ARGUS ARTICLE COMMENTS -stigma holds no bounds

Stigma holds no bounds

Stigma holds no bounds check out online comments

Hi there readers I’ll start by saying I hope your all safe and good wherever you are I’m regrettable in writing today’s article Stigma Holds No Bounds this blog article was meant to of been a joyous occasion.
As you all know I wrote to media’s to get interest for Collectibulldogs and the Brighton Argus took up my story, I was very grateful and thought they would be coming round to take pictures etc I didn’t realise it was a telephone interview.

REALLY IN 2018 WOW – stigma holds no bounds

The comments left online at the Brighton Argus about myself are disgusting and I cannot believe that even with free speech Brighton Argus allows not only stigma but what can only be described as bullying.
I never got a chance to tell the journalist about future business plans so I’m now classed as a non working bum as well as other rude things, there’s also the pain game going on with folks that don’t know me stating they have similar woes but still work.

PEOPLES MORAL COMPASS – stigma holds no bounds

I was hoping with mental health awareness this would be a feel good story especially with a travesty hitting the head lines on the front page, I do not think the journalist is in the wrong here but allowing such filth to be paraded under a decent article is totally wrong.
I really wanted to be wring about my amazing second article and I knew I’d get good and bad but when one person writes in saying that they’ve seen me living in a six bed home with a flash car well that’s just causing trouble online and why doesn’t the Argus see this as trolling.

-stigma holds no bounds trust the museum

It’s with my regret that I will be proving my museum mentor right I did state to this lady that the city doesn’t care no one does and how do I move forward if I cannot even get local people onside, I will say I do not believe this of my whole city but if you read the article you will see what people have put.
My host and I are starting up a sponsored blogging and retweeting service but I didn’t think to say this to the lady on the phone and I don’t care if I’m called lazy it’s when my mental health and social abilities are targeted I get wound up, feel free to add your comments on the Argus online website.


Due to the nature of the comments I will be emailing my mentor and in the article it says I want to open a museum because bulldogs have been a symbol for a long time I said they have been an iconic breed through good and bad over the centuries and The U.K. doesn’t have a bulldog museum.

Stigma holds no bounds

Brighton Argus thank you helping us reach local people opps.

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow

That’s the annoying part done the article itself was a bit rushed but turned out ok in itself I liked the picture of wiggles and myself on the page it was funny reading in one sick comment that I was overweight check the picture see how baggy my clothes are lol, I lost six stone when I stopped drinking yet someone somewhere thinks I’m MASSIVE.
I doubt it’s done me any favours regarding getting a pop up museum I’m sure I’m going to hear OI BUM GET A JOB now when I go out but as long as my illness isn’t mentioned I’ll keep my calm as I always do, thank you to Brighton Argus for trying Brighton’s not easy when you try and make a success of yourself.
Anyone that knows me personally knows I’m a great stay at home dad (there’s 1000s of us) with a 24 yr relationship with my soon to be wife, I obtained the collection over ten years and have written previous blogs on this and the financial side of Collectibulldogs, we will be in contact with Brighton museum and then the paper to work out which comments are freedom of speech and which ones fall towards stigma or even worse trolling or hate speech.
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