Antique spoons an Australian treat

Antique spoons an Australian treat

Antique spoons an Australian treat Found at a car boot sale one cold morning

Hi Readers, how are you all I’m hoping well and safe, after a recent trip to a car boot sale I have a delight for spoon collectors actually Antique spoons an Australian treat, at a race course in Brighton I stumbled upon these.

When it’s half eight in the morning freezing cold and you feel disappointed that you’ve not found bulldog memorabilia (a rare process sometimes) you end up looking for other objects that may take ones eye.


That’s when I found this spoon case, if I’m honest at first I just wanted the case we have about 25 / 30 silver flatware pieces in the collection and this case was ideal well that’s what I thought at first.


On closer inspection I had noticed they all had Australia in common and as there’s at least one with a 1914 date I’m classing these as antique spoons and some vintage, there’s the normal souvenir spoons here but some look rare.

Antique And vintage Australian spoons 🥄

Antique spoons an Australian treat

Antique spoons an Australian treat Zoom in and see if you recognise any !

The Styles are different in our Antique spoons an Australian treat this I didn’t notice whilst freezing that particular morning and I’m a bulldog memorabilia collector so to grab these with not much thought actually paid off.

One spoon has a beautiful twisted middle With what looks like a coin turned into a dinky little ladle style spoon, we found a couple of little forks and what I can only say is the worlds smallest fish knife.

I have spent time just looking at what’s here I’m not clued up on Australian antiques neither do I yet know what’s plated and if there’s any actual silver pieces among them, one piece sticks out but until tested all are white metal for now.

I’m sure spoon collectors or flatware collectors would know much more than I about what we have here and how old each spoon is, I got a bargain I think but as to the worth of the set I’m again clueless.

Collector or world traveler 🧳 ?

Antique spoons an Australian treat

Antique spoons an Australian treat SOME DIFFERENT VERSIONS

When you study the flatware more closely you’ll notice every spoon is from Australia but all have been collected from that region so was these little beauties once collected by a traveler or travellers that loved Australia and its surrounding countries.

We would like to think this ! There’s signs of travelling or holidays in and around Australia 🇦🇺 we are also sure it would not be easy to find so many Australian spoons 🥄 in one place and a collector would take just as much time sourcing these as the owner would collecting them.

Loving the choices made by the old owner we noticed one spoon has an Australian Aboriginal design with the Australian country shape in the spoons bowl area, and another is of a rickshaw which could of been from any of the surrounding countries that used this mode of transport Indonesia and japan come to mind.

Now I’m not to hot on animals that represent their country but one of the spoons we have among the rest has a what looks like a Kiwi bird 🐦 if I remember my rugby right Kiwis are from New Zealand a country not to far from Australia.

Spoon collectors get in touch !

Antique spoons an Australian treat

Antique spoons an Australian treat A spoon made from a coin

Spoons we do collect but spoons that are not of our niche are just pieces I’ve picked up whilst out and feel I can find them a new home somewhere otherwise to many treasures like this will just end up in land fill or.

Someone like me comes along just wants the cabinet and dump the Australian spoons which would of been a shame or waste, I would not like to think my life’s collecting was just car boot fodder and it’s a shame these spoons never got the chance at auction.

There’s no real price guide on what mainly looks like a selection of souvenir spoons 🥄 but we are sure some of them are rare but not experts in this field, if your a spoon collector and wish to make a trade we are listening.

Antique spoons an Australian treat

Antique spoons an Australian treat


Not one for greed we feel they deserve a second chance of being displayed somewhere and someone with a love of all things Australian would adore many of them, just like one of our favourites the coin spoon

So just email in and discuss options with us and these could be yours, if not they will go onto our social media pages where they would get snapped up.

A little something extra !


Cigar holder

Antique/ vintage/ retro cigar holder from old English sweet shop !

Now the announcement is out there we would like to quickly show you another car boot find, this cigar holder would of sat in a shop and by the style I’m guessing pre 1960s, when I was a child a newsagents or paper shop was not that classic ring at the door shop with shelf upon shelf of sweets.

This cigar holder would of held every gentleman’s favourite cigars and there’s one famous tobacco brand that shouts out at you still after all these years, using experience and knowledge we feel the Perspex front was once a riveted glass front but must of been replaced (hinges are a giveaway) here.

Antiques that are restored are usually done so either out of necessity (maybe it lived in a shop that was bombed in the war) and had its front replaced in the time of make do and mend ! It’s authentic though the wood is still holding at the joints and remains a sturdy piece.

Shop Cigar holder continued

Antique/ vintage/ retro cigar holder from old English sweet shop !

Hamlet cigars how old is the brand ?

Just like the spoons we spoke highly of ! this piece of English history would be great for a tobacconist collector yes there may of been a little restoration but A that’s just our professional opinion and B it doesn’t detract from the object or the history behind it.

Wether your a shop keeper or collector of things and feel this could be added to your collection then as the same with above please get in touch, Saved from a rainy morning and with no woodworm this would make a great addition to many niche collections.

If we get no interest we can contact the many props departments in the UK and offer it up as a prop for any vintage productions it has the 1940s sweet shop look yet we cannot date this piece, as someone who doesn’t smoke I’ve not had much interest in researching this shop cigars holder but sure someone else would love it.


Off topic but needs to be said

Antique spoons an Australian treat

My iPad looks better than the gallery at the moment

Collectibulldogs would like to sincerely apologise to its regulars and any visitors that came to see a kick butt antique bulldog memorabilia collection that was our intention too.

We signed off the new website without really going through each page and our gallery has really let us down, at the moment the gallery shows pictures not meant to be showcased there and the page needs an overhaul.

Although this can be tweaked and fixed we feel a little disappointed that the designer with the worlds largest bulldog memorabilia collection to work with would of created a gallery as one of our best pages.

Antique spoons an Australian treat

Antique spoons an Australian treat the kind of pieces we should be showing!

This is getting sorted the hard photography work myself and a photographer did shouldn’t go to waste yes it’s true we’ve made the pictures more in line with the websites size we’ve bunched up pieces and we feel this new look would be appealing once implemented.


Do you have any of the following! car boot sales boot fairs markets, flea markets garage sales garden and estate sales, if so your missing out if you don’t at least try and not ignore the alarm clock on a Sunday morning


The best time to see what’s being offered is at the crack of dawn the sellers know this and so do the many early birds you’ll find looking out for the similar bargains you are, it’s worth it if you know what your looking for or even by chance, we have many an auction programme in the UK where the seller finds a gem for next to nothing.

Royal Doulton beswick crested ware silver even little bronzes these are the bulldog collectibles I’ve come across since starting but it does seem unlikely that when I leave early Sunday mornings that I’ll be returning with any objects relating to my own niche.

“Does it put me off” no is the answer the weather can be a day stopper, the sellers think there will be no trade so do not appear and the buyers know this and stay away choosing indoor flea markets and the many warm shops instead, never give up though you never know when you may stumble across something special like troika or some Claris cliff ceramics.

Please check out our new pages !

Since relaunched we’ve had a trickle of visitors we relaunched quietly out of respect to the two family members we lost this November but as the website was earmarked to go live we did anyway, instead of taking the museums offer of a press release and our own media contacts we have not belted out the sites new but would appreciate our new pages seen.

Already thinking the websites a WINNER we still need your approval yes we paid for its creation but there’s no point if it’s not liked or we do not get the traffic we used too, a few more tweaks and a few colour changes will have the website how I wanted it to be.

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