Animal hydrotherapy a guest post article

Hydrotherapy a guest Post article

Hydrotherapy a guest Post article

And now for something completely different…hi there Collectibulldogs readers and a massive thank you to Eiffion for allowing my post to be published on he’s award winning website I didn’t think what I do would interest many people but eiffion pointed out the website can cover many topics.

So I am Kirsty a person that works with and loves animals a great deal I don’t like to see animals suffering so set this venture up, mainly dogs come for hydrotherapy sessions but will try and help most animals that may need my expertise I love my job and I hope you enjoy my article

How Does Hydrotherapy Work?

Hydrotherapy is a form of physical therapy in water that’s used for humans, dogs and even cats. The idea behind it is that water offers resistance, while supporting the body, so it’s a gentle physical therapy that doesn’t put too much pressure on bones, joints or organs, as well as building strength and endurance. If you’re considering hydrotherapy for your Fur baby, it’s best to get a referral through your vet, and in fact some vets may even offer the service themselves. Your Fur baby will be immersed in a hydrotherapy pool, which will either be an underwater treadmill that lets him ‘walk’ in the water, or be held in a harness that allows him to ‘swim’.

A non or partially weight bearing exercise utilising the therapeutic properties of warm water. Swimming and water walking sessions carried out by trained hydrotherapists to improve your Fur babies fitness and function. All cases are treated differently and respond in varying degrees. For some Fur babies simply floating/sitting or free swimming gently in the warm water pool can relieve pain and inflammation.


Our equipment is modern at the hydrotherapy centre

Animal care a guest post article

How This kind of care  Can Help Your Furbaby:

There are a number of health issues that hydrotherapy is beneficial for including:

1. Arthritis

As hydrotherapy increases flexibility while being kind to arthritic joints, it’s an ideal therapy for animals with arthritis. Dogs and Cats with arthritis might be forced to limit their own exercise because of the pain and discomfort it gives them, so hydrotherapy is a gentle way to get some valuable exercise and stop your them from gaining weight.

2. Weight Problems

Whether your Fur babies weight problem is caused by an injury, an illness or he’s just a little too fond of his food, hydrotherapy is a great way to start his weight loss journey. Overweight and obese Fur babies can struggle when they first start exercising, just like us, but hydrotherapy is a gentle and effective way to exercise.

3. Surgery, Neurological Injury or Accident

If your Fur baby has suffered from some kind of accident or neurological injury, or has just had invasive surgery, he’ll usually need some form of physiotherapy to help him get back into peak condition. However, he’s likely to be sore and delicate, and might struggle with the normal physiotherapy that’s essential for a full recovery, so hydrotherapy makes the process easier and less painful for him. If he’s fractured a bone or damaged a tendon, the water makes movement less painful and it helps to reduce any swelling around the area.  Being put into water might freak him out at first, but once he gets used to it, it’s so gentle that it can prevent further injury to the affected areas.

4. Circulation Problems

The warm water of a hydrotherapy pool increases your Fur babies blood circulation, so if he’s having circulation problems hydrotherapy is a great treatment. The boost in his circulation will also help to relax tense muscles and reduce any swelling.


Many with different conditions benefit from this lady’s work

5. Depression and Mental Health Issues

Just as exercise helps us humans to cope with depression and mental health issues, hydrotherapy is a moderate form of exercise that will help to boost the feel-good chemicals in your Fur babies brain and improve his overall health.


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Hydro Furbabies is launching Summer 2019 located in an area of outstanding natural beauty nestled in between Oxford and High Wycombe.
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