Chance encounter had me gripped straight away

Miss gripper

Check out miss gripper two wild cats having a moment

Miss gripper lady dj

Miss Gripper lady dj selfless kindness read why below

Hi readers, if your just interested in the pieces not the person I’m adding links to this article just in case anyone feels half way through it’s not interesting enough but to me it’s one of the most interesting situations to happen to me this year.

Most people get to meet celebrities through digital platforms not very easy for opening doors to get closer to those we admire and my daughters infectious being is I think how the DJ and producer MISS GRIPPER let us into her personal space.


These days that kind of space is a DM where you can imagine just like WhatsApp is a quagmire of messages mostly from fans so for Miss Gripper to reply after seeing my name pop up allows me to bypass other options and talk with her directly


Hobbies after this collecting passion include music which is the second half of why I feel this lovely lady took time to speak with me, As a producer she’s heard played and met most from most genres but for me the best is still yet to come.


Dj miss Gripper

dj miss gripper here’s the black and white promos absolutely over the moon.

Miss gripper

Screenshot of Miss gripper at work

I do hope I’ve not bored you as the best is yet to come but as a thinker I do wonder why me, MISS GRIPPER sent me a message and before I say what about ill explain happy hardcore as its a sub genre from the 90s when surely we all had different musical tastes.


So happy Hardcore a sub genre of electronic dance music is known for its energy accelerated tempo, uplifting melodies I am wondering if a gift of nearly 200 vinyl records from the genre was a statement of intent. I’m wondering if she aim to energise and evokes pure unadulterated joy after finding out to me is this is therapy.


I would suggest that having so much of this music that The DJ Was sharing her love of the music feeling charitable or reaching out as a connection! Most celebrities you tag or follow on social media certainly do not send gifts especially back catalogues of labels that these days would run into the thousands to buy


That’s right. This lady sent a box weighing 50kgs and as you know we all live with either optimism or pessimism but when your into DJing and your offered not just your childhood in musical form but as DJ also sent a gesture of boundless gratitude in the form of thanking me for having them I’m still SHOCKED BY WHAT I HAVE let alone getting my head around being thanked too.(miss Grippers shows) 



That is correct my luck did not just stop at now owning thousands of pounds of new music that I’m so in awe of I’m struggling to catalogue it’s not often EUPD allows me real feelings but I do get a small shudder of delight when looking at my record collection


Not stopping there miss Gripper went on to say “I’m downloading around 500 more would you like to have them” I’m still wondering what I’ve done in my own life to be given such wonderful things. Can you believe that ! I’ve already got promos limited editions pre release presses and vinyl records that never made it to public release and now more.



There is the dad in me that thinks just like the bulldog collection that this can only be a good thing investment wise, I’d never sell them but I’m not silly some are already at a level that I should look at insurance and others need the signature worked out I’m also told by the sender some of the musicians are not alive anymore (unfortunately) but does make their contributions rarer.


Theres even more to state too ! Not only will I be lucky enough to be the recipient of yet another treasure trove of musical bliss I’m certain will be gifted when ready and I’m not Inpatient but I am looking forward to seeing what’s coming you never know miss Gripper may drop hints from time to time.

Miss Grippers proposal continued


Just think how many people ask this lady for anything from charitable causes and favours to as little as a shoutout when she’s at work live. I forgot to say this DJ is professional and signed to a label she’s been on the scene longer than many DJs I’m a fan of



Hearing that myself or collectibulldogs I forgot to ask and my little girl Sienna got a shoutout was a brilliant and proud dad feeling but it also felt good that out of nowhere this lady has taken time to remember us and showing more selfless kindness gave us one of these too.


Miss Gripper gave me a link that you can use to both see her at work the soundtracks she used for her live set and of course our shoutout in among a list of others, life cannot be just about me lols and this has to be either again charitable of her or I’ve found a new friend as it could be seen as a connection of sorts.


One good deed deserves another so I have sent instruction back that I intend to gift something back from collectibulldogs and from Sienna whom now calls Miss Gripper superwoman after I showed her the DJ mixing scratch mixing and Sienna loves any strong female role models which miss Gripper certainly is.


Miss gripper female dj

A selfless action is why I’m writing this promotion type article miss gripper did something amazing


Let’s top off this cake of musical icing with what I still find hard to let settle in and gets the synopsis fired up ! This time last year I was so ill I had to be taken out of society and spent time in therapy to find myself. This next part makes that whole musical cake topped.



Practice scratch mixing” and I will give you an hour a week live on my labels set ! Let that sink in for a second not only does this person want me out of the choice of billions of people to be the new custodian of over 700 amazing supreme vinyl records but to play live music for her.


The unfortunate part to this is most would jump to you tube and other places of learning but as I’m autistic I need a visual representation like a lesson or two, I have started practicing and I get you need to dance one record to the beat of the other so it’s easy to admit that yes I’m struggling.


If I never make it to DJ a live set at least for me at the moment it’s not at dream level thousands of up coming artists three times younger would love this opportunity! I’ll keep practicing and like life depends on situations especially around Sienna. She does have her moments where even my decks are not a distraction from her autistic tendencies.


Miss gripper female DJ

Miss gripper female DJ producer and my little girls superwoman.

My X or Twitter as some may still call it reached 177k yesterday people still follow me and some obviously find my content interesting but unless someone is being a Twit a scam artist or a mutual I do not get much personal interaction


So I do feel I owe a thank you I’ve offered free promotion not that this DJ needs it and I sincerely hope I’ve found a friend even if it’s in the world of make believe, my illness keeps me very isolated so being able to say to people I’m actually friends with a renowned DJ and can talk to Miss Gripper as a matey.


If not I’ll still get my practice in I’ve only been DJing again for two weeks and before that I think my eldest was about four so that’s over two decades even setting up caused me issues sometimes there’s to much information and new adaptations and technology was something I had to get round.


My Berlinger mixer Nox 101 is not working out for me the cross fading slide is not tight enough and I’ve never used software before like a computer program so at the moment I’m gingerly scratching one record as another is blasting out.


Once I’ve catalogued my luck into a list I’ll update this article with them or write a fresh article and link back to this one so you folks can understand why there is a list of artists labels and why they are on a bulldog antiques website.



I’ll stick this article under mental health and if a friendship does arise I can move it over to collectibulldogs news Who knows the day I met this person could be the day of all days for me we live in a world of who you know nowadays but I would speak to this amazing kind person before asking for help to open doors for collectibulldogs


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