After login on today with the intention of talking about bronzes, I jumped over to page views and feel so amazed at just how many of you great people have logged in to my site and to read my blog.

I did start to think that all my hard work and late nights networking would not show as fruitful but it has proven me wrong, which is great and makes the learning curve easier to deal with.

Being a few years shy of 40, I thought using hardware like a web book was beyond my capabilities and had been using a tablet, but that’s limited on apps so I had to get something else and learn to use it.

Since having one I have managed to do so much more to get COLLECTIBULLDOGS punched into search engines world wide, I’m on Twitter, Instagram and a couple of other media formats getting the word out but also seeing the competition I will be up against when I start selling and my site goes all E commerce.

The continuation of helping artisans and promoting the up and coming in the bully world will keep me busy till I’m ready to come up with a selling format and there are other issues that need to be worked first.

THANK YOU to everyone following these or my site and like a said I had intended on chatting about bronze collectibles the does and do not of the bronze collecting field I was just so intrigued that I had so many views I thought id share my success with you folks as its you that read these.

Promising now my next entry will be a more colourful interesting blog, thanks guys!