this method and as you can see they give you a list of things that you need to take off to get to a 100% search engine maximisation so that it Has the best chance of ranking when it’s published.

this is the same for the website the better the website is fixed the more people are going to be able to find it share it and connect with the links that we have established over the years it would be nice to find a way of sectioning The blog archives into one big area so that they can be read over again by new readers.

Brighton antiques museum needs SEO 2022

Brighton antiques museum needs SEO 2022 HERE IS A BLOGGING SEO SCORE SYSTEM

Brighton antiques museum needs SEO 2022

Brighton antiques museum needs SEO 2022 HELP !



I have said before that I have until August to decide what I wish to do with the website do I continue to pay the £350 a year hosting fees or should I just give up the way most people have on the dog,that’s the bulldog I mean. What would you do would you wait and hope someone comes along with a kind heart or would you just pack it in.


if anyone reading this has any experience with websites search engine optimisation and can be trusted on someone else’s website then please get in touch I am not one for charity so if I can find a way to pay you for the work that you do then I will or if you can except a monthly payment plan that would be brilliant but again I doubt anyone with any experience will rate this all this will not get passed on to anyone that can help but hey we can hope.

Power words ! It’s all new to me !

as far as I can tell a power of word is either a positive or negative word that you put into the blog title of your article, I have been a little stuck on this not the power word itself as I have hundreds already saved, my issue is adding power words as well as not making the title too long sometimes this can be problematic


There’s hope as I’m trying that I can add a power word into the SEO part of the title this is the part that you will see on Google when is right but it does not appear in the actual title itself,so I’ve gone and added the word impressive in front of Brighton antiques Museum and it has worked.

Brighton antiques museum



as you can see with the search engine optimisation tool it isn’t impossible to come up with a article that is nearly 100% ready for Google rankings and for Google is crawler or robot to come and crawl over if there isn’t any problems with proofreading and you are well within the limits of the formats suggestions play new should get nearly 100% like I have done here


The problem is this is a blog it is not even a page which means only the page will rank for the keywords that I have used but if I have my website fixed the person fixing it will add keywords all throughout the context of the writing and this will help the website to show up on thousands more searches than it already does,thank you for reading my articles it is the visitors that keep me going.


Just Let sleeping Bulldogs Lie

Do you know we have a YouTube channel!

Scoring on this new system means that its best if I create content that is over 2500 words long so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce new visitors to the fact that we have a YouTube channel and you may want to check it out.


Our will take you directly to our videos we have saved over the years, yes of course we would love your subscription and for you to press the bell just like anybody else asks but this is entirely up to you if you don’t even like YouTube then don’t even bother pressing the link and just carry on until you finish the blog thank you


for those that are interested Brighton antiques museum or as we are known as Collectibulldogs has a selection of different videos some of the collection some parodies and we even have our old bulldog wiggles singing songs looking cute I’m very much missed.


Below this section or a couple of videos straight from YouTube onto the Collectibulldogs blog page especially for you to try out I’m hoping that you can just press play and that you don’t have to jump to YouTube just to watch the video but I do hope you jump to YouTube to subscribe to let you see you whenever we bring out a new video.


The Collectibulldogs YouTube channel has about 500 followers so far and we aim to get 1000 followers before we start either going live or dropping videos that are bulldog related this could be a tutorial eight piece out of the e-book on how to get around sellers or even a chat about a certain piece how old it is and how much it’s worth etcetera


If you would like to see some of the chats that I have started with bulldogs memorabilia as well as other projects on Pinterest please click on the Pinterest icon at the bottom of the page and this will take you over to our Collectibulldogs account where you can find many different short videos ranging from how to make a pond to how much the Nymphenburg bulldog costs



collectibulldogs has been doing various things on different formats we have just learnt how to go live on Facebook we have been doing little bulldogs collectible tutorials and chats on Pinterest and if the new owner of Twitter doesn’t mind then we may even open up our Twitter account again.

we think the next step for Collectibulldogs is to start creating videos that teach people about bulldogs memorabilia bulldog collectables and anything English bulldog that can be considered as historic or a collectible in the making we cannot also let the lobbyists that are lobbying against the English bulldog win so Collectibulldogs has to stay online and play its part as champion of the bulldog breed.


selling bulldogs memorabilia isn’t what we do but collecting and curating as well as displaying on Collectibulldogs is what we always own to do when I’m not writing these kind of articles to try and boost my website or get interest for search engine optimisation I am trying to research to create articles about the pieces I have but in a more professional manner.


when I started I had no passion for creating a website at all I did this because I thought the public would be interested in a brand-new type of website offering something different to either consumer products or other related articles with third-party affiliates are trying to get you to click onto a link that sends you to Amazon you won’t find any of that on our website.

Please enjoy the YouTube clips provided There is hope that Our website visitors will either click on a link that leads to a social format or click on an internal link which will take you to another article on Collectibulldogs this will help time duration and visitors sessions and as you know the better we are and the more visitors we get the higher we are going to rank.


Has been a bit of a sad day today I found out that I lost my friend and massive fan of Collectibulldogs and everything that stands for Mr Mark Radcliffe SO I CREATED AN ARTICLE IN HIS NAME AS A TRIBUTE AND TO SAY GOODBYE


I hope he’s family read it and realise the fact that this Gentle Giant has a special place with Collectibulldogs he has done for years and will be in our memories for as long as we can remember and I hope that I have immortalised him in this article add to say goodbye properly in a fitting manner to a bulldog lover a Facebook buddy and a mate


Brighton antiques museum needs SEO 2022 To YouTube then hoping some will hit up marks lim, and pay their respects! I’m now going to have to learn to try and either create One massive article or newsletter using up the 2500 words given or I’m going to have to do what I’ve done here and create mini blogs in one giant blog just like they do with episodes in a book.




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