Scruffy-Louise came into our life’s over 8 years ago and it’s been a ride ever since,she was to be our very first bulldog and a massive change to our previous chosen breed the boxer dog.

Due to my illness myself and Scruffy-Louise have been inseparable with the only time apart being when I was teaching carpentry to folks with mental health issues.

Scruffy-Louise loved her home comforts had a ramp to the bed and every winters night would dig at the top of the duvet to get under crawl down and fall asleep.

The only down side to this was as bulldogs cannot regulate temperature she would get out lay on top till cooled then repeat the process right through till Debbie arose then pinched her side of the bed.

Another habit my most wonderful scruffy-Louise had was this weird bum shuffle where her bottom half would have to be touching me and this came as either a shuffle game across the bed to her sticking her (windy bottom) to my leg or thigh.

I can believe I’m saying this but I will miss her sneezing in my face dribbling on my iPad and stinking out the bedroom and I think the snoring and tapping on the floor will be missed the most.

Scruffy-Louise will be celebrated in my eyes and hopefully many others she may not be a champ in the ring but the gold medal does go to her for the inspiration and new lease on life she has given me and others alongside me and together have managed to accomplish lots whilst helping others.

My collection was the start of Scruffy-Louise’s good karma and this continued to a face book group and page that has had and is still of a successful format.

Then there’s the website the catalogued pieces my blog. The best thing of all and thanks to Scruffy and her inspiration is that I have met new people friends contacts and even clients from all over the world since joining the bulldog world which I’m eternally grateful for.

The website is a triumph for me as I made it myself under the beady eye of scruffy-Louise and is not bad for a start out website if I may say so.

I will not stop collecting but work out a way of expanding my little empire in scruffy-Louise’s name and try to push www.collectibulldogs.com to the point where there’s direct traffic and not just link referrals.

With scruffy now looking over me and not at feel me it hurts but I do feel a sense of well being and I promise not to let her name and how she changed my family for the good just go in vain.

I lost my scruffy Louise at 1am on the 25th October 2015 if you have furry loved ones give em just that extra kiss n cuddle as you never know when it will be the last.