11 Jan 2016

As stated Wiggles prefers the company of females over males she does love me and plays a lot with me and lots of kisses are thrown to and throw but When the wife goes out I do my best to keep her entertained and this works for a little while and then she goes all quite till the Missis comes back.

I do not mind the switch around and I believe it’s for the better she puts a smile on the wife’s face every day so that’s good enough for me.

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I do not think there are separation issues afoot here I just think there were more females around at her last home or previous homes, Wiggles is so loving and goes crazy when I say her name but she does have some bad habits we are changing like eating midnight meals (now regular bowl times) and the other bad habit has to be the times she wishes to have attention or play.

I’m all up for playing but not during the night I really need my sleep and so does she. The weather seems to be turning now so more daily excersise may knacker her energy (and mine) and then it’s a good nights sleep all round.