Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here

Hi there, if your looking for exposure Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here ! Have you checked out our advertising features page yet ? CBDs This page shows it all clearly has every thing you need to know about our new venture.

As an OCD sufferer accompanied by a bout of insomnia meant that we created a large presence on social media along time ago with each format hitting big numbers, everyone lost out when google took away its own app Google plus yet if it was withering your only gain would of been the backlink.


We started our own Facebook profile of five thousand followers and our page has nearly eight thousand followers, we archived our collectibulldogs profile as after we had posted others felt we were being brash and the group fell apart


But that’s ok we still have over nine hundred bulldog groups and a few hundred other groups there we belong too so it’s all ok, Facebook is becoming as non social as other formats with restrictions on articles and for some formats free speech

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here TRUSTPILOT REVIEWS AT EXCELLENT

Three of us here went through different websites and that’s how we agreed to our pricing plan and as most other websites only offer the Publication and back link or two we go much further to get you seen.

With not much to go on when sent an article we turn a non seo and non attributed piece of content that shows all green on our seo score board and we usually add the obligatory second sub header.


Forty five dollars is cheap compared to some websites so Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here can offer you a lot more for the money spent, just by publishing with us your article shots off to Facebook Twitter Instagram and Pinterest four of the top leading social media formats.


Our awards are important as they show that our RSS feed is being used by blogging platforms so any articles published get seen by the likes of feedspot and pawstuck!, we also add the Blog-Lovin widget so any fresh content goes there too.

What there’s more !

Why stop there hey have you heard of bookmarking it’s a kind way of creating backlinks and that’s what collectibulldogs does for you with the formats not linked to our website, we have built up all these pages so let’s use them.


So by the time we have finished your article would of been shown to over 20 formats that’s 20 backlinks from high DA URLS and as I’m posting it’s promotion and not spam yet social media is clamping down on blogging especially Facebook where it’s not easy to be seen as a non spammer unless you own your own page.


We do not know any other website that offers so much exposure for such a fair price most websites current or from yesteryear usually just have the social sharing icons that people are then offered the option whether or not to share the content.


loving what we do Collectibulldogs is a special website as it’s one-of-a-kind yeah we are sure our visitors would love to read content that isn’t always bulldog themed or related we could also use our resident writer to add filler to keep the content flowing but we would love to showcase your work instead no offence to our brilliant article writer Wynne

Try us out ! Not much to lose lots to gain

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here BRIGHTON BASED REACHING ALL THE CORNERS OF THE WORLD

Firstly we approach February this means that a whole month is gone already and in that month how much advertising have you done how many visitors have you had your website and have you had any or many sales since Christmas.


2020 Could be totally different with a well written article these can be varied from selling products to content rich blogs where the backlink is wanted for the clients websites Domain authority,


just think of all the people that will have eyes on your article and if any links are added you will be sure of visits to your own website where you maybe sell things or block yourself either way we have built up the following that could just be interested in what  you have to sell or say


300 words a keyword a snazzy title and a couple of pictures could mean the difference between exposing your company or staying in the shadows for yet another year whilst others around you are making a profit, in the mainstream they advertise themselves but we are here to advertise and give exposer to you

Tried and tested

Guest Post – Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs


It’s true to say we have already had two guest posts that were paid posts and both were very happy with what was received and we got a polite email thanking us for going that extra mile for them.

Its nice to get affirmation from others specially  when an idea works And Collectibulldogs has already proved it it’s more than incapable of grabbing you much-needed exposure or product placement depending on what your niche is


Thats social media covered there is no actual follower count as our formats keep growing depending on how much time is dedicated to each one, we have great friends on most of them so we are guaranteed sharing of published content by others too

The website will of course carry your article your back link for your banner and excluding the banner deal everything else is permanent so you will be guaranteed even more visitors or exposure as we ourselves get promoting ourself, we will leave the social sharing but would like to finish by saying we recycle our articles as we know after a while blogs get forgotten and only the current is read.


Websites usually have a filter at the bottom of each page we have used hours to stream from social media platforms so when you do publish with us not only do you see your phone article but also below it in the footer, there is information from different formats showing that it’s been shared and streaming back to the website.

now that’s a lot of exposure for $45 do you not think and if you have a ties with us your article will be published in a timely fashion and any proofs needed can be emailed to an address of your choice as well as the you are Url so you can see how it’s doing.

Many want it one sided !

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here ADVERTISING WITH US GETS YOU MORE FOR YOUR MONEY


I am sorry to say that the only nonpaid articles now will be from reciprocated websites and those that are happy to help the Collectibulldogs the main authority grow as well as their own this kind of reciprocal backlink exchanging is one of our non paid options.

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire here BE HAPPY GET RESULTS

An inbox of writers seo experts and other niches on my iPad is full we still reserve the right not to publish and as we are not money driven that’s fine, any monies paid in will stay paid in until we get the right help to becoming a social enterprise.

we do not accept blog articles of any niche or subject with the seller asking for a one way backlink to their website for the content they provide ! We do not see this as fair and it’s partly why there’s advertising features now.

in Lehmans terms if you cannot afford the $45 to place an article with Collectibulldogs there are other options you can always swap a back link with us or you can create a guest post but this post would have to be a no do follow post this meansthat there is no sticky links to their sites


There’s something for everyone


I nice Biro and your back playing could be added to our links Beije this is that a cheap rate of $20 and also our anchor text feature where for $20 we will turn some of the content from a blog article into a sticky back link that doesn’t interfere with the article but the link left  leads to your website


hope is eternal and we were hoping that the business would take up the mantle on the homepage and help us to really push the website and make it look snazzy with top companies advertising with us yet it’s only early days and maybe we need to earn our stripes.

anyone willing to take the time and effort to write a bespoke article and not looking for backlinks are always welcome to publish with Collectibulldogs this is a free feature and all credit will go to the writer we would also allow social media links so said publisher can try and improve their social media following.


Company is clever enough to use infomercials and visuals to attract customers are still welcome to advertise with Collectibulldogs we use YouTube and Vimeo and Periscope we also have some limited knowledge in making small videos and advertising clips please refer to the YouTube channel for Collectibulldogs as a reference to the skills that we have.

Mutual collaboration


The holy grail for bloggers ! A blogging syndicate or group willing to share or comment on each other’s articles helping to boost said posts and a great way to push content out much further ! This is the only thing missing from collectibulldogs right now.

Are you a up and coming blogger whom wouldn’t mind collaboration if so we would love to hear from you this type of beneficial collaboration is a healthy Whitehat technique where we can help each other to grow and to expand without cost and third-party help.


It’s not very often collectibulldogs gets asked to share / write a blog or have our backlink taken it could be where we are so niche but we have very interesting articles we can impart on others just like we want others to do on our website.

Paid for advertising posts with backlinks, free no do follow guest posts, there is sticky anchor text offers on most of our article content and then there is the banners on the home page which we are currently using to showcase antiques.


Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire

Attention seekers, advertising extraordinaire yet we still need seo

After the re-launch of Collectibulldogs our designer has forgotten to tell us that even though he could make a brilliant website he had no skill set when it came to on page search engine optimisation.

we are looking for an experienced WordPress website tech person whom for a fee can fix the issues the website currently faces, apart from some bad grammar and broken links there’s not much wrong yet we are struggling with one page

The whole point of the website is to showcase over 5000 bulldog memorabilia antiques yet we cannot get the page to load as quickly as all the others and we wonder why this occurs we would like help to get the website into the best possible place for search engine optimisation

If you’ve read this and have experience or expertise with working on WordPress websites then please get in contact we will provide a form below where you can contact us maybe tell us a little bit about yourself and give us a quote on how much it would cost to sort out the little problems we have from gaining more D.A. Points


Check out our posts at collectibulldogs on Facebook

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