Miracles and setbacks

Hi there and welcome to miracles and setbacks there readers , as always let’s start by wishing that all are are safe and healthy out there wherever your reading this from …. it feels weird penning after recent events And I have so much to say yet it’s winding down time with no upcoming ventures in the pipe line so where do I begin, let’s start with what I’m calling a miracle “it had to be”.


Minor miracles or major depending.


When packing to move myself and Debbie used padding on the insides of the Crates that were to transport the Royal Doulton pieces one of the most expensive sub sections, we bubble wrapped each piece extra careful and watching out for those precious ceramic tails (that are just so delicate and Once broke devalues the piece considerably) before we packed layer by layer two to a crate.

These crates are designed to stick to one and other when stacked (your guessing already) and we stacked them neatly in a corner where they wouldn’t get touched booted or knocked, a few days later I walked past these with my tea and as I set it down A ALMIGHTY CRASH !!! My heart sank and I’m sure there was a tear appearing in my eye four crates had tumbled down containing our precious Doulton.


can you imagine what would go through anyone’s mind when it happened I couldn’t breathe let alone look and thought the worst after the loud sound seemed to confirm the inevitable, if we rewind a little as the crates came down they caught on a stall and it was a spoon display that thudded the floor making the crashing sound  and I won’t lie one piece didn’t survive it was a glued piece used for display only and we were totally amazed that not one piece had broken or anything broken off (just think of those tiny tails, now you can see why I called it one of life’s minor miracles



The move from our old apartment to the new one only took 3 hours my collection was not part of the moving so that’s why it was so short in the time frame then over the next few days I had the help of Debbie’s friend to get the collection to here, since then I’ve been busy putting up new cabinets for my pieces.

Most of the ceramics excluding the museum pieces are out, I’ve made a gallery type scenario in our massive walkway and put up pictures going up the stairs (nearly 15ft high) and I think it’s starting to look effective. There are a couple of gaps I need to fill but I want to be used to the ladder and working so high before something else gets filled lol ie I have a bad phobia of heights.


The hallway will be repainted to have a fresh look

Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton


This will be our third week here and my girls even the dog and cat have settled in very quick whereas I’m still feeling kinda weird I can only describe it as either having anxiety whilst on a holiday or that your house sitting and waiting for the owner to come home any time, it’s not nice being on edge and I think it’s to do with the six month probation they give you before a proper tenancy this wouldn’t bother most but does me till it’s all fine.

I have found homes for the new furniture I’m using to display the collection yet I’m needing some tough shelving for the metal pieces and it’s been so long now I’ve forgotten what’s here so I’ll be doing an inventory as I move forth. I have checked out the local antiques shops but they are either closing down or get no custom so when I start back up I’ll have to delve deeper into town.


Some of you reading this know me and would think what I’m about to say really disappointed and deflated my notions but after about two minutes of I THOUGHT SO I was fine just another setback, I was contacted through ask@collectibulldogs.com by a man from a well known production company stating they were thinking of releasing a one off documentary about the bulldog!!! Well as you can imagine I was ecstatic the email suggested they were interested in filming my collection as part of the program talk about miracles ay. .

I replied penning in my museum mentor to give myself some kudos showing I’m already trying to get as much interest as I can and after I mentioned my MENTAL ILLNESS I got another polite email but this time stating the program is to be about the bulldog in general and if they filmed me they would have to mention my mental health background and that would take away from the premise of the show. Not only have I not dignified This with a picture but I’ve not mentioned any names so that there’s no guilt of slander


The letter was well written so it was hard to see if there was any stigma attached to this as every time I mention my illness or the museum mentors whom ever I’m dealing with has a sudden change of heart if you remember it happened when the paper and the museum together got my article completely wrong all because of the fact I go to the art group at the museum or it could all just be in my head lol.


Just before we moved I used some of my down time to write a short yet detailed letter it read stating whom I am what I’ve created and what my long term goals are this letter I’ve given to my museum mentor to send out to anyone that maybe interested in helping us turn COLLECTIBULLDOGS into a real social enterprise with a board, meetings and of course more publicity.


After finalising this will be sent to Brighton council and other organisations

I won’t hear much back for a few weeks the letter needs to be proof read the mentor has to add what would be how she sees myself the collection any skill set I may have myself and to help show how committed I not only have been but am to this start up I created, fingers crossed I get some replies. Please note if your the library lady I have some time if your still interested in a collaboration for your project 👍


Provenance is the key word here, every piece that has sat in Brighton Museum since May now has that magic P word behind it is that not just the coolest I don’t wish to sound brash but as of yet the worlds first bulldog memorabilia exhibition these pieces once we are discovered will go down in history as the very first pieces put together for a public showing and it just so happens it was us….


We were the first no one can take that away from COLLECTIBULLDOGS

To celebrate this fact I will be obtaining a cabinet that will house JUST these pieces I will copy off some photos for authenticity and god forbid a piece is sold but if that day happens the new owner will have a part of bulldog and collecting history as well as the piece itself, Brighton museums have been fantastic even the extended periods were a boost but alas it’s no more now just hope new talks with museum about moving forward are fruitful.


To add my collection to the exhibition I Incorporated some of my own artworks in the form of Bulldogs (What Else) and now it’s over I have said to the museum that they may have these to sell or raffle off and the monies raised could go to a good cause now I’m a great cause but it would be wrong for me to profit from these and in good stead one of my pieces was sold at the dogs trust shop in Brighton it took a few weeks but was sold.


Just one of the pieces going to make monies for a good cause or charity

If you are compassionate enough to take on my artwork and give it a home I’m sure the museum mentors would be happy to work something out, there’s four left I think one is the rainbow dog sporting a studded collar, there’s a smaller one I bedazzled with Crystals giving the piece a diamond cluster effect and there’s my own take on THE DAY OF THE DEAD / SUGAR SKULL on which you’ll find the head all blinged up and with a day of the dead body.


Please remember you’ll be paying to help out a cause, paying for a piece of yet unshouted history, and you get the piece as well and if I were to speak to the museum I’m sure they would be delighted to come up with some sort of paperwork proving where it sat when Brighton Museum held what was the first ever display of bulldog memorabilia anywhere publicly in the world.



It’s all about the retweets and likes but even I have to say I’ve done amazing on twitter in less than a year and at time of exhibition in July we had 50k THAT HAS TO DESERVE VERIFICATION




Hi there fellow twitter tweeters I’ve seen the analytics so I know your there lol, no on a serious note and I’m urging I can’t beg it would be silly 😛 I want to get #twitter #verification I fill in the forms and get a no so I was wondering if you could start retweeting our posts more. I’ll reciprocate of course and my brain can create a whitelist in which to come and retweet your posts I just think if I was seen as more popular (follow numbers do not count here) I would stand a better chance of the infamous blue tick.

Collectibulldogs.com is new on twitter and admittedly the past few months some content and pictures have been recycled but that’s only because I’ve had lots to sort out in my own real world but I haven’t lost my spark and once surrounded by my treasures my blog content should be on par with some of my best, I hope to do better on YouTube next year and will soon have some great new pics for twitter and Facebook alike.


It would be great to be verified on twitter (please tag us and ask Twitter this can work sometimes but folks have to care or be interested) it would go down well with us spending more on keeping our domain strong, it would go with the amazing views that our website is now seeing and even if opportunity isn’t knocking on the door strongly I can hear a little tapping. I mean if a production team can find me and only knock me back due to my mental health background then imagine if a team without the stigma attached wanted my collection or even better my story so to inspire others.


That’s a true reading taken just now over 300 thousand people have visited COLLECTIBULLDOGS now with stats like that you would think bloggers would be lining up for some of that amazing traffic (Seo term)

Our views have risen on the website it’s great news for my OCD I’m knowing there’s folks on my site so I don’t need to promote as much or get any obsessive feelings of failure and I’m very happy to see between four and seven thousand visitors to the website daily I’ll have to snap shot our latest numbers to show you.

QUICK NOTE ON WIGGLES for her own following, She is settling in quite well and has not shown any signs of destress, I think as the girls are cool she’s calmer than expected, there was one accident when we first moved in but most say that’s marking out territory and since then no more accidents there’s a green just across the road and the beach just down the road so no excuses now for a nice scenic toilet run


I don’t want my leather bed I want your new expensive Futon thank you

Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton


It’s great to be writing again it would be nice if some guest bloggers popped up and wanted to create a post for us we have a new section especially for guest bloggers we thought uncategorised was a bit of a stagnant word and wouldn’t get to many visitors but this way any of my own demographic interested in moving on to more reading can easily find them there not scattered between the different pages.

If your a verified twitter reader or not and want to help mr minor miracles here please could you tag @collectibulldog and @Twitter asking them to verify me it would make a fantastic Christmas present 💝 I remember last year when my Article in the paper was to be my saving grace at Christmas but that got spoilt, I will try each month myself but it doesn’t hurt if others are in a position to help. I will thank you for reading my blog and leave you by saying until next time folks happy collecting….

A recent blog article from the old apartment I’m sure liking the new one more though

Folks love cute things it’s a given and wiggles is no exception with her own fans on a few formats with twitter being our largest

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