Blog subscription service coming soon

Blog subscription service coming soon

Blog subscription service coming soon

Hi readers I hope your all well out there this is an article that says Blog subscription service coming soon and it’s true we are changing how we work to give more people space to add their articles at a very reasonable quarterly price.

We did start advertising and you may of read a blog or two from guest bloggers and affiliates that want a backlink or working for a third party, we were doing ok until I stopped blogging and our ranking dropped.


The biggest issue when dealing with clients at the time was the price most wanting it lowered right down to ten pounds ! Unfortunately at this time I cannot afford SEO experts to help de spam the website so I would be letting the site get a spam rating and not make any money doing it. (Host and site fees).


So instead I’m going to work with my host to create a Blog subscription service that’s coming soon and will have a price guide we are thinking of three different packages with different amounts of blogs for different prices.

Blog subscription service coming soon

Blog subscription service coming soon

Blog subscription service coming soon GET IN TOUCH

Here’s how I would like it to develop firstly clients send their articles to my host as he can turn different types of files into articles and publish them for me, once the client becomes a regular trusted subscription payer then I’ll give blog access and work on trust.

That means if you pay your subscription bill on time and there’s no issues my host will open up the blogging section for you to add the amount of articles you’ve paid for when you like, choose your own inserts and hashtags we could even look into adding other social media jump links.


Certain ideas might not be possible I’m not sure if auto post can be given the clients links BUT if you do publish an article with collectibulldogs then your article is already on its way to Facebook Instagram and Pinterest.


hydrotherapy for animals a guest post article is an example of a one payment one article system where the blog only gets seen now if a keyword is used on a server, if a client is trusted to add their own articles they can have total control over how many times each article gets re published.

Ironing out the details

Blog subscription service coming soon

Blog subscription service coming soon IRONING OUT GET IT ? LOLS

Ive already notified my host of the wanted changes we need to work out a payment method a way to contact him for inserting blog articles and of course to get that specific password that gives you access to the blogging section.


I will research other websites to see if this option is possible we do have an article writer but wynne is a great friend and wouldn’t want to harm or crash the site etc that’s why I mentioned trust.


we will be value for money I’ve already seen to that any blog that’s on autopost will undoubtably get views and depending on what’s in the article link presses and maybe sales depending on what the article is about.


its true I started out with just bulldog antiques and collectibles blog articles yet I’d like other visitors whom may not of heard of us to see collectibulldogs even if it’s to read your articles, I still need to put one idea to our article writer.


Our Blog subscription service could have a second service option included in one of the packages and that’s someone else writing your articles for you, imagine advertising a certain amount of times each quarterly and not having to write a word even I’m liking that idea too lol.

Blog subscription service prices

Another part to research is the price list and how many articles are fair to post every three months for the amount asked for, please feel free to contact me if you have insider knowledge on blog articles and backlink sub payments.


This will be a fair for all price list but unfortunately due to past experiences we won’t be open to negotiation, longer term users of service may get discounts down the line. I need to keep to the prices if I want to get my website cleaned up and more advertising exposure for all.


I’m going to continue promoting collectibulldogs so our ranking will rise our blogs will show Google and other servers that we are back and I know when Wynne’s articles come out there’s a following there too.


If you want to be part of a blogging system that puts you in control using a certain external source if your looking to boost your domain authority and if you want your backlink URL to appear stronger on server metrics due to bulk blogs in one space then please contact us.

It’s international woman’s day today

What Is International Women's Day?


collectibulldogs would like to wish every ones Nans mums sisters aunties daughters cousins and nieces a lovely international woman’s day today, we have sent out a pin on Pinterest to state the fact and we also ask that all Ukrainian women kids well everyone in the Ukraine a safe as possible

Id just like to add on the international woman’s day of 2022 is the day Poland hand over their MIG fighter jets to NATO as these are easier for Ukrainians to use and Poland urge other nations to hand over their Russian made jets.

Hope is eternal and maybe with Ukrainian fighters in their own skies protecting below mothers to be can give birth in peace, humanitarian aid could get to the hospitals not bombed and could swing the strength of the war back into Ukraine hands.

It’s not hard to say after watching the ladies and children coming over the borders they need much more than a man made concept, that’s not take away that here in reality and peace all women should be celebrated.



My wife for one I thank on this day we have been together now 27 years (I’m 44 on the 10th) Debbie (her name) is my beautiful wife that’s given me two beautiful daughters ones twenty and one is just two

Blog subscription service coming soon

MY BEAUTIFUL PREGNANT WIFE IN 2019 Blog subscription service coming soon

yes it was a surprise to have a baby eighteen years after your first but that’s how life works and after we got married it was only a dream to have two daughters then just before Covid 2019 we became parents to another beautiful daughter.

I think I should state my thanks for the record I doubt with my mental disability it cannot be easy to live with me I would find it hard to love someone whom spends their life with suicidal thoughts 24/7 she’s been patient actually she’s been amazing.


Our Wynne Resident article writer page

Blog subscription service with our article writer wynne

I’ll finish by saying Wynne will be back soon we are hoping wynne can do a feature and trying to collaborate with the company we want to blog about, Wynne’s articles are top notch and well worth the wait collectibulldogs Is also lucky to have this person as our article writer and she’s free too bless.







By the way if you join our PINTEREST GROUP BOARDS OR PROFILE you’ll notice we have three boards now streaming to this website this is a free feature collectibulldogs offers so that contributors to these boards can get extra exposure for their articles pins and products, thank you for checking out our blog subscription service and enjoy a clip made by collectibulldogs.

Kindness Matters During these Precarious Times

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