6 Ways CBD Can Increase Your Dog’s Fitness


CBD for dogs

CBD is the latest rage in pet health and wellness. Several CBD-infused pet products are available to cope with common ailments that include pain, inflammation, and allergies. It can even be a powerful aid to enhance fitness and health in dogs through the presence of many potent cannabinoids.

Here are six ways to utilize CBD to elevate your dog’s fitness and keep them active.

1. Helps With Anxiety and Depression

One of the most common problems faced by dog owners is anxiety. Be it thunderstorms, firecrackers, sudden loud music, presence of other pets, or even travelling to a new place, pets get very anxious repeatedly, especially if they are young. Compared to pets like cats or birds, dogs, in particular, develop a special bond with their owners and find themselves lost without them, which draws out the anxiety. A loss of an owner or distance from an owner can have intense effects on their wellbeing. CBD is known to reduce anxiety in dogs to calm them down and help them cope with the new situation in hand. If they are feeling restless during a thunderstorm or are in a location with festivals, celebrations, or loud noises, providing a dose of premium quality CBD feels different and could be of benefit to them. CBD         It helps them to feel calm while greeting a new experience and also cope with anxiety. It enables them to bond with a new pet, or remain active performing their regular activities, rather than go to a hiding spot in fear or acting out. CBD is also known to reduce depression in dogs. Depression is common among dogs who have recently given birth and go through phases of sadness and despair when separated from their pups or if their pup dies. Depression is also common among dogs when they are away from their owners or if they suffer from injuries or chronic pain. In all these cases, using CBD can help them cope with their mental state to remain happy, active, focussed, and fit.

2. Relieves Pain

Pain is one of the most common problems that restrict movement in pets and hinders their path to fitness. CBD oil is great for dogs which might occur from frequent runs, general extraneous activity in the daily life of a dog that could wear out their joints, or chronic illness such as arthritis or cancer. Some common signs of pain are limping on the affected joints, howling for unknown reasons, excessive sleeping or lack of sleeping, and general tiredness. It reduces their energy and tends to make them moody and sad. CBD oil blocks pain receptors in the brain, thereby acting as an anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation and pain at the point of application or after consumption. There are many modes of utilizing the pain-alleviating properties of CBD such as through applying balms or lotions in the local areas of pain or consuming tinctures, oils, or edibles. Like the ample of options available at online dispensary, Canada, you can explore the choices that are best for your dog to curb pain.

3. Boosts Appetite

Dogs usually have a healthy appetite, but in many scenarios, like nausea, pain, or even general anxiety could cause them to reduce the amount of food intake. It further degrades their heath. Consuming enough food is necessary for nutrient availability in their body that influences their health and fitness. Lack of nutrients makes them tired, lazy, and sleepy most of the time, which could affect their overall wellness. CBD           CBD oil is known to alleviate nausea and help recover the lost appetite of dogs. A dose of CBD can help stimulate appetite to deliver the right levels to nutrients to make them active and stay in good shape. It can also help dogs suffering with anxiety issues.

4. Elevates Heart and Bone Health

CBD is known to reduce heart damage due to high heart rate and blood pressure, which are very common in most active dogs. Heart rate is also inversely proportional to the lifetime of an animal, which means the lower the heart rate higher the life expectancy. Elevated heart rate for a prolonged period and blood pressure could increase the strain on blood vessels and cause severe damage. The use of CBD can improve a dog’s heart health to cope with an active lifestyle and increase its lifespan. To obtain a high quality product,Bone damage or problems in the joints such as pain due to sprains, tears, or chronic issues like arthritis are common problems that reduce physical activity in pets. Some canines suffer from bone weakness that comes with age, making it fragile and prone to breakage and issues such as osteoporosis. CBD is known to improve bone health and heal broken bones in dogs faster. It stimulates the growth of bones, strengthens them, and offers potent anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Alleviates Allergies

Dogs, in particular, are prone to lots of skin problems due to allergies like itching, redness, swelling, and ticks. They might have allergies to certain substances, medication, or food, which could cause these skin conditions. Chronic itching can even lead to bleeding in some cases and other serious complications. It could cause pain and discomfort making them sad. Some anti-allergy medications could have sedating effects on the dog and have other side effects making them lazy and lethargic. CBD           Dog owners can apply CBD oil directly to the coat or fur to calm the skin and relieve itching. One can also utilize CBD infused shampoo that is skin-friendly and ease the issues.the  Anti-inflammatory CBD help to reduce the intensity of response to allergy triggers and ease inflammation. Consult your vet to know the optimal combination of CBD oil and recommended shampoos to cope with allergies.

6. Improves Immunity

CBD can also ease the overactivity of the immune system and strengthen the natural functioning of several organs in dogs. It can reduce the recovery time after surgery and get them back on their feet. It has potent antioxidants to reduce free radical damage that minimizes age-related problems. It helps to keep dogs happy, excited, and fit.

The physiology of dogs is very similar to our own in many ways. So, it’s not surprising that the consumption of cannabidiol works equally well for dogs as it does for humans. CBD oil is proven to work well for relieving pain from arthritis, aiding in treating autoimmune conditions, preventing incidents of epilepsy and seizures, reducing inflammation, and even ease irritable bowel diseases, which are very common in dogs. Besides these medical benefits, these benefits of CBD can help dogs stay in their best health and remain active and fit.

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