3D Bulldogs And how we make them

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

3D Bulldogs And how we make them Geometric bulldog bowl

Hi readers 👩‍🏫 how are you doing out there ? Bonfire night is now behind us and Christmas will be looming soon, I thought it might be nice to chat about 3D Bulldogs And how we make them

We get lots of compliments which is lovely for our 3D bulldog creations and as many know we’ve already made some great pieces and also had some failures too, We use a form of material called PLA it’s a food by product so not actually plastic

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

A 12 hour build 3D Bulldogs


So you need a 3D printer a laptop and a little bit of tech know how but before you think it’s just plug in and play like your led to believe then I’m afraid it’s just a sales ploy !


With no less than six printers delivered only two remain here working, it seems they are so mass produced now in China that it’s pot luck wether you get a printer that works great or one that comes with it’s issues.


3D Bulldogs And how we make them

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

We ❤️ 3D printing especially 3D Bulldogs

So the title is 3D Bulldogs And how we make them, firstly I choose an idea 💡 it could be festive or popular but to keep safely away from copyright designs are original and tinkered around with by a 3D designing friend whom now has the bug.

Normal used on laptop / desktop 🖥 you can find applications like thingyverse that have files already set up to print, if you wanted one of these it’s copyright free but the file cannot be sold on.


We are proud to announce we have our own original designs that I’m sure within a year or so will be in many homes around the world 🌍, the giveaway pieces are being made and others are showing a keen interest.

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

The end result can be fantastic 3D bulldogs 


Before I continue I’d like again to thank mr Lee Hollman a family friend and personal friend of mine for the countless hours helping our website designer 👩‍🎨 get collectibulldogs going for relaunch and the fun we have together


3D bulldogs Math it does help when you get older.

All main solid object producing 3D models work on an X Y Z axis YEP BORING MATH ! Forwards backwards up and down left and right, there’s a few different shapes / kinds from the enclosed box printers to the DIY kits.


The price these days is laughable a decent 3D printer can be bought for less than one hundred pounds but they do run into the thousands, if like us your just starting out save your money get a cheap version and learn the workings.

Your computer with installed 3D applications will do the hard work, choosing a piece you want copied you then send that file over to another application (unless already sliced) this application slices the file with it’s technical magic and then you save or print.

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

Christmas decorations 57 minutes each to make 3D Bulldogs

All Printers are slightly different just like other gadgets you can find some that are WiFi with desktop port and USB some come with just an SD card slot and you copy files from your desk top and feed it to your printer.


The technical part

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

The machine does all the hard work 3D Bulldogs

Once the printer has the instructions the extruder nozzle heats up to above two hundred degrees and the build plate is usually set at fifty to sixty degrees, The filament goes through a feeder that’s told when to feed to the nozzle by the computers instructions


As this process is going on a very thin line of PLA is pushed out of the nozzle by the feeder and the pattern also part of the computers magic will start to appear and stick on the build plate, if Calibration of nozzle and build plate is correct The Pla will start to stick to the plate.

It’s then a waiting game if you’ve chosen a large piece there’s a good chance it took twelve to twenty four hours to make, each layer 1.75mm and with us up all night making sure nothing goes wrong I’d say there more love in these pieces than mass produced throw away shop bought items.


in essence it’s the computer program that does the work it tells the feeder went to push and the filament will be extruded to wherever the nozzle connected to the arm this creates the outline pattern which is then infilled to make it stronger and more durable as it’s not PLASTIC!

If it’s right it’s fantastic

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

Using initiative actually made this piece look better check the base ? 3D Bulldogs 

Not all prints will work I’m sorry to say sometimes it’s the file or the creation is so detailed the printer isn’t fine enough to add such intricate detail to the piece, it’s always best to make sure the first layer covers before turning back on printer.

Many Many test prints and failures have been had printing in 3D even with a gadget doing the work is not as easy as the end result may fool you into thinking we’ve been up for nights since starting just to make sure a 12 hour build gets completed

❤️ 3D printing here’s 16 mins of your life you won’t get back but it’s mesmerising

The same can be said for our colour choices and choices in what we make 3D Bulldogs And how we make them is just the start ! With three spiral vases and a larger marble style vase we are slowly branching out.

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

Sometimes they come out wrong due to supports breaking. Printing ain’t easy 3D Bulldogs 


Out of all of these we think the interest shown in our latest pieces so far has been fantastic the newer models and colours are getting more attention and our social media like Pinterest is rising in views since we started.

Starting a 3D bulldog alternative page !

Yep 👍 it’s true myself and my 3D designer friend are talking about starting a page where our creations can be bought at very cheap prices we have ideas 💡 ranging from following the seasonal ideas, gifts for him / her, custom orders and what will be on offer monthly


Having spoken about this we think it’s a great idea to bring others a quality looking product but so cheap you wouldn’t mind paying, this is not profit driven by any means any funds would pay the electric used and buy more filament we both run successful enterprises so it’s not about the money.

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

New ideas 💡 new colours too for 3D bulldogs 

A page has an introduction so we will add why we started our price guide when the page is created, we will show the PLA we use and come up with a fair way of pricing our 3D creations, 3D Bulldogs And how we make them will be more about a whole range of designs not just bulldogs.


I enjoyed discovering this new joy recently but we are not sure how much we can get out by Christmas of 2019 but rest assured once the page starts you can choose your pieces ready for 2020 with the opportunity to get our creations before hand too.


Two minds better than one ! 3D bulldogs

3D Bulldogs And how we make them

We are aiming at many niches and demographics

The whole idea around this venture came out of sheer misery I was depressed from packing the collection away and waiting and waiting for the new website I needed something to distract me from my mental disorders and saw a 3D printer at a friends and thought ohhhh !


Starting out I was thrown troubles left right and centre and I even admitted to my disorder for the time in my life when a printer got the better of me and I went from a smiley 😊 fella to a broken man in minutes, this intensity was so strong and now I definitely understood that I do have a personality disorder that I need some support with.

What ! Not a purebred representing

its What keeps us the best bulldog memorabilia website ever


A wonderful friend was contacted by my wife and has been helping out ever since, This fella has help me more with this bulldog website than any other person including anyone from the bulldog community or friends and family I’ve done this solely by myself up until now and the help has been invaluable


with the designs and originality is only right that we both share our inspired imaginations and produce a varied amount of different original 3-D ideas that have been lovingly made, just think of that beautiful piece on your table that looks like $1 million yet cost next to nothing it’s win-win all the way.


Below is a clip one of many that show our new website is on course

Sneaky peak at a clip from



Create your own Bulldog Christmas is another relatable article giving Christmas ideas that do not cost a packet  

3D love your bulldog
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