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Chew this Collectibulldogs guest post

Guest post something to chew on

From something to chew on, writer Lori Wade, writer and blogger, lives in Los Angeles with her two rescue dogs, Xuma, a Pitbull mix, and Orson, a Labrador. She shares her passion for dogs on her blog at The blog includes tips and information about the care and training of dogs, humane education, and book reviews. Besides writing and cuddling with Xuma and Orson, Lori enjoys bicycling, hiking, and chocolate.

Something to chew on


Lori with her Xuma

When asked to write a guest blog, I debated about a topic! Collectibulldogs has a wonderful collection of bulldog artworks,ceramics,glass,and books,  Wiggles the CEO is a handsome bulldog and would serve well as a model for any new art.

Sinse this is about bulldogs writing about their history came to mind, but they were once bred to participate in a cruel sport that I would rather forget, bulldogs are these lovable,loyal,stocky, muscular creatures with a wrinkled face that is impossible to ignore and easy to adore.


Lori and her dogs from something to chew on

Chewing away

As I ponder my own bulldog experience I realise it is limited, at the dog park our Xuma became overly interested in a bulldog I believe Xuma mistook the raspy breathing as ominous rather than the result of the breeds short nose.

A non bulldog lover friend of mine (yes we are still friends)fell in love with Diesel a bulldogin her neighborhood.He was a handsome and sweet dog who made friends on his daily walks.Why did my non bulldog lover friend make an exception for Diesel?Why do we favour a certain breed over another ?Do we choose dogs similar to ourselves or are we attracted to a certain dog because she is different?


Xuma and Orson

According to a November,2015 article on the BBC website we tend to pick dogs that mirror ourselves.When photos of dogs and their owners were taken at a dog park,people were often able to pair the dog with the owner.The results were not as reliable when the eyes were covered or when mixed breeds were involved.

However this seems to indicate that people pick dogs that resemble themselves.I am partial to black Labs.I love their size,warmth,intelligence and constant quest for food.When I met Brooke,our black Lab,she was huddled in a corner,an introvert seeking solace from the other dogs vying for attention.Shy,myself,in that moment I felt a kindred spirit and asked the shelter worker to meet her.

Still chewing

According to an article in the Huffington Post in September 2014,a study by Sadahiko Nakajima,a Japanese psychologist,has an 80 per cent success rate when people’s were asked to match photos of dogs and photos of their owners when both the dog and human eyes are visible.Otherwise the percentage of correct matches decreases rapidly.Nakajima theorised that people surround themselves with what is familiar. What that explains visual similarities,what about personality similarities.

Bulldogs have a reputation for being stubborn and lovers of tummy rubs.Are stubborn people who love to cuddle drawn to that breed?Are lazy people partial to Labs since they are easier to train?A veterinarian told me that she believes dogs take on their owners behaviours.She cited an example of clients screaming at one another in the exam room-it was no wonder that their dog was aggressive.A nervous owner may have a nervous dog.She said,your dog will tell me about your home life.However,sometimes a dogs behaviour or misbehaving has nothing to do with his humans.


we may never know why owners look like their dogs or have a similar personality my non – dog lover friend is in her 60s has a few wrinkles, she is petite yet solid so she may of fallen in love with Dissel because he is familiar to her, when describing Diesel she just said that he was ” great” perhaps it’s because bulldogs are irresistible.

Relatable guest blog

Our ebooks are doing good want one and start yourself?

English Bulldog Collectibles, ebook surprise

English bulldog collectibles, ebook surprise

Hi readers I hope your all safe and well I was wondering if there has been an increase at all collecting English bulldog collectibles the reason why I ask is that there has been a good taking (In my eyes) of the ebooks claimed.

English Bulldog collectibles

English Bulldog collectibles

Since we launched the ebook there has been over 100 takers so far so does this mean a rise in English bulldog collectibles or have most of the takers just claimed one as a point of reference? Either way it’s a start and a good surprise for me whom was pessimistic about ten being claimed.

Im genuinely stoked as to the fact over a hundred books have been taken and that’s just so far, thank you to those that believe in me any my experience/ knowledge and I promise if you can get the tenacity part down and not afraid to make contacts you will prevail and very well find pieces I’ve never seen before myself but anyways I wish you every success if your going for it.


My English bulldog collectibles for father’s day


It would be great if at least one person gets the ebook and has started with their English bulldog collectibles venture, I’m a little envious if so it takes me back to when I first started the ups the downs and all the contacts I made along the way, if you are an ebook taker and started we would love to hear from you.

English Bulldog collectibles

You may be wondering why I’m using specific words in the blog! Collectibulldogs had an SEO (search engine optimisation) audit made and was given what’s called ranking keywords and these are supposed to help me gain favour on google.


English Bulldog Collectibles from Royal Doulton

I’m yet to understand SEO myself and just learned that more than one keyword is classed as tail ended or something like that but that’s as far as it goes, it’s going to take me a while to get used to how best use this and not just fill blogs with wording like English bulldog collectibles.

When you folks use search engines people pay to be at the top of the server page so you see their websites first and apparently the mind instinctively goes for the first to forth choice, I had tested my own keywords when I started out and realised I was so new and niche that I was at the top of many pages anyway.

English bulldog collectibles, making an impact

Putting the SEO to one side I’m happy to announce Collectibulldogs has its SSL Certificate this may not mean much to your good selfs but it adds an extra layer of protection to the website and makes us more trusting to servers like google and bing etc.

I’m not sure about what’s making us grow on twitter is it wiggles and her cuteness or the concept of English bulldog collectibles and the art of collecting well more of a passion than an art but you get me.

The profiles on twitter that have started following Collectibulldogs is getting higher, first it was wrestlers and other minor celebs of sorts and then Justin Bieber and now a few others have added us some I do not know as I do not follow American rap but the sentiment and support is appreciated and I really hope this string of good luck continues.

English Bulldog collectibles

Gaining high profile followers

Theres news in them views

Let’s be Honest from the start off I cannot stand google analytics on the iPad I don’t know if it’s misleading or slow because it’s an app but it’s numbers do not reflect the true views on Collectibulldogs yet I fall for it all the time and put myself through the ringer.

The good news here is the increase overall on our views from 2016-2017, Lee my web designer shows me the graphs and I get sent reports but all I understand is either good or bad and good is great for me, if I want more views I do need to get back to proper blogging about (yep you guessed it) English bulldog collectibles lol.

English Bulldog Collectibles

English Bulldog collectibles lots of them

There’s many a subject to cover, that isn’t or hasn’t been a problem the first part of 2017 has either had me stretched to the limit and in pain due to an illness but I can feel myself getting better, I will get back to blogging about pieces in general after the display this year.

Curating my English bulldog collectibles

I asked the museum if there was a vacancy open for volunteers and ended up with the job of curating my own display lol, I thought this was going to be easy but as the pieces are there my mind draws a blank every time I go to remember a date or name, I think I will go and spend a few hours at Brighton museum next week and help the curators directly and then just curate the rest as I take them in.

English Bulldog collectibles

Use the ebook with tanasity and you can own the best

The display is set for the end of May and will run into June I’m hoping I can talk my mentor into leaving them out a little longer but I’m not sure that will be permitted but it’s worth a try, there’s 33 of the 50 or so English bulldog collectibles already at the museum I’m waiting on permission to take the rest down which are mostly ceramics now.

Once I’ve had a meeting with the museum mentors manager next week about guidance publicity and few other topics I’m going to muster the courage to go around my city and invite different demographics to the display, antiques dealers , dog owners, pet businesses, even gallery owners and doggie orgs like bulldog rescue dogs trust and the RSPCA ( Royal society prevention cruelty to animals), I think asking personally or sending an invite would work better than just say a paper advert but as they say all publicity is good publicity.

English Bulldog Collectibles

A piece being curated for display

Lastly folks

If I leave a list of the key words do you think you could have a play around for five minutes using your computers on different servers across the world, if you type in any of the keywords and I’m not at the top scroll until found and then click on me this will create a click for that key word and help us rank better, well that’s the idea.

Before I go I’ve just guested for mullards antiques and looking to guest for others, why not let me come blog for you or vice versa, also if anyone’s prepared to create a backlink with me or add me as a link on your site or blog that would be brilliant, as you can imagine this just means even more work frustration and misunderstandings until I finally understand and get it right. Till next time folks happy collecting and to any new collectors good luck and enjoy most of all.

I thought this article was relatable to jump to

Another relatable article

Bulldog collectibles

Justin Bieber, follower or bulldog lover


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber gave wiggles a follow

Good day readers I hope you are all safe and well, I expect Collectibulldogs is the envy of many a teenager ATM with the resent twitter follow of mr Justin Bieber, I was very surprised to see mr Justin Biebers name come up and stoked we have our first celeb.

My goal is to try and get mr Justin Bieber to give a shout out in the hope we gain some views, the premise of the website is to inspire so if he sees wiggles and my posts he may go ahead and help us out.

I wonder if Justin Bieber followed us because he loves bulldogs he has a following of 93 million and follows back three hundred and three thousand so the odds were stacked against us but it’s amazing to have such a high profile icon as a follower, I’m going to inbox this in the hope he gets to read it.

On behalf of Collectibulldogs Hi Justin Bieber

If you are reading this Justin Collectibulldogs is a free website for collectors I created the little empire I have now and as we do not sell anything promotion is key and we are yet to get a celeb shout out, I thought this may come after this Mays display but if you could be a gent then that would be great.

If you have any questions please get in touch a short message from a star could work wonders for a small start up like ours with one aim and that’s to inspire, the pessimistic side is telling me there will be no shout out or message but you never know and I’m not going to use my illness as a ploy let’s see what happens, anyways thank you to Justin Bieber for our first big celeb follow.

we would love to hear what you think of bulldogs or the ethos of the website 👍

In return it’s only fair that I share justins website just incase the younger demographic and cougars are reading this lol, Justin Bieber we wish you every success and any probs with my article please contact me

Justin Bieber website for fans Justin Bieber website Fan website


So I’m sitting here the other morning enjoying a cup of tea when our national morning tv show started @GMB or Good morning Britain, the feature was on a small / young ladies collection of dr who figurines, I was amazed and even remember her amount it was 6641 pieces.

As per every segment the presenters in this case Eamonn Holmes and he’s co anchor ask the public to send in pictures of their collections, so that’s what I did I found the web address and started emailing not thinking anything of it.

The segment about collecting

When the segment came on the outside broadcast was at the home of the young lady, could you imagine getting all that to the GMTV studios, after the segment finished they showed the pictures sent in and we made it, there it was my bulldogs in front of me, it was really cool to see.

I believe Eamonn Holmes (from sky news too and this morning) saw more than one of my pictures due to the comment he makes I hope it’s audible but it seems both presenters were attracted to the picture, these are all little steps and most maybe thinking so what but to go from nearly giving in to this kind of promoting has to be a sign to carry on.

The TV station has my details if any more collections come up or if they do any other things on their programmes, I hope to get a spot on TV one day, England has lots of antiques shows so hopefully one day the right person might just see Collectibulldogs and see there’s a story, fingers crossed but that’s the future and I’m just happy how this week has turned out.

Lastly keep em coming

We still need views to continue I don’t have a sponcer and I do not mind but it would be great if the website was seen more and I don’t have the umpth to get the name out by myself, saying that I should give myself credit for making it this far alone.

Whats needed is a few high profile accounts to notice and share my posts and someone that thinks it has the wow factor and whom is listened to by the public a bit like endorsing but I could never find that kind of money, a week ago I wouldn’t of dreamt of any Stars following us and now I feel there’s hope even if I have to be patient.

the trouble promoting bulldogs

Guest post by author Susan day

News! Collectibulldogs general catch up

Collectibulldogs news in general


News on wiggles. She’s doing great

Hi there readers I hope all are safe and well, I thought I’d brief everybody as to what’s been happening lately or news from Collectibulldogs as the title suggests, it’s been hard for myself these past few weeks but let’s talk about better things first

News on twitter

Twitter has been amazing since I started using it and wiggles seems to be a little twitter star, folks are slowly getting the concept and the automated DM has only had a few dislikes so far, we are up to 51.5k followers so far and I’m hoping the museum will let me use my social media influence as part of my display.


News on twitter

I find I’m spending more time on twitter than I usually do but I do bounce from media to media and try and keep a balance, speaking of media I’d like to thank those from twitter whom were/ are kind enough to give my Facebook page a like it’s given it a slow but steady increase which is great stuff.

New about the website

it’s been pointed out to me that if I want to rank better and gain more views I need an SEO audit I know you can do it yourself but I wouldn’t want to go messing up all of lees good work, I will just have to wait till I can afford for this to be done and been advised just to keep on blogging about my collection until then.


News on the website

Lee still needs to shorten the galleries but due to he’s own private circumstances hasn’t been able to yet, please feel free to pin or save any pictures from the galleries I wouldn’t advise doing this on funny pics and I believe lee has locked them.

News about myself

Im the first to admit this venture I have created has spawned two heads for me and one of those heads isn’t so nice, I understand that most of what I feel is down to my illness but still it’s not simple, trying to come up with interesting blogs, finding guest writers, social media presence on 15 or so formats, self promoting, getting folks to understand the concept, trying to increase my views.

I think I need to find some sort of partnership or go on a big fat holiday for a while and soak up some rays, I enjoy my blogging and reaching out and I enjoy the buzz I get when the numbers are good, it’s the horrible defeatist feeling I do not enjoy when views are low, I’m beginning to look past this problem and believe it’s either paid promotion or just sucking it up and wait for something good to come along.

I was going to pack Collectibulldogs in after the summer the idea has been on my mind ever since the numbers started falling, it’s been my life for so long now I don’t know anything else. After some thought I’ve decided to keep it running as I know it does have some interest I call them my ghost following they are there as the analytics suggest.

News about the display

I think I am at my most impatient ATM regarding any news about the museum display we are a third way into April and the doors open near the end of May, I’m working with two rather calm curators at the museum so maybe I should take a step back as they do not seem to be panicking about the time frame.


A piece for the display Collectibulldogs first piece

I started taking pieces down at my own risk but was asked to stop until the museum can cover each piece going into their care, firstly I’m not worried they are in place that guarded 24/7 and the pieces I’ve taken so far have mostly been silver / metal so they should be A-Ok 👍

My plan has been drawn up and the themes renegotiated to include more materials in the display I’ve added a couple of funnies in there for youngsters and I believe the museum would like to use my own art work to tie me in with the overall display.

Blogging news

Firstly I apologise for the lack of bulldog collectibles articles my heads been so full of other factors ATM I’ve not had time to pick out a piece or two and send out some knowledge about it, in my defence I have created what could be the worlds first ebook to get you folks started and in a world full of free online books I’m quite pleased how people have taken one so far.


We’ll get there in the end dad

If your on social media you might see some old blogs coming back around if you have read it before no worries but a press on the link would be fantastic, since the making of the new website all blogs have new urls i.e. New web addresses and the more I can get them out and about the better.

Random blogs like this

blog like this  etc etc….

Did you enjoy the blog by Susan day whom is actually an author and agony aunt type character for grandparents and how best to grow relationships with grand kids so it was really nice of her to put her wit together and come up with a blog relatable for Collectibulldogs. Susan’s article and link to second

There are a few reasons for finding guest artists I’m joking when I say it’s to give me a break I’ve blogged over 130 times I think to date it just gives the archives more variety, gives you folk something fresh to read and creates a link between two websites, we love guest posts and would love more to come along.

Lastly for now

I think things will pick up just slower than I want and the automated response has been a success so far, fingers crossed I get more likes and folks wanting to guest post as more folks hear about Collectibulldogs, it’s a new concept on twitter to have an antiques style website that isn’t there to sell wares and just like Facebook it will take a while to get excepted.

In the meantime I need to finish up picturing my pieces so a visual plan on the display can be made, there’s a two week break so I’ll just have to grin and bare it till they re open and thank you again to Susan for her article it was lovely to meet rocky, until next time folks stay safe and happy collecting.

If you wish to continue on here’s a link to our galleries and if your used to the website the keyword finder really helps on such a large website

Life without dogs? I don’t think so

Life with Out dogs?I don’t think so! Dogs from a collector’s point of view

Life without dogs? I don’t think so! This is one of my favourite sayings. Dogs have been a huge part of my life since I got my first pup at four years old. They have shared my journey through every step, and continue to provide such a positive influence I couldn’t imagine a life without dogs.


Sue and Rocky

There is something about dogs which reminds us of the important qualities we all have. They give so much and ask for so little in return. They teach us about patience, gentleness and forgiveness. They don’t care about personal possessions orfabulous lifestyles. They simply, and yet powerfully, care aboutbeing with us.

Filling your home with puppy love

One thing that always comes to mind when I see dog art or sculpture, or any kind of giftware with a dog on it, is how easy it is to buy for a dog person. It’s true, isn’t it? We dog people love dogs so much, there isn’t a household item which isn’t shaped like a dog or have a dog image on it.

I have paw prints on my doormats, coffee mugs with images of dogs, and even a pair of doggie bookends holding up the children’s books I wrote about, you guessed it, dogs!


Pieces we collect as they smaller reminders of love from mans best friend

Ornaments help us connect with our dogs

Whether your dog is still with you or has gone ahead of you over the rainbow bridge, the ornaments and knickknacks in your home are a reminder of your beloved hound. They do a lot more than collect dust, that’s for sure.

Cleverly crafted dogs acting out what dogs do best remind us of the warmth and companionship our dogs provide to us. They speak to something we hold deep within our hearts, and strengthen that connection with our canine friends which we hold so dear.
There are over 400 different breeds of dogs, and it is not hard to find each one represented in some way, shape or form in someone’s home.

Dogs make us whole

Another favourite saying of mine goes like this, “Dogs are not your whole life, but they make your life whole.”
Dogs add that special something to our day to day existence. They love us regardless of how poor we are, whether we have had a bad hair day, or when no one knows our name or who we are. Our dogs know us, and they make us feel wanted and special.


like the home of Collectibulldogs for example

Filling our home with dog mementos is a great way for those of us who are lucky enough to have had our lives blessed by a dog, to surround ourselves with the awesome love those happy canines bring.

I think deep down inside all dog lovers are collectors of dog memorabilia in some way – we just can’t help it!

About the author – Susan Day

Susan Day is a children’s author and writer. Her blog, Astro’s Adventures Book Club, is full of ideas and tips for grandparents, parents and teachers to support them in helping children become better readers. As well, Susan has created a guide to help grandparents build a more meaningful relationship with their grandchildren through their love and passion for books.


The author of the dogs article SUSAN DAY

Susan lives in country Australia with four dogs, three boss cats, three rescue guinea pigs, and an errant kangaroo. And, apart from blogging, writing and reading; she loves coffee, painting and learning to box.

Thank you from Collectibulldogs 

Thank you very much I think and feel honoured that this is the first author to publish an article on Collectibulldogs and I hope it’s an omen for more people to come and guest blog with us. An extra article from Susan enjoy

Blog post

The galleries


Call to action folks are you with me?

Call to action campaign are you with me?

Call to action world wide support needed 


Rolling,Camera,Action. Laurel and Hardy with their bulldog

Hi there readers regular and new I hope your all well and good where ever you maybe and yes I say it a lot but I really do hope all is well with everyone, I came up with this idea to pitch a page of blog urls and I’m hoping that you kind readers will help me and follow my call to Action.

The blogs that I’ve written go back to 2015 but do not forget a lot of my viewers are new and it gets boring for some going through the pages so I’m going to bring these pages to you, I’ve compiled a wedge of my best content and I’m hoping you will help.

New links urls

There’s a two pronged approach to this idea, firstly you folks get to read/ bookmark


Stunning pieces in blogs some may not of seen yet

blogs many haven’t seen or read yet and the call to action part is that you good folks share these out to all the formats you maybe on, this is just a trail I’ll start with ten blog articles and see what happens.

I’ve taken an hour or so going over my content and I’m actually quite happy with most of the content I have published, the main idea is because so many are missing out on amazing pictures that might not be in galleries or read certain blog posts yet.


How many Rocking Bulldogs do you get to see

Please Take action

If your on any of the formats attached to the website and find a category that a blog will fit please do, if you think a certain blog might interest your twitter feed I’m urging you to share, same with Facebook and all the other formats you will see that I’m on in the picture, I cannot pay for paid promotion until this time next year so I’m hoping even if my following is silent that you would still want to help.


You get to see other people’s collections

Here’s a mixture of raw urls leading to blogs old and new, I will put out ten and let’s see what that does to the analytics, I would love nothing better than to teach myself SEO and write super blogs as my buffering tool states I have the opportunity to reach half a million readers, could you imagine having that much interest it would be amazing.

In a perfect world I would be able to afford paid promotion but that’s just not the case ATM and I’ve come to the conclusion that Collectibulldogs isn’t for everyone but to those it means something too your reaching out could create organic interest in far off places that haven’t heard of us yet.

Publicity for the display

I think the museum have the publicity side down when it comes to this years soon to be display, this campaign is basically to get my blogs/ pages out further and in a passive way to see if anybody does help, I’ve never been good at campaigns let’s see what happens to this one, if you take part. Share like reblog etc then I wish to thank


Stunning antique postcards

you for your help.

Have a great week collectors

A sweet blog about Father’s Day with a small part from my daughter

Proof that we allow many topics this guest post is about the History of cats

My first failed attempt at reaching out

How would you characterise your collection

I was so happy when Brighton Museum gave me a link it validated all my work

Check out my prowess and creativity

One of our gallery segments is all about metal pieces

Sometimes things go well and sometimes they bite you in the behind

10 General news and chit chat



Royal Doulton

the action begins

There it is folks ten links to blogs that all have sharing capabilities and the more that get liked, shared, commented on the better, if I’m honest I do not quite know how to market myself and I’m so niche it’s hard to fit in anywhere, shame really as I feel the collection should be recognised.


Pieces made by skilled friends

As far as things are now thank you to all the Facebook group moderators that have excepted me, I’m not well liked in some groups I think it’s a language barrier or the concept of collecting isn’t in their mind set, thank you to my twitter followers past and present I’ve worked hard to grow my following organically and hoping for 50k by the time the display starts.

When my display is open to the public there will be two tech exhibits one will be slides of various pictures from bulldog anotomy to famous


A good friend of Collectibulldogs mr N Davis 2xs World Judge

paintings, and my other exhibit is going to be this ” Collectibulldogs ” , I’m hoping for a decent following on all my formats to show just how hard I’ve worked by myself to promote the website.

Lastly background image action

When I was bought my I book by my wife I started looking at the website from a desktop view and the Union Jack started putting me off, it had images of pieces as well to break it up but I still felt it somewhat aimed at the uk in general.  This should not be the case my website is your website and until there’s a one world (all countries flag) the background will remain neutral, please note the image used now is a temporary token from lee whom is busy ATM but assures me he’s graphics colleague is on the case, well here goes folks I press publish and fingers crossed.


A beautiful rare Rosel piece Spain

Please note the pictures being used in this blog are and can be found in the others with 100s maybe 1000s in all to see, until next time happy collecting folks and stay safe.





Sweet sweet twitter that little blue bird


Tweet tweet Twitter



Reaching out to twitter let me introduce myself

Hi readers I am aiming this blog at the twitter demographic but wish to say I hope all are safe and well, today’s a Thursday so for me that means a few hours of art I wonder what all you wonderful people are doing.

Please note part of this blog is to explain that I’mnot a business even if I promote like one I do not sell and the collection is museum listed.


I started out my media life on Facebook like many others but unlike many others it took me much longer to get used to twitter when I joined its highs and lows and the differences between the two formats excluding hash tags had me at a disadvantage it takes me a while to understand some things.

Due to the massive delay in starting to use twitter I feel unlike Facebook with its amazing excepting groups twitter is harder to use but the growth potential can only be matched by Facebook groups and pages, even second profile accounts as the highest follow count is 5000 per person.


Facebook page,unlike Twitter only 5000 Fs

I’ve really started to enjoy twitter, just like Facebook you end up with a core of friends that you interact with and some folks like myself enjoy the retweeting and interactions on the format and classed as active, as the same with Facebook trust is key when making acquaintances and I’ve already done a swap my first on the format.


So twitterers the premise behind this blog is to explain what Collectibulldogs is, where it’s going, and what it means to me and my family, I’m hoping after I’ve written this more people will understand my posts and fingers crossed the explanation will gain me favour with likes and retweets.

At the moment I’m relying on a small core of followers and hashtags just like #AtSocialRT to get my tweets out and when I retweet I continue till I get a time out, on a good week there’s plenty of blue notifications thanking me for being a top influencer.


We have a great Instagram following even borrowing our posts

I do all my own self promoting, make videos and ads, help others, share urls and do my best to adhere to DM requests the best I can, I also offer blogging for guests and website link exchanges to share online traffic. I also help share posts across medias but you need to tell me 👍.


I’m guessing that most seasoned twitterers have seen bulldogs on the feed and for as long as twitter has been running way before I joined, then all of a sudden ornamental,antique,and quirky bulldog memorabilia pieces just start appearing along side a cute bulldog with a cute name.

It all started and was all down to an incident where I was seriously hurt some years back, it left me with mental health issues and the medication I take meant that I could not be gainfully employed, I have OCD, PTSD, and unstable emotional personality disorder, I take 4 pills twice a day it’s a drag but I survive.

I started the collection out of the blue about six or seven years back and only slowed down this year due to being busy, the purpose of the collection is so that I can put my only daughter through university get her grades and chase her dreams.

Coming from a poor family myself I know what it’s like to struggle and I want more for her (we all do as parents) and as a dad I felt it my responsibility to make sure things like university fees are viable and she’s able to go through life’s normal path.


The collection consists of over 3000 pieces it’s the first to be put online, first ebook on bulldog collecting, and this year Collectibulldogs is part of a display where the exhibiting of these pieces is a world first too, I started out with one brass bulldog and now the care taker to one of the worlds largest collections.


Please Help me show the world this one of a kind

I started a bulldog collectors club on Facebook and it’s current following is nearly 8000 I’m very lucky that I’m allowed to advertise in many a bulldog group to where I find for many my blogs are well received, I’m not looking for fame or prestige I’ve turned my daughters future into a venture and enjoying the passion.


My only motive is to get more interest for the collection I could understand not many being interested if it was just a few hundred pieces no matter the subject but to gain the amount and the quality I have done would take most others around 40-60 years, I took my collection online not just to show and tell but I assist others and restarted an old past time that many


On twitter cute dogs make great follow trains 🚂

have never heard of.

Sorry I nearly forgot to say I do have another motive and that’s to try and urge people of any ability/ disability to follow their passions I did what I did whilst very ill and in therapy and if I can then anyone can, it’s also a healthy addiction that can pay dividends.


Just like Facebook twitter is great, there’s no trolling and very few negative comments I enjoy the appreciation for my efforts and hope once my followers read this they will know what Collectibulldogs is and I’m trying to establish myself there, the only down fall is finding constant content but I’m getting used to that now.

For those that can see the compassion this dad has for his daughter and her future all I ask is that you retweet share and basically help get posts out far and wide, wiggles is great for finding followers, and I’m doing ok with over 40k followers but that following is only good if whom is following is active enough to retweet.


Hoping to reach 50k before display starts

As for myself I do take breaks but you will see my name a lot as I retweet others posts back through the main feed ready for others to see again and hopefully retweet it themselves, that’s what it’s all about and what’s above is me and what I’m about, I will finish by saying I’m hoping to start a social enterprise with the collection and one day hopefully open the worlds first proper bulldog museum and give it to my daughter.

Thank you to all those that have followed me so far I hope you have enjoyed Wiggles our rescued bulldog she’s always a crowd pleaser, all I can ask is for your support in my venture as I would yours, tag me if you want your tweet to go to Collectibulldogs, if your a smaller account tag me and I’ll follow and it’s my wish to get to 50k followers by the time the display starts this may, my media influence will play a big part when it comes to meeting influential people at the display.

Twitter is a great format you do not get weeks of punishment for over posting or frozen accounts for not understanding the rules, the posts are so random and all walks of life post away their loves, hates, passions, jobs, politics , every topic is covered and all on one wall. It would be nice to get a shout out from a bulldog loving celeb but they never answer the call, Shame!!!


The formats I blog and use actively


before I try and see if you will have a nose around the site let me share with you some Twitter hashtags that you may not yet know, these are all tag accounts that will retweet your post 👍




Also still on the subject of helping and sharing I’ve found a free blogging agony aunt  I’m thinking she offers more than blogging advice but I just know through blogging problems myself, just contact Blogging help lady I’m sure any issues can be solved.


So that’s me folks just a humble dad trying to do he’s best with what he knows, collecting, bulldogs, or antiques isn’t for anyone even I remember life before all this but I wouldn’t change a thing, Collectibulldogs is just going to grow the question is how big can I make it.  Stay safe and to collectors. Happy collecting and thank you Twitter

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bulldogs and the troubles promoting

Promoting bulldogs

Good day readers it goes without saying that I wish all are all safe and well, and after a chat yesterday with a free lance journalist friend it came to our attention that promoting bulldogs is not and has not been easy.


Reading our guest blog on FROM THE DOGS PAW one of our highlights


Listen mate she don’t sound right !!!

This of course starts at home it’s ok when your walking your dog and some body shouts out ” your dog looks like my mother in law” (sorry to all mothers in law) but when you get people start criticising your choice of breed it gets personal.

As im affiliated with all kinds of bulldog people I know well that there’s breeders out there trying their best to make the breed healthier but that’s neither here or there for me, I didn’t create the breed and to get abuse after rescuing a dog is a bit cheeky,  I remember one fella saying ” you still had the choice to rescue a different breed”.


Collecting and promoting have been around a long time

Im not responsible for Any aspects of the bulldog or any breed and again it’s not just our choice to rescue this beautiful breed, but it’s kind of my duty after the life changing experiences I have had since I started my venture, I’m happy to end here by saying bad comments are few and wiggles is a fav around the park by most that see her.

A passing query

I have been in the bulldog world now for about a decade I had scruffy before I started, so basically I was asked if I was well not me it’s hard to explain but the thought of nationalism, Patronism or racist notions, the bulldog in America is the countries army / marine mascot and university mascot so I don’t think it counts in the states.

being so niche

This is great in one way I do not wish to come across as brash but I believe some of what I’ve done are world firsts and so niche there’s no place anywhere ATM, for example when I try and join collecting websites the mainstream themes seem all the same.


Twitter is loving this pic of me. Wiggle on

The normal menu that you see on these sites go from coins and medals to postcards stamps and collecting cards, it’s not easy or I need help to access these sites properly and get bulldogging or dog collections on some of them, if that happens those that don’t want to go online like me can show a few pieces off and join other collectors around the world.

Promoting The website

There’s no excuse here if I’m loosing views due to the website not changing I have to apologise being with a host is a lot different to making your own website and I have not yet been showed how to do certain things on my website.

After lee saved all my blogs I did feel he needed a break from Collectibulldogs he spent 150 hours recovering my archive so it’s only fair I leave him be for a bit, until he’s got time and ready.  I’ve been given an email to an organisation that help people like me become more digital so let’s see where that gets me and I’m busy myself with the upcoming display.

Im hoping by this time next year either I got shown or I teach myself to update the website, take out the duplicates that are still there, shorten the galleries and even have a go at SEO, if I got that right and updated I think I would stand a chance of ranking better.


Boston Terrier rescue network a great cause

Its that simple

I feel sad to be saying this but the rock bottom really is that not everybody is into bulldogs, you cannot ram the venture down people’s throats and for one reason or another they just don’t like the premise the breed or it’s just not hitting their interest radar.

I think personally bulldogs are gorgeous but there’s so much more to Collectibulldogs yes it’s bulldog themed but for all the things Spoken about before i.e. Back story and purpose and I’ve stuck to to my guns ever since I first started.

If I could have one wish regarding the venture I created it would be that I came across a publist and firstly find out wether what I’ve done is worth shouting about, and if it is HOW.

Are you finding the site to big

This is more of a suggestion than a bug bare, the website is rather large but I assure you that the search bar works very well, just punch in a keyword and the computer will pull up any content regarding that word, if your having problems at all please write in and I’ll pass them on to lee.

What to do what to do promoting is not easy


Funny captions used to capture the eye

So the clincher of this conundrum I wonder what it is? Let’s start with my problems, I had to come off Reddit I’ve never met so many rude people on a format as I have there and got the brunt of all of the above every day, my wife deleted the account as she felt when I read my messages each day they had a profound effect on my mood.  That brings me on to obsessing, I use google analytics to see how many of you lovely people have viewed the site, if it’s lower than say 50 a day I feel a bit like a failure yet understand why and working on my mindset regarding this,

next problem lol,

This one is a problem I frequently ask but never get any replies and it’s a shame because I have seen the percentage of views on a good day and some blogs have soared, I am of course talking about guest blogging, guest posting and crediting too and the biggest one is finding likeminded websites to either ask or blog about.

my other problem is a bit personal but I’m happy to mention this even just for reference to other bloggers that want to have a professional look yet like me carry on with mental health disorders, DO NOT BLOG when your feeling down, frustrated or not in the right frame of mind. everybody has the right to blog about anything they like but it does not look professional  especially when you start blogging outside the realms of your subject idea.

What have I done so far with promoting

I can start by easily saying I’ve wanted to give in many times so far, all of the above, my own wellbeing problems, the problems we all go through in our families, and un needed stress bought on over a certain subject that I blogged about after Christmas, that does sound pessimistic so let’s look at this from the ground up!!!

The collection, the website,group and page on Facebook,URL  link to both Brighton art and toy museum (rare to happen as museums do not generally take on public links),student journalist did a feature that got published,been on heart FM,I’ve got an article in the paper just waiting for its publication, the upcoming display and any overage awarded to me by the museum,a free lance journalist hoping we can get a story,and the thing that puzzles me most.


Here’s the medias I promote to and all on my own

When your online on a few formats you get spotted by media interest groups, I know of one called Traackr and they monitor the interactions and growth statistics of accounts and their associations i.e. Websites, pages, blogs.  So here’s the stump I have over 150 thousand followers on all my formats, this is growing by the day too so I don’t understand the lack of communication with me blogging out and any replies etc.

Finally Is patience really the answer

I’ve been told this quite frequently now and by a few people, there’s no quick fix to moving forward let alone the problems of promoting the breed, wether it be wiggles or in object form it takes time to get established and I need to be further into the social enterprise side of things before moving forward.

Empathy and compassion ooze from this site

hopefully more websites will come dorward

if we were to put the above aside for a moment I’m nearly a middle aged man whom lost his dad at 15 left with only a broken watch and bad memories, I chose bulldogs years later as research suggested they were one of the most envestable and I saw this as a way of paying future funds regarding my daughter.

You have to try your best to let your children’s dreams come true, we could never afford Disney world and ponies but at least she’s financially stable when she’s older a privilege few get and in uncertain times most probably more necessary than ever, my point is I have no motive other than to champion the breed dispel myths thoughts and inclinations and to make sure I keep to my responsibilities to make sure my child has a better future than I did. I just wonder what if I chose German Shepard dogs or jack Russell’s would finding interest be any different hmmm we will never know,  till next time folks watch out for one another stay safe and happy collecting…


About us from nose to tail


We have great galleries if you wish to continue

dreams reality and one that’s owed

Dreams, reality and one that’s owed


Enjoying time with her mum

Good day readers how are you all? I’m really hoping all are safe and well no matter where you are, as the title suggests that one of my dreams of displaying is now becoming real with myself now taking pieces to the museum ready for curation.

I got the set up wrong I must of been excited when I was showed the cabinet space and mis counted the boxes for each one, I know need to rethink my theme and also chat with a curator about how some pieces will be displayed.


What dreams are made of. Wiggle on

Cheers fella

Some of us are still struggling with certain formats and as I’m not a business there’s no advertising to constantly remind people of my brand, thank you again to jools whom has become an invaluable contact, not only has the fella helped me set up a system his offer to pop round and show me so I can do it DIY is gratefully appreciated he really is a top fella. A piece by jools

Moving on

I have been given the honour of working with two of Brighton museums finest curators whom will be assisting me from start to finish to get the display right, both ladies are experts in their field and I’m one lucky chap to be given such help.

The other display artists showing their work as well as myself are privileged with the same kindness from the museum and each of us gets help with our displays, I have been lucky enough to see the work being created and all that come will be amazed at the skill in art that they will see.


Can you pass me a towel please

I’ve tied in my connection to the display by creating my own bulldog pieces in art group it would be a bit like cheating as all I would of done otherwise is just turn up with my pieces, I’m sorry to scare you like this but I think my artwork pieces are being auctioned off after but I need clarification from my project leader.

Two more weeks

In two weeks time I think all the pieces I need will be down at the museum and the process of getting info correct on each piece will begin, this is where I come in and can hopefully show that I know about what I’m displaying.

Helping the curators to research or tell them of the pieces should save time but I think there will be a few we end up getting stumped on but no matter, any piece unidentifiable can just be changed over to another piece I can relate too.


My attempt at art could be a funny topic lol

I have the use of the projector (I’m so lucky) and a certain friend I know will be very happy that the slides donated a few years back will be getting used, the three themes will be famous paintings/Bulldogs, bulldog Anatomy, and the American hall of fame.

More dreams Wonderful news!!!

I was reliably told this week that the Brighton Argus my home cities local paper will be publishing the journalists story on Collectibulldogs, this is amazing news to me as I had resigned to the fact it was not meant to be, I cannot wait to see the published article and will blog on the article as the display moves forward. Check out the Brighton Argus

Getting Validation isn’t easy nor is promoting a very mis understood breed, it’s one breed that for some reason brings up strong opinion on different topics and I want it noted I choose the breed for A the amount of collectibles there are, B I needed a way to further my daughters education and C It just seemed right.

My motives now are a little different I would like to start gaining interest so that I may get a social enterprise going, my only down fall is the fact it’s so niche, one day Brighton will see the worlds first ever bulldog memorabilia collection museum I even pitched an idea to the dogs trust regarding this massive of pipe dreams.


Wiggles pinching the bedBack to the dreams


I for one cannot wait to see the finished display the mix / mash up of bulldogs and art will bring its own element but as I’ve seen what others are putting up get ready for the WOW factor, it’s not for me to decide in art what’s good or bad I just know I was blown away by what I’ve seen so far.


Playing I’ve got your nose with a bulldog. Lol

I’m currently trying to bribe my daughter whom in school over the years has made me little bulldog themed pieces, I’m hoping she will allow me to display a pencil holder that was made for me when the school was doing woodwork, what father would I be if I didn’t choose this as my favourite piece.

I do not think the pieces are going into the installation until about five days before I’m hoping to be allowed to take stage pictures that is if it takes more than a day to do, I was going to ask if I could swap a piece or two over the course of the display but I think the only this might be possible is if I can get them stored there otherwise it’s to much confusion on the paperwork.


If you remember I was introduced to a student called Alice whom wanted to volunteer as a museum mentor and we were paired up due to Alice’s interest in collecting subjects, Alice came into her final year and could not carry on as a mentor and of course studying always comes first.


Reading our guest blog on FROM THE DOGS PAW

Collectibulldogs would like to thank Alice for even wanting to help we hope you pass with flying colours and end up in a job that you will love and vice versa, feel free to call upon us anytime and hopefully we even become contacts in the future, until then we wish you the very best for your last year and are certain you will make yourself and those around you very proud indeed.

Before I go I would like to say Ive worked hard on my venture it did not fall onto my lap and collecting so much in such a small amount of time especially what’s been collected should be commended on its own merit and that’s without reflecting on my I’ll state, not only that but after creating such a niche passion there’s also a world first in the website and I’m sure the ebook for collectors of bulldogs is a first.


Bulldogs 4 Life

please notice that the blog is adorned with up to date pictures of wiggles, the pieces I will be displaying I want to keep as a bit of a surprise plus Wiggles has created her own love on twitter, she’s so cute she does just as well as one of those follow trains with us reaching 45 thousand followers to date.

With one purpose in mind I’ve not deviated from the original plan and I’m definitely not trying to ram bulldogs down people’s throats I just think it’s something noticeable and a great achievement and with that tiny bit of brash self affirmation all that’s left to say is happy collecting folks.

bookmarking and clicks 

I do not know the actual following number that Collectibulldogs is lucky to have but I do know some are book marking the website, this is brilliant as it means they enjoy the site so much they will be coming back and we love all our views.

Please may I ask from now till may could all those that do follow please double your clicks or bounce around more amongst the pages, the reason why I’m asking is becouse I have the display pieces and paperwork to sort out so cannot self promote as much and I don’t want my views to fall and have Collectibulldogs look unpopular when it comes to the display.

I know we don’t sell and admittedly the galleries need adjusting but all that will get sorted soon, the more clicks the longer you stay tuned in and more interaction the better and I can show a glowingly analytics report when I use website as part of my display  THANK YOU


Twitter is loving this pic of me. Wiggle on



Free ebook for all

Check out our galleries folks

Prelude to exhibition oh and my birthday


Exhibition invite

Prelude to exhibition oh and my birthday

Hi there readers how are you all doing? I hope all swell with everyone and I see some have taken advantage of my first ebook, as I learn more myself I can either update the existing book or make a new second one.


I think my daughter has my sense of humour

Firstly I would like to thank those that sent me birthday wishes through the different medias, I had not realised the impact / people that was stowed me with an out pouring of wishes and greetings for the day. If you are reading this and sent one then thank you I found it humbling.


Happy birthday dad

My daughter kindly bought me two bulldog gifts this year and as she’s going to Spain next month I indicated that only the minimal should be spent on me, this concept was not to my wife’s liking whom surprised me with a brand new I book that turns into a tablet and tv so I can use for the collection and blogging

The other (I’m classing it as a gift) was the appointment of my project manager and two of Brighton museums curators to come and look at the collection, it was great teaching others about something I’m known for and hosted quite a good session.


We had a good look at my pieces before sitting down to chat and even though these ladies work with collections everyday I think they were quite taken aback and was not expecting what they saw, I will be asking one of the curators about last Fridays experience, the collections quality and the time taken to obtain it all.


Rosentahl could represent Germany

There are about 55 slots in the Brighton museum lab so we have broken that down to 11 themes, I’ve thought about this a fair bit and have laid out a plan of complete fairness and impartial to any opinion i.e. Even though the exhibition is about the British bulldog there will be no sign or hint of patriotism or bias (except for the piece my daughter made).

The themes can be swapped and changed by the curators but I was thinking Germany Denmark and England in a case each this is because they are the three biggest countries that manufactured pieces, followed by two cabinets of pieces that I’ve acquired from around the world.


Using plain white in the English section will dispel any thought of patriotism making it Nuetral

Another case will hold antique useful objects inkwells humidor seven spoons if they are a useful item lol, then next to the antiques will be two cases, one will hold different bronzes and the other I will place my other metal pieces I should say each slot holds one large or two small pieces each.

Two more cabinets will be set aside for historic and advertising pieces I will have to think hard here, as you know the bulldog Is and has been well used in advertising so picking out a selection will not be easy, I will add a mixture of 2D and 3D pieces to these cases as well as mascots and emblems.

The last two cases together will hold the silver and club presentation pieces in not sure wether to mix them up or have one case for each I don’t have many large English pieces to add in this section so it will be a display of club pieces from other countries and I can showcase the silver bulldog trophy as the high light here.


Some of the antiques people can hold

There’s two elements I have missed out and that’s the glass and jewellery antiques and pieces I will wait to hear what the curators think is best before swapping and changing these themes, I’ve also been given two small individual cases and these will hold my wooden antiques, lastly there is a flat glass display as you enter the room and I need to think about what I can put in there.IMG_2282


This is the part of the process I’m going to find the hardest when you loan to a museum you fill out a condition and insurance form, once that’s done each piece is packed until each piece has been done cataloged and down on paper, this process happens yet again once the pieces arrive at the museum and before they can go out on display.


Delicate pieces

Due to the late indication of the date given there is not really that much time left to get all this sorted and as I’ve done less artwork and been asked to commence with getting my display ready I feel I need a bit of help, more access to the museum and for them to let me start taking things down asap.

I think once all the hard graft has been done and I take a look at the collection displayed I can sigh a massive one and finally realise all the hardship has been worth it the sleepless nights promoting getting into Debt and other such things that should just float away as I gaze upon what will be the worlds first bulldog memorabilia collection exhibition.


Use pieces to inform

Ideas to add motion to the space

The museum space being used is massive I’m not sure the size of the room but it’s proportion is that of a hall sized room, as the other exhibitors will be showcasing artworks they have created and let me tell you their art skills are beyond belief compared to me, I’m hoping the museum will let the website run as part of the display or let me use the slides I have on 3 great subjects.

I’m not sure how the press office at the museum have this covered and whom they have asked to come via the media but I’ve started doing invites myself, using apps and editing I’ve been practicing leaflets and in the next few days will have some printed off and go for a nice walk through town and pop into shops and businesses to give out an invite.


Drumming up support

Most of all I’m hoping somehow somewhere there’s interest in my venture and if I can pull off the impossible and get my display looked at by the right influencers then that could be the start of my long awaited social enterprise,

How would you do it?

Interesting question, I’m very lucky that I have been cheeky enough to not let the word no be the end of things and and it was not easy being an outsider and asking a museum to take you under their wing, even more so if they have no idea of what your collection entails, if you had the opportunity to set up a display how would you go about it.

Would you think up themes like I have, would you choose just your favourite pieces or even display higgledy piggledy and just place random pieces take a look back and think Yep that’s looking good, the theme comes from the objects telling a story to the viewer so I suppose what you want to convey would be just as important.


Each piece has its own form filled out TWICE

I would ideally like to sit down with the curators I’m working with and try to incorporate a couple of stories into the exhibit I’m not wanting to sound brash but even I know collecting the amount I have is a little bit special, this comes from choosing diversity,Debt, and as it stats in my ebook that tenacity and the guts to ask sellers to work with me.

I would not want to scare the public by telling them how my illness started but I believe it pays a role in the advocacy of mental wellbeing, and to basically show the world not all people like myself sit around doing nothing and to also show anyone really that their dreams can be chased down and that we all fall on our feet at different stages in life.

The best

Theodore Madison one of demarks best artisans representing Denmark

My own back story will not take away anything from the breed the display itself will look so great my story will just be a prelude to a feast of figurines, art, books and the other pieces that will be on show there, this is going to be a world first and brings me on to my Final part.

Cover story

As stated this is going to be a world first the curators have researched and not found any other bulldog exhibitions held anywhere at any point in history, This offer is open to anyone, bloggers, media, freelance writers, doggie magazines, basically anyone interested in covering the exhibition, depending on your demographic a story could be either just content fodder or a really intriguing piece.

Any prestigious comings that are from this exhibition will go to my daughter it maybe my story but it’s her collection (or will be) and if it becomes a social enterprise with a future she will need to learn a bit herself about all I have done, remember all are welcome to come I know I’m speaking to the world here but if your local or can manage it we would love the support.


a piece already in daughters name

I will cover the event as well myself for my own viewers and if I’m allowed more access to the museum I will do a stage blog that way if anyone’s future lands them with their own display at their museum it’s all there in stages to read, that’s about it from me for now so stay folks and happy collecting.

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Museum relatable

Museums and mental health


These need finishing before the display


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