14th December – chasing Squirrels and now a memory


On the lookout for those squirrels 🐿

It’s the 14th of December we are living at Carlton bank and The weather has hampered any ideas of getting out and about today so (wiggles) and I pinched the Christmas nuts and went up the park to feed the squirrels.

Before feeding the squirrels I let wiggles of to see if she wanted to stretch her legs but she stayed by my side, maybe she’s unsure of the surroundings or typically lazy not wanting to exert any energy.


Wiggles out and about there’s squirrels at the museum too

Wiggles seems to of settled into a routine and she enjoys her walks it’s just funny watching the wife trying to urge her off the sofa.I’m now updating the website in 2022 yes that’s correct what a jump so I’m going to use my memory

So it’s like this wiggles loved her creature comforts and as there was just my wife and my daughter this bulldog got very spoiled indeed and sometimes this back fired, especially on the days I’d get my animal trail mix and take her off to the park.


To posh for other dogs

Its my belief that wiggles had such a posh snobby nature towards other dogs that we spent a lot of time walking around Queen’s Park, there we dogs in the park and we were always worried that our snob would end up hurting a small little butt sniffer so we started walking her round the top where the wildlife retreats too when the park is full.

I’ll be playing running free when you wish to come join me

before I continue you can catch up with wiggles now Our Past heroesis a page where you can meet the bulldogs I’ve rescued before we think it’s nice they are included here and if you miss wiggles Check her out here at our YouTube account  we do not have a Twitter account just because it’s so toxic.


Getting into this Routine we both got good exercise and I started feeding the wildlife and as I mow know through our mini Bulldog either bulldogs don’t like the squirrel race or they hate the fact their human companions are giving their food away, seeing your bulldog jealous because a duck has ate some bread chucked was amusing.

Hey readers I want to reach out to say I really miss these days yes it was in logical terms a walk to the park but looking back i can only wish life was then but life’s now I’m a father again and also responsible for our new mini bulldog Porscha.

Feeding squirrels the ritual is still the same


It’s where the squirrels feed

As with wiggles whom was much chunkier our Porscha is the same, we moved in 2019 and found a place with a back garden so I’m able to invite the wildlife into my life instead of going out (we do both) Foxes Badgers and yep squirrels too, we feed them Monkey nuts


Ive been hard at work in my garden there’s now a pond and a run above the garden for the squirrels to crawl along without Porscha catching them and it’s always best to get a bit of knowledge before feeding So here’s useful info from the RSPCA  they are just guidelines some folks are fussy about feeding some creatures and whilst the people in the know thought the red squirrel wouldn’t die out we were asked not to feed them as they were not seen as native just vermin

If you do not Know what Squirrels eat then I wouldn’t suggest putting out chocolate bars and biscuits yes they would eat them but all this does is make their teeth 🦷 less than 100% and even though like rodents they continuously grow their teeth they help maintain woodland which is something other rodents have no qualifications in, if you would like help on what to feed them Check here for what they like munching.


3D printed bulldog love amazing and original 2022

Bulldog statue – orange and white delight 2022