Today’s blog is to say thank you to all those that have helped and supported me getting this far without these people and their kind assistance, I am not sure I would even be writing this, as I would not of got this far without their help.

Firstly thank you Christy Agee for helping me set all this up we are worlds apart in our ventures but that did not stop you from kindly assisting me and letting me pester you when ever I get stuck.

I also congratulate you on the One stop jewelry shop being noticed by amazon and I wish you every sucess.

Graham Simpson thank you for such support your belief in me is inspiring and I enjoy our phone calls and cannot wait to do a piece on your star bulldog Olivier.

I have made many new friends since starting out and Janet if your reading this you are one of them I love sourcing for you and the banter we have is funny, I also envy you as your on the beautiful island of Hawaii how lucky is that.

As most of you know I have facebook groups and a page that I started and the group is 7300 strong now and none of this would of been possible, without the help of the following people that have let me into their groups worldwide on my search for new collectors and if I miss anyone out its because there are so many, so here goes a BIG thank you to Manny G Douglas Jackson Troy Smith Amber Adams Julie and Will from old McDonald Bulldogs, Robert and the late great AKILES Carey Caye Norman Davis and to all the other group creators I have not mentioned.

Lastly and most may of guessed this by now is I would like the biggest thank you to go to my long suffering wife Debbie, not only does Debbie live in an antique shop type of home she also helps to keep the pieces clean and does any packing so that pieces reach clients in the best possible condition, so I say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to my wife and I will end by saying not all my blogs will be this informative I just believe credit should be given where credits due.