When first Coming across Bullish magazine a couple of years ago now and purely by accident I remember I was totally gobsmacked at the quality of these amazing adverts I was gazing upon, it was just like looking at a glossy magazine but one you could like share and scroll on.

I wanted so much to be in this magazine and back then I’m sure my feeble posts were seen as more annoying than anything and I think many a post didn’t make it through at first.

I did persevere and eventually I did see a post or two pop up but realised myself that my posts and pics were not of a quality to stand along side the worlds best and started to understand why my posts were sometimes rejected.

Moving on a year or so I start collectibulldogs and gave myself a more professional look so that my passion would be seen as a serious venture and not just a fad or ploy to group jump and sell like others do and it worked capturing the eye of bullish mags owner and editor Theodor KeoKemoer.

As mentioned in a previous blog I actually thought it was some kind of wind up when this gentleman approached me I mean in the bully world he’s up there with some of the best well known folks and is very well respected by many in this field around the world.

Over the moon is quite the understatement when I was then asked if I would like to appear in he’s magazine surely the inbox message was meant for some one more important but the response confirmed it was meant for me.

When I did get my graphic advert made up I was brimming from ear to ear (thank you Radka) and submitted my advert to been seen in fens issue.

[supsystic-gallery id=75]

Theo is a very busy fella I understand but when I got the message that my ad had been accidentally forgotten in Febs issue I did get that thought back that the whole thing was a joke (sorry Theo lol) it was down heartening and for a bit I did suffer with some self doubt about what I was doing and did I really deserve a place amongst the worlds best in bulldog world.

If you see bullish mag the quality and hard work behind making it any novice whatever field would be the same I think but things came right as they normally do in the end.

Contacting me in March Theo asked if I had seen the magazine lately and hinted that I should check out the march issue, so I flipped over on the iPad and started to scroll down, post after post whisked past and just before I was going to stop scrolling thinking the same thoughts (need to work on having more faith) until finally there it was My advert YAY!!…

It looked amazing the designer did a great job and it looked all professional like. Since then I’ve gone on to advocate the magazine advertising it not only on the website but out and about on my social media, helping Theo to get more recognition for such a great magazine and he’s relatable French bulldogs and all breed magazines too.

I would personally like to thank Theo and hiss team at Bullish mag for letting collectibulldogs be among the best not only does it show the world that the collection has potential but for having faith in a field on the opposite side to most or all of the other adverts normally shown in bullish mag.

Collectibulldogs has gone from strength to strength and half the reason for its success hence far goes to people like Theo and others whom don’t have to give us a second glance but instead look into their hearts and give us a chance

Finally I’d like to wish the magazine every success with their new venture DOG WINNERS WORLD a magazine for all breeds not just bulldogs.

You can visit  them here.

Happy collecting Folks.