Last article from old

Last article from old

Last article from old

Hi there readers 👩‍🏫 how are you I hope as always your all well, our Last article from old ay ! It seems like we only started a few months ago but have actually been live for four years now.

We have been a bit like the boy that cried wolf 🐺 but digital Wulf have come good and is creating page after page to take over this old website and give you all a new version of


The passed few days I’ve seen completed new home page and the others I asked for and to be honest the people at Digital Wulf have created a new current version of the website but in keeping with its niche theme.

Last article from old

Collectibulldogs It’s not good bye 👋 it’s moving up the ladder


Im Glad We invested in this new website it will do us well going into the early 2020s and we have ideas we wish to implement after but we would like to see what kind of views we get first.


Last article from old


Once live and receiving views we can calculate wether it’s worth doing a monthly newsletter this could give individuals a monthly glimpse at what we do here maybe a piece of the month and submitted articles that we could add to post out.


Another idea is to set up a members page where folks can chat, buy and sell and if successful we aim to create a secret Facebook page for members only where you get to see and win / buy our 3D printed pieces making special occasions in your life a lot cheaper and very bulldog like.


This would not be exclusive to collectors only, knows we cannot beat other interesting websites but do want to create a kind sharing community where trustworthy people are safe to have conversations see what others are saying or buying selling but foremost it’s a place where folks can feel like they are part of something bigger that’s not social media.


The new layout the videos the pictures and content are all new we’ve just kept peoples backlinks and the 380 articles on bulldog collecting, guest posts and my own written experiences on managing all this with a mental health disorder!

Proud like a bulldog

Last article from old

Collectibulldogs Last article from old NEW CEO TEE HEE

Yes it’s true we are as proud as a bulldog with the new website and we hope you’ll agree too, we’ve taken away the countless pages, made each main page more visual and you can see brand new pictures taken especially for the new website.


There is now only one page for all the collectables as most can be seen in the articles written, we have selected some of the best and the quirky to showcase on this page and hopefully inspire others to get out there and look for these treasures just like we did all those years ago.


Every pooch we’ve owned or had the pleasure to have in our home has been the face of collectibulldogs but please don’t think that our puppy porcsha is here to take over ! yes she’s got her own page to gain some ❤️ But you’ll also find our FALLEN HEROS page where I’m proud of the video I created myself.


This page shows our respect ✊ to both Scruffy-Louise and wiggles our beautiful besties that without them this all would of never happened so it’s only fair we show just how much they mean not to just the Ashdown family but to the collectibulldogs community as a whole both were loved by thousands, hundreds of thousands before Twitter suspended over wiggles post bless her.

Last article from old

Collectibulldogs! Our fallen hero’s Scruffy Louise rip bestie

Thank yous


Let’s start with the Lee’s lee from digital Wulf and lee a member from both amazingly skilled ay what they do and for creating a cracking website… I urge anyone that wants what we have at a very very (not typo) competitive price to contact lee at Digital Wulf he would offer up a similar work package at a great price too.


As a resource website with links to and from other sites large and small we are wishing to thank all those groups, boards collaborators and anyone that sees us a viable trusted website not a spamming pestering site just wanting to sell you product.


Ive already said it but thank you to Brighton Museums for all the help so far we didn’t get further than the exhibition in 2017 But as it was a world first it’s something I’ll always remember the feel of self affirmation I got when the exhibition was live.

Last article from old made this pooch a star Twitter ruined it ! RIP bestie


My beautiful wife pregnant 🤰 at the point of this article being written has been a rock in 2019, Nothing I do is possible without my wife and the fact she believes in what I’m trying to achieve cannot be measured in how I feel about having this wonderful lady by my side.


When you look at collectibulldogs there is a fair amount of pieces there admittedly and about a third of whats there is from one contact, I met a fella called mark years ago did a deal on a collection and got some great pieces to start the collection.

There should be thanks to the 4 million or so visitors we’ve had since going live we have not had a proper course to steer yet but my envision of keeping this beautiful breed online and in the public eye has been a success so far we just need more bulldog lovers to get on board.


Oh and Without marks deal I don’t think I would of got so far know so much or pushed collectibulldogs as much as I have done so a special thank you goes to this fella Bye bye contact guy, goal completed was an article I wrote when our deal finally concluded


Why the quiet relaunch collectibulldogs?

Ok, on a personal level I lost my sister on the 4th November the same day as the website got started properly, my sister Theresa passed away at the martlets hospice with her family around her peacefully and dignified.

It’s been a tough year all round our luck seems to of withered when wiggles passed away Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star 🌟 we lost a DA point and gained a spam score of 1% this year, twitter booted us off the format and there’s all the personal issues to deal with.


With the new website finished I’m using my energy to be a great husband whilst my wife gives birth and then as a new baby arrives I’m hoping our new little princess sienna gives us the strength to hit 2020 with renewed vigour and some mojo !


Our sister will be missed so much she was a woman of strength and determination that doted on her lads so in honour of our sister we are incorporating her name into our daughters middle names so her spirit can live on in our daughter, her husband and son love the idea 💡




Hi readers I hope that you are well and safe, we are very proud to announce that our little bulldog memorabilia museum online is getting rebuilt from the ground up ! We have been live for about three years so far and going from strength to strength.
Humble beginnings meant that the first ever Collectibulldogs bulldog memorabilia website was created by myself, there was to much going wrong so I invested in a small rebuild and that’s lasted now, it’s not perfect by any means but is a one of a kind website truly
When we started out we had no clue as to the direction Collectibulldogs would travel down we did think retail but replacing two thirds of the collection would now be impossible we have some of the rarest bulldog memorabilia anywhere in the world.
Linked to an English museum is a rarity indeed but Collectibulldogs is lucky to have a museum link to our cities local museum in Brighton U.K. with their help we hope to create the funds for a world first bulldog pop up Museum and help with the beginning of the venture becoming a non for profit social enterprise.


So with media appearances and on the radio we have started to establish this brilliant idea we found there’s nearly two billion live websites and ours stands alone WOW right, I will never forget the day I looked into my bulldogs eyes and got the original idea in the first place.
We have achievements from Feedspot paws truck and guest blogging dot com we created the worlds first bulldog memorabilia exhibition, and now have a professional endorsement from Gary O’Sullivan a boxer getting ready to take the light middleweight champion of the world in his respected sport of boxing.
Over three hundred and seventy articles give you in-depth knowledge into the world of bulldog collecting the ups the downs and of course all those gorgeous antiques and bulldog collectibles that most others see as dust collectors, we have over five thousand pieces in the collection and all found within the last ten years.
Guest posts and us guesting out now is all we can do to improve ourselves we love blog comments to our articles and five star reviews really help us to stay up there with the huge sites that get reviews twenty four seven.


So ladies and gentlemen the news I’ve been waiting to tell everyone for ages a brand new Collectibulldogs on its way, I’ve invested a good amount to have Collectibulldogs rebuilt thus giving us longevity and showing the online powers that be that we are here to stay.
New layouts less images more fun ! That’s my idea for the new website or so I thought ? It had not occurred to me that a lot of website rebuilds have a percentage where the client needs to do some homework! Write ups for pages proofreading and keyword insertion is just the start.
Raw. Camera use and pictures for photo shop is just one request from my designer and builder I need a camera more powerful than my cool pixs 500 and that does has more high tech properties that I could not even begin to understand myself but need to take visuals of over 5000 individual bulldog antiques custom pieces and modern day collectables as well as art books and 2D images.
Two months we hope to relaunch but we want to make sure we get this completely right, as a show and tell we do not sell so your views, comments, even social sharing all helps Collectibulldogs be the best bulldog memorabilia website ever, please check us out at award winning and slightly addictive.
WOW THAT SEEMS A LONG TIME AGO BUT THEN THE WEBSITE IS THREE MONTHS LATE ! Designer had personal issues to deal with same with this end too but FINALLY AY !

Advertising features page


Due to the amount of emails we get from website owners wanting a link from us , affiliate bloggers wanting a backlink and even larger companies like the insurance company direct line all wanting to connect we’ve come up with packages to help advertise and make leaving articles and it’s prices clear.


We are not profit driven the monies will be used for two things 1 is to keep the website ticking over and 2 we haven’t wanted to approach crowd funding to get the collection appraised so this will get saved and we will approach Brighton Museum for help with this part.


As a website that wants to be more getting specialist insurance not like bank insurance is vital to as we cannot move on until we have ourselves properly covered then we can loan out our pieces to museums and galleries even functions and pop up Museums across the UK


We all know the end goal is to have a museum made of bricks 🧱 not 1s and 0s online, I’d love to open the worlds first bulldog memorabilia and antiques museum where real people can come and see just how loved this breed has been showed in object form and celebrate a beautiful breed that still has its taboos and stigmas.

Lastly ! Lastly.

Lastly Backlinks

BACKLINKS a swapped collectible club plate uk

The old website started off as I wanted and due to bad design bad hosts and lots of cutting up collectibulldogs became a website where only the latest articles were read no one used our search bar to get information from other articles and our blogs collided with the galleries


Not to say I didn’t like the old site but as it got cut away and views slumped I knew you folk couldn’t navigate it properly, This new version does not go on and on we’ve decided it doesn’t need to be as big as it was and the new layout should have people back in favour of

Please enjoy it critic the pieces you like dis like please share us about and tell your friends collectibulldogs is now a much better experience and our articles are the only thing staying from the old site.

So it is for me to say while your happily opening your Christmas presents 🎁 this year I’ll either be up and down to the hospital 🏥 to see my wife and new born girl or we will be at home celebrating the birth of both our daughter and Jesus (for those that celebrate Xmas ) ILL SEE YOU ON THE NEW SITE FOLKS ❤️ From

Read our trust pilot reviews and hopefully add your own

Check out collectibulldogs in local directory we appreciate reviews thank you

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