We believe we’ve created a WINNER

Back to work a Gary O’Sullivan special

We believe we’ve created a WINNER Here what do you think ?

Hi readers new and regular We believe we’ve created a WINNER but what do you think 🤔? I’m of course talking about out brand new fresh current antiques and collectibles website with a very niche English bulldog theme throughout.

The old website was a quagmire of selections ! The galleries seemed to of got mixed up with the articles and without a prompt to use our search bar most of our visitors just hit Gary’s page or the latest article not realising there’s so much content on collectibulldogs that a real enthusiast could be here for hours just learning all about collectibles and the art of getting there.

We believe we’ve created a WINNER

We believe we’ve created a WINNER Satisfaction guaranteed 100%


With nearly 400 articles now we feel it’s time to try and bring some of our content forward or just make it easier to access now, keywords in the search bar will bring up any English bulldog memorabilia articles or if you’ve searched for our guest posts they will pop up too.


Research has shown unless older posts are recycled the only views they get is from the passionate out there either fans of the website or actual collectors looking for a piece of information ℹ️.


We believe we’ve created a WINNER


Lets go back ! The old website had way to many pages correct ? So we condensed as much as possible into the visual feast you see now when you log on to collectibulldogs.com firstly before I mention the differences I would like to reach out to those that are regular and those That may of seen our old site before the transition.

It’s True that other than giving others the opportunity to advertise or blog which can be found Here we are just a show and tell educational resource website that’s been self funded by the owner, from the pieces to the investment we believe we’ve created a WINNER and hope you do too.

We believe we’ve created a WINNER

Our 4th article surely shows the only way is up


TRUSTPILOT IS A GREAT WAY OF SHOWING HOW WELL WEVE IMPROVED  And with your honest reviews on our fresh faced bulldog memorabilia website we can show the world 🌍 that we to can have 5 stars  🌟 on our review page just like the big hitters out there.


Another way to show you have ❤️ Is to use our social sharing icons, it would be amazing to see we are being bookmarked on different formats.  Yes we have auto posting but it’s not the same as a lovely individual willing to create their own post about us either linking to the website by using our domain name or using hashtags like #COLLECTIBULLDOGS these all count as impressions that help us to try and rank amongst the billions of other websites out there.

Getting back into collecting full time

We believe we’ve created a WINNER

Porscha plays a part in our latest offering

Slacking is a word I’d agree with if I hadn’t invested in some bulldog antiques when I invested in the brand new collectibulldogs.com the only place in the world to see bulldog collectibles from across the globe 🌍 there’s been so much going on in the background there’s been no time to research hence then bring you the facts.

A good amount of money 💰  was saved by the collectibulldogs owner and spent wisely on what are stunning antique pieces that showcase beautifully and hopefully chosen well too, one piece by Knud Knun (a famous ceramicist from early 1900s Denmark) is widely classed as over priced and over exaggerated yet at a great bargain there’s scope for profit over time the same with all that was found.

What ! Not a purebred representing

We believe we’ve created a WINNER A unique investment beautiful or over exaggerated ?


Never putting our eggs all into one basket the varied pieces are not all the same not all the same material and from different countries too, if you thought WOW the websites sure changed when you logged in then there’s a chance you saw our new pieces in the header home video.


Tweaks to the website mean these may not yet be in the gallery section the good news is collectibulldogs now has an admin working on the gallery page, let’s take away the pictures that shouldn’t be there and keep to just the collectibles “is exactly what I said to the designer “ as well as “I love the website but where’s the colours I wanted “ so as you can see I want some changes done ✅ and for keyword relevance I’ll say it one more time we believe we’ve created a WINNER here.



It will be the year 2020 now before collectibulldogs goes ahead and searches for new antiques and new pieces to add to our ever growing collection, our baby arrives this December we are so happy to have such a wonderful Christmas present and cannot wait to meet our latest addition to the family.

Ive already presumed (lol) that I’m doing nights whilst my wife sleeps so I’m going to be very busy and very tired 💤 I have written some of my best articles with little to no sleep but it’s not a good idea it’s a bit like texting whilst being drunk 😵 it’s just a no no.


It would be now easier to use invaluable or one of the auctioneers subscribing websites that send you keyword related objects from around the world and from any auction wether it be an eBay piece or say Sotheby’s no matter the place the opportunity to buy is now easier than ever.

It’s all in the name ?

What ! Not a purebred representing

We believe we’ve created a WINNER And there’s no rivals perfect 👌

Recently there has been some questioning of the purpose of collectibulldogs these opinions are in my own personal life but I felt it only right to explain ! I started collecting anything English bulldog and got the idea to photograph and create a little website which I did years ago on weebly.

Never knowing how popular it would become collectibulldogs was just one mans idea to show the world he’s bulldog collectibles the ( i ) in collectibulldogs stands for internet yet if you read it there’s a play on words, why this was questionable is beyond us but no hidden agenda here just sharing n caring.


Whilst on the subject of names have you mused our Porcsha page yet there’s some really great pictures that are in theme with the websites cool new layout and introduces Porscha to the world in a direct yet fun to read page segment, our Porcsha should win some ❤️S we have explained that Porscha is not a purebred Here it’s a fair account

We believe we’ve created a WINNER

Best Friends



Porcsha aside there’s a new menu and lots of new visuals to explore and while we wait to see if any more awards are coming this way in 2019, there’s pride in the knowledge that longevity and a commitment to the bulldog breed has been proven and if you are all willing to help support us there’s no reason why this website cannot be popular and or seen around the world, seeing lots of different countries popping up on analytics is my idea of website heaven.

It’s just an idea 💡


Our 3D print outs have become popular way before any giveaways have been announced and rightly so too when you can take a dice a bulldog and some shapes and create a original object like a watch stand people take notice, so it’s just an idea at the moment but if our pieces are a success we wish to continue


A secret group would be set up where access is granted by collectibulldogs or our 3D designer friend and on the groups page will be posts each containing a print made from imagination and a computer and those added to the group can buy these pieces at what we think will be silly prices.

believe we’ve created a WINNER

Tinkercad created this amazing watch stand


Filaments used for 3D printing can range in price but never to expensive so anyone wanting to buy a phone holder or some Christmas decorations can be happy in the knowledge that the price will be just as cheap as the postage fee needed.

There’s no aim to raise funds we are not doing this for profit but as we have a newly found love for this 21st century hobby the prints need to go somewhere! Collectibulldogs will be donating a fair few to our local bulldog Christmas raffle yet we don’t intend to stop



Theme based ideas on annual celebrations 🎉 custom made pieces (your ideas) putting a modern spin on some bulldog antiques, please do not worry this is not in any way copyright we do not copy from the collection nor are any objects plagiarised in any way we have a great reputation and wish to keep it that way.

I’ve harped on enough about the time and effort put into making these and looking forward to giving them new homes as our 3D designs become a talking point in your home, just like our advertising package guarantee we also guarantee that we will always improve to bring not just new objects but ones made from different materials too.




Please can I urge you to check out all our new pages time effort money and a new spin on this antiques collectibles website makes us proud so proud we keep repeating the fact lol, every new page has new written content and new visuals to boot.

we have social media in our footer as a stream we also have a social sharing icon we hope you’ll take advantage of, if I create a post it’s seen as spam but if you create a post it’s seen as interest so your help to get our name out there really matters to our non profit social enterprise.

fallen hero’s is still a work in progress and the gallery needs checking out but apart from that I’m signing off the designers work and paying for what I think is a bargain for the style and layout I got as well as the server we get to ourselves too.

here’s to hoping for some star quality guest articles and even if not once I’m able to get to the collection I’ll start writing again, with the new pieces here Christmas coming and a few pieces I have my eye on for 2020 there should be lots to read about in the next few weeks / months now I’ll leave you to enjoy our new site.

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Back to work a Gary O’Sullivan special

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

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