Adding antiques, featured artist shows talents

Featured artist

More about our featured artist and his beautiful work in a little while

Hi readers I hope that you are all well, todays article will show some new pieces I’ve come across and feature a ceramic artist whom would like exposure for he’s work, this won’t be a sponsorship kind of blog article but the artist has spoken to me and if contacted will try and create any desired piece you require.

Artists like this seldom get the advertising they deserve on these sites NO we will not be starting a spam folder but more of a compromise you see I get the content for the website including a “How it’s made video” and I’ll ask the artist to leave a paragraph at the end of the article!
Bulldog memorabilia is one of my loves and the past few weeks I’ve fallen back in love with the collecting side, I’d like to chat about the prices seen today but I think you’d rather see what I’ve found, I feel lucky from Royal Doulton to a stunning brass bulldog match striker which the underneath I feel proves it to be earlier than the description of 1930s.
I found either a Victorian or Edwardian dip pen 🖊 this is perfectly dated to go with a couple of the inkwells we have here from either era too.  It’s been refreshing to get back into collecting I’ve missed adding really nice pieces to the collection.

New antiques for the collection


Our bulldog Gong at Collectibulldogs

The Gong was a great find a nice ice breaker if ever I saw one, the model of the bulldog is on many of the antiques we have here and indicative to pieces like the door knockers and other brass antiques yet I’ve never seen a bulldog Gong before.
Every collector needs a magnifying glass for many reasons but mostly for the same outcome, we we came across this piece I thought it to be a mirror at first when I saw it was exactly what I needed and we haven’t got here we decided to pay a good price and grab it before it went.
Ladies will love a clutch bag I found (yes all I need is lipstick and heels) lol us collectors will collect almost anything in our niche and I’m thinking pragmatic as well as into the future, if the collection stays together it will become a part of what could be classified as feminine bulldog memorabilia.

A beautiful hand carved nib pen 🖊

Silver spoons 🥄 have been added to the already growing silver flatware two were found with Liverpool on and inscribed on the back, due to a weakness to silver I have to say I’ve come close to paying well over the odds but my wife managed to talk me out of it and as it’s an online auction site it may well be they drop in price anyway.

New antiques continued !


Every victorian dip pen needs a nib protector ?

This Brass bulldog could quite well be up there among my favourites it was accidentally stumped upon too but classified as a pug ! So using a magnifying glass from my phone I checked the face and saw those trademark teeth, screwed underneath with the very old four sided square nuts unlike today’s six sided nut.
Maybe a piece mass produced at one point for public houses or even to look nice in a posh smokers home, it’s so well polished it’s hard to date through patina alone but you’ll have to agree even though smoking 🚬 is wrong and can kill the paraphernalia (no pun intended) this habit has left behind do make for amazing antiques and collectibles.

Stunning brass bulldog match holder the artist left quite a detailed impression yet it was listed as a pug dog

HN 881 was a surprise from my wife I had not known that she had been watching a bid noticed the name (checked my RD cabinet) and went on a bidding war, happy to say she won this rarer of the normal RD bulldog collection, it would never be sold but debbie would make a great antiques dealer you wouldn’t believe how much she got him for.
The giants ring or the Leeds county bulldog club ends this article of pieces bought for me my daughter it opened my eyes to the other delights bulldog clubs have come up with, it surprised me a couple of years ago to find a table spoon and fork so to get a sterling silver napkin ring wasn’t just a beautiful gift but opened my eyes into looking for other old or antique pieces from bulldog clubs the world over.

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We would start this segment by thanking those that already help our call to action campaigns a few reviews is better than none and so far I think we are doing well at trust pilot with nearly forty great 👍 review kindly written by our fans regulars and just nice selfless people, so that brings me onto my local Services!
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Featured artist shows talents

Featured artist

watch how it’s made

Our guest artist today describes himself as a busy yet approachable ceramics artist his talent shows in he’s work and he was kind enough to record a session for us, as the piece / article is free I’m going to go easy on my domain authority and send you to he’s twitter page, you can contact or bounce over to his Etsy store.
He can do one offs limited editions and custom orders you can see the skill set and speed in which he works and can deliver he’s finished product all over the world, for the purpose of this article a fabulous popular breed “THE FRENCH BULLDOG” has been created and turned into coasters, alas a bulldog mould couldn’t be found in time.
As you can see it doesn’t detract from the artists work the coasters are still great looking affordable and if you get your own dog done and ask for the likeness to be kept you’ll get your very own custom piece or pieces, remember the artist has to make a living so by giving him permission your dogs likeness can be recreated and sold on spaces like Etsy.
If any work goes to this artist, if he gets any commissions from people liking his work whom first saw it on our Collectibulldogs website article can either go to he’s shop to see what’s already created (including the coasters) or push the boat out contact him and see what magic he can create for you ! Collectibulldogs will wait till something pops up by this artist and add it to our already brimming bulldog memorabilia collection.

Message from featured artist !

I started creating ceramics about 5 years ago after I was working with other local ceramic artists across Stoke-On-Trent.  I wanted to create my own work which involved my love of animals and colour. Over the last 2/3 years I’ve become known for my fun and colourful animals and have gained a loyal following of collectors.
I am a Small Business winner of this 2019  chosen  by Theo Pathesis which was a massive honour for me and has increased my audience of my work.  So if you’d like something fun, colourful and totally unique, take a look at my work, thank you to eiffion at Collectibulldogs for generously showcasing artists such as myself.