BPD, The Dark side to borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder

Mental health awareness week GET HELP DO NOT SUFFER ALONE
Borderline personality disorder

Hi readers, I hope your all well and I expect wondering what this article is all about BPD, The Dark side to borderline personality disorder well to start off with I think if you were to read The DoorBell from Hellfirst it will help explain or give more understanding to my anger frustration and other emotions at the moment

As stated Wiggles has had a prognosis of bone cancer to the shoulder she’s got X rays Tuesday and if the outcome is not good I do not know how I’m going to cope BPD, The Dark side to borderline personality disorder it’s basically a self destructive disorder with the losing of cognitive process.


I have a community psychiatric nurse whom normally keeps me to my care plan but advised debbie to hide anything a person could hurt themselves with Ive had my bike taken off me for now and appointments have been scheduled more frequently.


The reason behind the article is to put more emphasis on the fact Men get these disorders too statistically it won’t show as most men either do not know they have an issue, ignore it and or just don’t talk about it, but BPD, The Dark side to borderline personality disorder the actual disorder can and has been a killer for years.

BPD, The Dark side to borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder

Not bulldog memorabilia but a picture of wiggles a bulldog Lee never met he would of adored our beautiful teddy bear wiggles
Borderline personality disorder

If you read the first link and have seen my article on the type of place we live where I’ve had to carry wiggles up and down the stairs to the vets etc you may have a little empathy if so I’m grateful but in my mind if the neighbors stupid friends didn’t spend the last year pressing the wrong dang buzzer wiggles would not of been defensive and jump off the bed  continuously.

Its my total belief this is how it all started and no matter how many times the vet my wife or anyone else puts it down to age and health I don’t believe it she’s a perfect bulldog otherwise and could live years her breathing is top notch too,

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Borderline personality disorder can manifest in many ways from unsociable behaviours to suicidal ideologies and reading this article back I can see plainly I was focused on one thing and at the time that was my poorly dog wiggles, as many know Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you starwas my last blog as wiggles passed away a few years ago now but if you still wish to see our star she’s on the passed hero’s page



So back to this borderline personality disorder it’s been the crutch of my life, imagine having no friends no support and even feeling untrustworthy around your own immediate family, this is just one process I navigate daily, the biggest issue for me is Stewing I hate others feeling like they are better and I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

This disorder has not got better over the years I’m 44 now and being assessed for a care plan and to try and reach the lighthouse a project I’ve waited over two years just to get a referral I will do a blog article if I’m allowed to join this project that only deal with borderline personality disorder patients, I’m not hoping for miracles but if I can learn to live a life where I’m not so angry I pull my own teeth out then this place is for me.


I cannot stand the gentleman I’ve become do not get me wrong others disagree and say I’m the quintessential English gentleman but with this disorder I just feel like I’m a pain for others to be around and due to how easy it is for my mindset to change surely being around me cannot be easy.

A beautiful day this mental health awareness week


Mental health awareness week !My Scars 2022

Borderline disorders as viewed by the uks nhs