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Welcome to www.collectibulldogs.com The World Class Bulldog collection online!

Welcome to collectibulldogs.com website. We take pride in owning & curating such a vast and varied selection of all things bulldog!

This site is a testament to the greatness of the bulldog breed & goes some way to inspiring others into starting their own collections and ventures.

Bulldog collectibles come in all shapes & sizes. We hope you like the range we have amassed so far from antiques, rare collectibles, art work, books & other pieces of interest.

Collectibulldogs.com reaches no. 15 in Feedspot's Top 30 Antques Blogs & Websites!

We are proud to announce that we have been voted 15th in the top 30 Antiques Blogs & Websites by Feedspot.

Here at Collectibulldogs, we are ecstatic at the news of this & we hope you enjoy the website’s content.

Thank you all for following us, continuing to visit us & read our blogs.

Thank you to the team at Feedspot for featuring our website!

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Collectibulldogs has teamed up with its brilliant host Digital Wulf to bring one and all their very own free downloadable PDF, there’s a whole 2500 images from the collection, giving everyone a small slice of collectibulldogs for their very own.

PLEASE NOTE: Loading speeds may vary due to the large pdf size.

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A quick note from the curator and owner

Hi there my name’s Eiffion Ashdown & I created this website so that I can share my passion for my passion in collecting bulldog collectibles and items relating to bulldog history.

My collecting started about seven years ago & have taken a back seat while I make this bulldog collectibles website which to a novice like me has been challenging. For more info about me click this link.

I hope you enjoy the site & like my pieces. I also hope it inspires others to start collecting either for love or future nest eggs. Please note it can become addictive!

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Brighton museum listed collection

We are so proud to announce that collectibulldogs is now seen as an offical collection & subsequently now listed under the private collections page on the Brighton museum website.

We feel like we are finally getting somewhere as the collection rolls forward.

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This link will take you to the Brighton museum page where you can see the collection.