7.6B people 1.8B websites 1st ever Collectibulldogs

1st Collectibulldogs

check the stats 1st Collectibulldogs type website ever

Hi readers how are you ? It would be great to hear from some of you sometimes instead of seeing whom got caught up in our spam, 7.6B people 1.8B websites 1 Collectibulldogs Is exactly that. I read that if you wanted to stand out online create something original.

Well that’s what I have done ✅ with over seven and a half billion people on the planet 🌎 I create a niche website so original I’m explaining its one of a kind special status in this blog article, let’s just see that again 7.6B people 1.8B websites 1 Collectibulldogs, math tells me you take a percentage away for certain demographics that do not use the Internet.

That still leaves a huge proportion of visitors to the one point eight billion websites currently live right now and out of that 1.8b websites Collectibulldogs is a stand alone a one of a kind, so original our hashtag isn’t recognised by twitter only Instagram and unless you look me up you’ll be finding it hard work researching in this niche believe me I’ve tried.

This means the world known indexed online book of knowledge Wikipedia does not just not know what Collectibulldogs is but does not cover bulldog memorabilia collecting whatsoever, folks often wonder why I’m slow on bulldog blogs and that’s usally the main cause.

1st Collectibulldogs what a wow

Another 1st Collectibulldogs on youtube 


What a fantastic achievement to find or maybe stumble onto a niche so far removed from everyday day life, being the 1st Collectibulldogs can say there’s many other firsts that tag along with this venture, so to say that there’s 7.6B people on earth and 1.8B websites that cater for every whim there’s still only one and we are the  1st Collectibulldogs well done

now known by stars musicians politicians bulldog judges magazine publishers and other website owners is a buzz, I went from finding to my feet to becoming known worldwide in less than a decade, I class the 1st Collectibulldogs as my second child as I take care and responsibility for whatever content comes from our website.

1st Collectibulldogs

There’s only 1 Collectibulldogs

A big burden to carry I mean you can research individual artists manufacturers even stamps and dates but where else can you find all this under one url, so being the 1st Collectibulldogs has to bypass Wikipedia use as much research as possible without making up jargon just to fill in the gaps.

Theres no plagiarism from us all the research I’ve done is genuine plus the knowledge I’ve processed over the years, I do not want this amazing hobby to end up archived so the ebook another totally original concept (my content not the ebook lol) and this allows collectors out there a privileged upper hand against sellers and high prices.

1st Collectibulldogs the website has many

1st Collectibulldogs

deserving of a medal for creative originality


I can add links to the page to many articles showing just how far we have come in such a short amount of time but most readers will know we’ve gone from nothing to exhibition media and even political interest from local MP, being the 1st fills me with immense pride and I hope others see the niche as so original and organic it’s truly special.

Im not or definitely too old to be all Ner Ner my sites more original than yours every website deserves its place according but when the realisation kicked in and that score count of 7.6B people 1.8B websites and 1st Collectibulldogs came to thought even I thought WOW 😮 what I have gone and created.


As we are the very first I cannot find it in my heart to To quit now and this website needs to continue I do think no ones actually reading my content and I’m told people cannot be bothered to use the registration to comment but must understand the depravity in some of the spam we receive so it’s needed to insure safety I cannot show any messages but if you had a website you’d be grateful of a system that filters this stuff out.

Comments aside we’d like for you to be as proud as we are and share us out wherever you can let the world know of our originality and just how well we are  received on most Most formats and our feed now being shared more too.

1st Collectibulldogs 2nd pop up museum 2019

1st Collectibulldogs

Let’s link up it’s a great time to exchange urls with Collectibulldogs it’s free organic and helps both websites


Another first for us and for the bulldog breed I’m in talks with Brighton Museum or will be in 2019 about what’s called an installation but known as a pop up museum, this would be a logisticaly thought out display using bulldog memorabilia from the Collectibulldogs collection.

Id need special insurance for the pieces used but that can be spoken about at the meetings my point to prove will be it’s time duration, I’d prefer a year or two over say three months yes you have to get what you can when you can but I know it’s a popular idea 💡 that will get the museum some extra revenue, some people from the exhibition in 2017 crossed the U.K. to see it.

1st Collectibulldogs

Even the first bulldog memorabilia museum on twitter

Understanding we may always be the only bulldog Museum online has its ups and downs the upside being all I’ve done and spoken about to the down side that I carry on not knowing if I’m seen or read it’s not the nicest feeling to be unknown thus far but I am hoping we are or get seen by someone whom sees what I see and can help turn Collectibulldogs into more world firsts.

Our domain authority is ok for the websites age I do not have the best Seo but I do know the site works very well and even more so on gadgets, see the use of pads and phones come up on  our google analytics, I’m not bothered though as long as there are visits showing I’m 1 happy bunny so to speak.

For the record

1st Collectibulldogs

Being 1st Collectibulldogs has an edge so the skies the limit on where we can take this


Lets make it clear, from the offset it’s been nearly impossible to get noticed, as I’ve stated #collectibulldogs is only recognised as a tag on Instagram which is a shame Twitter still doesn’t and won’t legitimately see us as original and blue badge us for authenticity, the struggle of being an only doesn’t stop there.

there are article writers affiliated writers and bloggers that wish to submit their articles but feel they cannot approach us, for example I posted a random article for a reciprocal one back but it’s to do with horses, we are a bulldog antiques and mental health awareness website and most feel their niche doesn’t fit here.


The online museum gets mixed up with some people I had a lady the other day wanting to donate some bulldog memorabilia pieces I was truthful in saying it’s in my room but not yet a museum the premise there is not that I didn’t get the donation, I instructed the lady to hold on to them but the thought we are an actual museum made me wonder.

Will Collectibulldogs go on to be the worlds first actual museum space, I’ve thought hard about this but get stuck when it comes to writing out a business plan I can approach Brighton council with, until whatever is needed comes this way to make a mans dream come true England and the rest of the world will just have to keep their fingers crossed that one day the 1st Collectibulldogs museum will be a reality.

1sr Collectibulldogs

The inspiration behind all I have done and will do.

Thank you assorted artists. A wiggles parody

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