Bulldog museum Brighton

Bulldog museum Brighton

Hello readers

I need to start by saying sorry for any blogging absence I or we have been occupied with our new bulldog Delilah, I now call her Wiggles it really suits her cute personality and she goes wild bringing her bottom around when I repeat it to her which we all find very adorable and very funny indeed.

Well readers what a year it has been in 2015 feel free to write in if you wish to chat about your year good bad or indifferent.

Lets start by saying for me 2015 has had some amazing high points, some not so nice points and also for me personally and that of my family the saddest time in many a year we lost scruffy Louise and for whom I miss still so much, it hurts but I have gotten over the toughest of the grief and my memories are now fond and not full of guilt and pain she was one astonishing  bulldog that sent me on this journey in the first place.

So this year saw me helping out different artisans and networking for a few like Lou and her sugar skulls my friend Marek and his bronze bulldogs and I even got to help wild life artist Dick Twinney when it arose I had an original that he was looking for to re create his animated domestic dog series.

I created sales as well for Mr Twinney as the bulldog reprint was a popular piece that a lot of folks wanted and I was lucky enough to get a personal signed piece for the collection.

I’m currently helping a jewelry maker whom creates assorted dog pieces I have shown her work to my group and to good success I wish her well and even if the artisan does not get lots of sales the group still enjoyed looking at the pieces and left good comments.

If your an artisan that wants help networking then please feel free to contact me I’m happy to help but as one lady found out recently I wont be used just to advertise other websites or brands which means I wont expose my readers and viewers to any sites I have not vetted first and any content given to me should only have water marks on pictures should be for copyright purposes not site exposure but if done the right way a networking campaign can be quite successful and since I have offered more folks are slowly coming forward for a bit of assistance.

I have donated more this year some pieces a triumph some not so but even if the piece goes for a low bid its nice on two levels, one I have done my bit to help and second someone somewhere gets a great bargain and also gets the feeling of helping too.

I think for 2016 I will be networking hard to promote the website and name I want to establish myself more locally and of course those external links come in handy so I will be trying for more to add to the page next year.

Also I think I will go out sourcing more and as Delilah doesn’t mind going out we can give out business cards which we have recently as folks cannot help but come say hello to that squishy cute face.



One of the best experiences for me this year was being a personal bulldog shopper for someone that is now a good friend.

The pieces I have found this year have been a pleasure to source research and best of all own for a little while.

I believe they now have the best English bulldog collection in the south pacific and I’m only envious of a few of them and when I look back at all the pieces I have sent to of the best come to mind.

One was a silver clock made around 1910 and the other is a piece made by one of the Lladro brothers when he started ROSAL the piece is of a seated bulldog leaning on a girls hands the colours are typically Spanish and very beautiful.

I really wish I could do this as a business and will start on the bottom rung next year and start a course but I feel it right to thank this wonderful collector for such an amazebulls year of searching out lovely pieces for you and I hope you are proud of the collection you have.


I have to say that there are has not been many bad points to write about from my experience of 2015 I have had a few digs thrown my way this is regarding bulldog politics.

Most folks know I have no view on this I’m just a collector, I leave all that doggy DNA genepool and coloration chatter to the experts that know much more than I ever could.

Also this year I mentioned my mental illness and for some its still the 60s in that regard, I knew I would some not so nice folk showing nievity and stigma with comments I find in my inboxes on various medias.

These folks need to know they are wasting their time I have worked with charities before like mind to do segments on mental health stigma and also worked teaching other folks with issues carpentry so its like water off a ducks back really.

But hey its Christmas after all a time for forgiveness and good will to all bulldogs so lets leave that be and before I finish with the woes we all know the saddest part of 2015 for us as a family was losing our beloved scruffy louise I will just say what an inspiration and I smile now when I think about her.

The high points of this year totally outweigh the bad times with the one exception I’m so grateful to of been excepted so well in the bulldog community and I have met some really charming folk from all over the world this year and to have groups add me is great, I try to make my posts fresh and creative but there wouldn’t be any point if there wasn’t such respectable group leaders out there happy to help and don’t get annoyed when a bulldog figurine gets posted.

This exposure has really helped to get people interested and the collectibulldogs name out and about so I am thankful to you all and the businesses that have linked up this year thank you also for you help it all counts.


I have talked about sourcing for others but I have not done to badly for my own collection this year and even though I do not have one special piece I do however have a few pieces I was only dreaming of owning a few years ago.

The first is the Nymphenburg white standing bulldog the are rare nowadays and I think if you want one they are custom made now, the second being the piece by Theodor madson.

This is one of my fav artisans out of Royal Copenhagen and even though simplistic there is so much detail in his works, there have been a few others but these two really spring to mind.

I also completed the seated set of three Royal Doulton bulldogs with the help of Edward Hendlowitch I have been doing deals with this fella for a while his a top fella with some nice pieces and as he is also a collector its nice chatting two and throw about our collections and what not, he has a more diverse range than me that’s because he collects other collectibles too and if you wish to contact him his on face book or you can email him too Thank you Edward finally I have the set they look great completed now…


To those I have done business recently with here is the offending item that stopped a big shipment from reaching its destination and all because someone working at Memphis customs wanted to know where in Italy this jug was made.

Firstly it came from an auction so did not have to much info on the description and the not so funny part is I bought it out of the USA in the first place.

The round trip for this parcel has not only hit me in the pocket it has stopped my dealings for now and has left me owing which I dislike but as I cannot do anything about the situation I will just have to suck it up for now and get it resolved as soon as I can but to those waiting THANK YOU and SORRY…

Lastly and I have said this before I am so thankful and truly humbled by the generosity of two different folks both I have never met in person but would love too these folks both offered a puppy to my family free of charge one offer was from the states too. Its one of the kindest offers someone like me has ever had and folks like you have my total respect.

To all my readers those that know me and those that just read the blog to new and regular readers and to the bulldog community as a whole, From my girls our new bully wiggles and collectibulldogs we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to all a happy prosperous new year.