Hi there to all you bulldog bonkers readers, I hope your all safe and well wherever you maybe around the world.

That means all the new visitors that have popped up on my analytic report looking at my website from over 45 countries since it started.

I’ve been a bit down lately the woes of being a parent are taking a toll on my resources and if I want to continue collecting whilst networking I may have to sell a piece or two but I see it as an investment if funds are then spent on investable pieces if not, I will just take a small break and step back from collecting to spend more time on the website and advertising for more visitors.

That brings me nicely on to my next port of call THE FORUM I finally got my head around the jargon needed and I’m happy and proud to say Collectibulldogs now has a forum you can join using your media accounts to sign in and then just start a convo or topic, there’s also a news section so if you see a deal or have any news that could benefit others this is a new way of communicating through the website.

Blogging has been fun since I started last August it’s not easy at times trying to Create fresh readable content that others would enjoy reading and when I feel stuck I call it bloggers block, whist I did not have BB on the last blog I gave it out as a DIY blog and Edward came forward and so did Norman Davis with his contribution and this blog set the record for blogs on the website, so acknowledging this I tip my hat to the two gentlemen on a well rounded blog that has had nearly 1000 views even I’m a little envious lol.

My next goal is to find more formats for my blog to be seen the website is so niche I think with the right approach and advertising the collection and site could be a winner amongst sites.




For the first time in my life I have a pipe dream for myself, it’s weird as I’ve never thought about the future that much before and defiantly not about the idea I have now.

I would love nothing better than to set up a bulldog type museum using the pieces I’ve collected up till now.

The space wouldn’t have to be huge maybe shop size and I think this could bring in revenue to the city I live in especially with all the cuts to services,I think it would be slow going at first if the idea got out of my head but it’s something I hope to work on in the future I already have the assets and the knowledge I just need to find a grant or loan to obtain some premises so fingers crossed for a dream come true one day.

My art work!!!

This has always been a bit of a frustrating love hate passion for me and even though I do not like giving in there have been some projects that I have failed to see through due to frustration and anxiety.

The anxiety comes with the thought that my artwork looks childlike (no offence to youngsters) and even though I still see my artwork this way I’ve finally found something that I find very therapeutic easy to do and I’ve had some nice comments since I started.

I get a bulldog find lots of shiny things and mash the two together you can see my works in the pics and you can decide for yourself whether or not a 38 yr old should be producing something of a better standard and we all know that practice makes perfect and I hope to sell these on to make a bit of pocket money to use to renew website the web name etc. so if you want a one off catching the sun on your window sill just contact me for a chat I could even try a custom order if asked.

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Birthday treats come in many forms and as its coming close to mine Debbie has arranged for us to go to an auction viewing and main auction after.

I’m really excited about this as I have not been for ages and I so adore Debbie for choosing this treat it beats just getting a bulldog in a box when you can go to auction and fight for the pieces you want whilst trying to get a bargain and stay within budget, it’s very unwise to get carried away at these places and forget just how much your wallet contains and as our daughter wants to go on a Spanish school trip, our budget will be small but the buzz and just being there is fun enough and if I come away with a piece or two then amazebulls.

While I’m there I can give out my own cards to antique enthusiasts and try and get five minutes to have a chat with the manager to see if they take on voluntary help as I would like to get out more and antiques seem to be my calling.

A call to the masses, as funds are low at the moment I cannot afford a paid advertising campaign so I cannot ask and urge politely you great people enough about liking sharing and getting the Collectibulldogs name out there, it’s a collection site so as I do not sell it makes getting new views that little bit harder, but with word of mouth social media sharing we can make this a great website for all bulldog lovers, not just collectors and my aim was to make Collectibulldogs a small online community whilst sharing my collection and knowledge.

Where and if needed the only people that profit from the website are in the featured section and that’s only if they get an order or commission through the website.

I would love to have a sponsor but I doubt my site is good enough for things like that yet.

To all those that do try by sharing my posts and showing an interest I cannot thank you enough and the website will try and grow with the willingness of your help so again THANK YOU…

Saying thank you

Saying thank you

Lastly I thought I would give you a wiggles update.

Wiggles had her operation a few weeks ago (I stated in a blog) and now is totally free of her stitches and enjoyed her first bath since.

We also found out wiggles has a weird yet common syndrome where she wakes up aggressively if startled and seeing how scary this can be we do not let wiggles spend the whole night on our bed, just in case we move in our sleep make her jump and something bad happening.

Back out walking again has been nice wiggles is great for walks her breathing is healthy and she’s started to want to socialise with other dogs she meets around the park, and as Debbie is wiggles main care giver, I’ve noticed that getting another bulldog has given Debs something to do and enjoys small challenges like getting wiggles to wee outside.

The pads are still put down of a night time due to wiggles weird night time habits but we are happy to say they are getting used less as time goes on.

As the sun comes out more there will be more exploits on wiggles page she’s very popular when we are out so maybe expect selfie pics with folks no one knows lol she’s very cute and gets lots of attention when out which both debs and wiggles enjoy.

I will finish up by saying if you are on the site please bare with the loading speed at the moment, I’m yet to learn how to shrink my files so as to make the site load faster I’ve made small changes to try and increase the speed and each page is worth the wait, having so many pieces catalogued on one website takes up the speed and memory but I will try my best to to make sure you get enjoyment from viewing Collectibulldogs.

Till next time thank you and happy collecting!!!

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