BBC Radio London Interview/ New Website Layout

BBC radio London

BBC radio The only sneaky peak I got from new layout. Follow blog to read more

BBC radio London

Hi there readers of Collectibulldogs I hope your all well and safe, I’d like to get this article started by saying Digital Wulf are currently working on a new website for everyone, this is at my cost but a brand new website layout for all but first let’s talk BBC radio London.

Joanne Good from BBC RADIO LONDON Does an hour each Thursday on this air wave and thanks to a contact through the jive aces from twitter I was able to contact this lady about the Collectibulldogs venture and the great news is the presenter has her own bulldog.
BBC radio London

Joanne good and Matilda

Timing for first attempt was a total miss

I was contacted by the staff at BBC RADIO LONDON and asked to go up a couple of weeks back this was not logistical due to Debbie’s parents and dog sitter finding so I emailed back first saying happy birthday to the presenters bulldog and to ask for a new date.
A colleague has emailed back saying they are looking at dates and I really have my fingers crossed that I’ve not missed my chance to have a one to one interview with Joanne about Collectibulldogs and get interested listeners from London.

Waiting on BBC Radio London to Reply

BBC radio London

A massive thank you to Alex and the jive aces

The pessimist in me thinks I’ve missed my train I felt I was pestering when the colleague had said she had sent a response but I couldn’t find it, this does not mean to say the radio interview won’t go ahead it just means I have to either be patient or tenacious to get my interview as I’ve had many no’s before.
Meeting Joanne good from the barking hour on BBC RADIO LONDON Would be a doggy dream come true I’ve never been online radio before I’ve had a taste on heart FM but that was pre recorded, I doubt the segment would be long so I’ll have to hope I get as much information out during the questions as possible.
BBC Radio London

It would be our best interview yet at bbc radio London

Collectibulldogs gets a brand new makeover

BBC radio London


I’ve spoken with lee and I’ve asked that all our recent achievements are shown on the front page, with our BULLISH MAG endorsement proudly there for all to see, this will be a work in progress as Theo from Bullish Mag did not give lee much to work with

Changing websites layout

BBC radio London

however the website turns out lees spent hours on this so thank you

We noticed that most of our views hit the home page and many bounced off this normally happens with larger websites lagging, our new website layout has been expressed that it’s made simplified so folks spend more time online.
I do not know if lees adding any extras if not just expect a new homepage but much easier to use, lee does this once a year with he’s web owners permission and as google will see our new look, new text and new layout I hope our DA improves.

New website new forum ideas

As you know we have our comments section and our forum and I do not see the point of this if I’m not utilising this, in 2019 look out for such things as blog and win a dog (submit something interesting get sent a prize) I’ll do as promised and find out about copyright if ok I’ll copy the bulldog bible and put this into ebook form.
Speaking to my Facebook followers earlier I was explaining the importance of keeping this website alive current and used, there’s not many websites out there championing the bulldog and trying to reclaim it as it’s simple form A PET, not a symbol for hatred and certainly not to be stigmatised about.

New website new interest

Once lee has finished and indexed the new site our important internal information will take a few days to analyse and lee needs to get the ON PAGE SEO done before it goes live but he has said all this will be done by next week, I’m so looking forward to being inspired by what he will of changed and I hope it helps give article ideas.
Differences should include more YouTube usage we may get rid of our links page as this could be classed as a spam page and ever since our guest blogging award was put up we’ve had no interest from which is a shame as the new content would help.until next time happy collecting folks and stay safe.
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