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GRANDOG Norman Davis the autobiography

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It never Seizes to amaze me just who at the top of their game gives me the time of day and GranDog (Norman) is a good example of just that, this gentleman travels the world and is in many respects a very busy man but always has a spare five minutes if I need a chat.

Grandogs new autobiography is on its way to me as I write and I get to not only be one of the first to read what I can only describe as a feast of wording for the bulldog lover/owner but have been asked to do a write up (Blog) on the book after.

GranDog wants his readers to get a sense of what his life has been like and has asked me for a write up so he can read an outside prospective on what is an amazing story about one mans Life before bulldogs and then his life with.

Not everybody gets these little treats and even though the book itself will make a great addition to the Collectibulldogs collection soaked in so much provenance it’s my contact with GranDog and the fact I’m recognised for what I do by his good self that I really enjoy.

I hope to do the book justice once read, I wouldn’t publish if I didn’t and may ask a professional journalist and friend (jools Stone) just for a second opinion before publishing and wish to thank GranDog for yet another opportunity that most others do not get, to someone like me Norman Davis is to the Bulldog World as David Attenborough is to wildlife so it’s an honour and privilege.

I need no thanks

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A lovely lady had sent me an email a few days ago she spoke of her youth watching her mum and dad way back last century as they went round collecting with the bulldog passion in their hearts, this kind lady thanked me for what she had thought was a field that was slowly fizzling out.

When I told this lady about the collection and everything I had done so far she was elated and full of delight, she doesn’t use the computer to look at websites or social media, stating that it’s her age and lack of techy knowledge that stops her yet her favourite part of my reply was when I spoke about my Facebook group and page and all the collectors on there.

I suggested that this person ask one of her family to help her find Collectibulldogs and use a family profile to find my group.

The sweetest part was getting a thank you like I’m the only one in the world keeping this collecting tradition alive.

Everything I do or have done Is because of my passion and I see it as a privilege to be able to help others as well as moving myself along too, I do not need to be thanked for what I do I believe in karma and I think the websitecrisis segment is proof that if you do good things sometimes good things can happen back in return.

Sspeaking of helping people a gentleman has started selling on he’s collectibles and can be found on my facebook profile or alternatively this link should work as a shortcut to the group.

My lickle favour

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Now I can get back to what I enjoy best YAY BULLDOGS!!! I would like to make the most out of my social media and one in particular is my facebook page, please may I ask if you could  hop over and give the humble little page a like when you have finished reading.

I build up other pages for others but struggle getting folks to reciprocate and if everyone did I imagine I’d have 1000s of likes/followers which in turn gives that all important further post reach that I refuse to pay for and hence why I help the other pages.

If I did not help it would take ages for these pages to hit even 100 followers without using paid promo or constant invites.

To those I have helped or currently helping I hope it goes a little way to you building up your wonderful new ventures.

I thank those that are kind enough to give me those all important likes and please note if you have a page and need assistance please contact me.

I’m off now to wait patiently by the front door just like the dog does but instead of giving the postman a heart attack like the dog does I will be hastily be scribbling my signature to get my hands on Grandogs autobiography so it’s good times and happy collecting folks.

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