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Hi readers regular and new ADVERTISING! Reach out to the world well there’s no better time than present no pun intended but Christmas will soon be upon us then a brand new 2020, UK visitors will be more unsure than others about investing but that’s understandable after England’s last election


We have created what we think is a Stella line up of social media formats all doing well and there’s many out there with websites companies and blog urls yet many will not have access (normally due to time ) to the amount of social media formats that we utilise.


When twitter plays ball nicely (our page got suspended) TWITTER SUSPENDS US OVER A WIGGLES POST we got our page back recently and we have a nice one hundred and ninety thousand followers all real breathing people with proper pages and most have businesses of their own.


ADVERTISING And award winning too


After Anxiety caused a mental illness trigger we at collectibulldogs do not mind if we loss the Twitter format mental health is no joke and We’d rather do better on other formats than try and please an unregulated cyber bully like Twitter, Collectibulldogs is lucky though any advertising will still get onto Twitter through friends of the website and social sharing.

Reach out to the world !


Collectibulldogs takes ADVERTISING to a new level

Our analytics show we get views from across the globe so why not utilise us and reach out to the world yourselves, yes blogging about bulldog memorabilia is great but if we start attracting advertisers not only do they get a great package, our readers get something new and this over worked article writer can take more breaks.


Jumping over to Facebook collectibulldogs is so very lucky to be part of over one thousand groups from blogging groups to hundreds of bulldog groups too, we have our own group, profile and page there too with lots of exposure and friends that help our social bookmarking by again sharing all our content.

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we’ve been advertising using 3D printing


If you advert contains visuals then we also have YouTube! We publish your videos to our page then share that url out to our formats now that’s got to be good advertising, we can also add YouTube videos to any articles and we suggest this as google owns the brand and any kind of SEO collaboration can only be great for backlinks.


How would you like to appear on these formats including Pinterest, Instagram, Blog-Lovin, Pocket, Vimeo, Tumblr, LinkedIn and a few other formats all in less than an hour, you can schedule when you’d like to publish and then reach out to the world.

Awards mean views


We get good views but our awards are for articles and originality! ADVERTISING


If you want to reach out to the world we are no 1 for amazing quality as for extra value please do not forget the various awards that collectibulldogs has won Award Winning Bulldog Memorabilia Collection there’s four so far !


These are not just awards for us even though we are very proud they are also organic blogging companies that give out awards to the best of each niche they can find and we seem to win them for blog articles and our originality.


This is great for wanna be advertisers not only do we offer competitive price packages for our articles our backlinks but due to the awards won each written published article goes out to these four award givers using our RSS feed that also auto posts to Facebook twitter Pinterest and Instagram.


ADVERTISING Utilise our social media formats if you have an interesting article


Now you have to admit that’s lots of exposure just by using social media to reach out to the world there’s also the shared posts and of course our organic viewers that come straight from their servers, either accidentally finding us and repeat viewing or the thousands of fans collectibulldogs has gained globally we are on the rise as the only bulldog memorabilia website in the world.

Backlinks the power behind our sites


“If you could indulge me for a minute here” imagine your website is a spider attached to a web ! And your surrounded by your web, every strand has interlocking areas where each strand meets if you can imagine those areas as backlinks not only passing vibration but strengthening the web.


Backlinks are the same you can get strong backlinks weak backlinks even spam or affiliate backlinks all these are calculated to go towards your websites domain authority! This is important as it helps you to rank on servers the longer you are linked the stronger the backlinks get too.


There’s also special backlinks that collectibulldogs has a couple of, these backlinks are from government or educational servers and are more powerful than say a business website, getting these links out and pointing back to your websites should be of priority wether you sell or not, there are pit falls if you choose a random format like fiverr as you cannot be guaranteed that your article or link hadn’t just been put into someone’s comment section this is called black hat techniques


There’s no better time to be ADVERTISING with collectibulldogs than now



Then there’s White hat techniques try and find places to put your URL for free and if you can afford it to paid for websites that are either established or on their way up,(yep like ours) collectibulldogs has shown longevity by buying our domain name for another three years (the 5 year option did not seem worth it so will just renew) so we are going no where and hope to keep improving.


Reading our advertising features page CBDs Advertising Features not only will you find our guide price for different connections to collectibulldogs but we also offer the option of free article submission too, yes the downside is you cannot add backlinks that are Do Follow but we are happy for most free articles to be published even with names and companies included.

Honestly saying we know geography quite well yet we do not know all the countries we see in our analytics it’s true to say from Albania to Zimbabwe we get views from around the world we do not know most of the time how we manage to get to these areas yet we think it’s down to utilising our own social media plus our growing popularity so why not grow with us.



Our guarantees !


We believe we’ve created a winner Advertising guaranteed

Ok we cannot make people click, connect, or even become your next customer but we can guarantee that your article will get all of the above, paid advertising minus homepage banners will be permanently imbedded into collectibulldogs with images reused on social media creating more views.

If your wanting backlinks or anchor text we will find great keywords in the latest articles or find a suitable agreeable segment within the website and if not main body this too is permanent, each time we add your article to a format you get another backlink and your url bookmarked on these formats.

We guarantee the best seo possible from keywords in the title and header to WordPresses SEO perfection list, the only orange is normally the writing style that does not meet the fletching test, other than that we score green for all the others on the SEO too do list getting you the best possible chance of page ranking and viewer participation.

Advertising Brighton museum

From here in Brighton to around the world ADVERTISING with us works


Unless you hit big media and have the budget too why not try us out there’s not much to lose and lots to gain, let us get advertising for you give our own visitors something new to read see or find of interest and read our advertising features page first before contacting as it might not be for you or your budget in the nicest possible way.


Pinterest is one place to carry on your collectibulldogs experience or if your on Facebook/ Meta Click here to join our seven thousand people following us there

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