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Other Bulldog Artwork

This is a small sample of other items that are in the collection.

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Sugar Skull Artwork


Just a small sinopsis about these cards as i dont want it to be a boring history excercise Cigarette cards as we know them date back well before the 19 th century. Their precursors started hundreds of years before this time . Initially they were used to Hawk for business.

Many people were illiterate and the early cards were mostly Pictorial and handed out to the Gentry. Chimney Sweeps, coal men and even the Night Cart man used them.

The Bodleian Library in Oxford University have records of many. Printing methods improved and the cards were swept into a new Era.

Colour and Decorative versions becameinto being capturing peoples imagination and curiosity. The Victorians embraced them as they could see Exotic
Animals Soldiers sportsmen and Dogs.

Anything that captured peoples interest were featured.

BULLDOGS were depicted in many Bulldogs photographed can be found in many series that were put out.

These are very interesting to collectors. You can see how the BULLDOG has changed gradually over the years, compared to our present ones.
Cards came in series of usually 25, or 50 or less. Albums were produced to display the collections. Clubs were formed and still Exist today. They hold auctions and swap cards and can be found online.

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Cards with messages had been sporadically created and posted by individuals since the beginning of postal services.

The earliest known picture postcard was a hand-painted design on card, posted in Fulham London England to the writer Theodore hook this was in 1840, it had affixed the famous penny black stamp. He probably created and posted the card to himself as a practical joke on the postal service, since the image is a caricature of workers in the post office. In 2002 the postcard sold for a record Β£31,750.

The bulldog has been on many a postcard since those early days and most were early drawing sketches and if you were of money you could afford to buy an early colour piece also used in advertising postcards too.

The bulldog postcard came into popular effect during the Great War and WW2. There are a few stories to why the bulldog was used and many say it’s because Winston Churchill famously owned bulldogs and also the bulldogs character was the same as England wanted to be seen and that was strong stubborn and defiant to the enemy.

Monies made from wife’s buying postcards to send to their loved ones fighting in the war or even to send domestically.

Some postcards can be seen in poor taste due to the subject matter but on the whole they make up a portion of many peoples collections.

Investable postcards are 1914-1918 for obvious reasons but earlier ones are just as valuable if not more so.

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Various bulldog books

Here is a sample of various books on the bulldog that I have acquired since I started collecting they are packed full of historical value interest and some amazing vintage photos of past winners furry and otherwise.

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Birmingham & Midlands Bulldog Club 1920

A Rare Parer Of The Draft Proposals For The Rules Of Birmingham And Midlands Club Dated 1920.

The Standard Of The Bulldog 1913

Below Is The Standard Of The Bulldog This Book Is Revised And Dated 1913

Various Books

A Sample Of Various Books With Some Early Editions

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Vintage Slides

Various slides showing some famous pictures from days gone by some may find one or two distasteful please note I DO NOT condone any type of blood sports and these are very old pictures/slides.

Americas Hall of Bulldog Fame

Here is a small sample of slides depicting the winning bulldogs in Americas hall of bulldog fame.

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