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This site is all about the collection we have set up.

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Collectibulldogs owner friendly introduction

Eiffion & Wiggles

Eiffion & Wiggles

We are an award winning, online bulldog memorabilia museum that is endorsed by Bullish Magazine and powered by Digital Wulf.
Created to the highest standard, this one of a kind website offers you hours of musing and informative articles.

No expense is spared as the team from Digital Wulf put together this amazing, yet very big online experience with the story of the bulldog shown in object form.

Grab our free ebook in pdf and a satisfied smile after spending time with us.

From Eiffion & Wiggles the bulldog.

Bullish Magazine Endorsment

Bullish Magazine now endorses Collectibulldogs!

Bullish Magazine has been on the go sine 2014 and is ran by Theo Koekemoer.

Bullish Magazine is an International online magazine for bulldog breeders.
Packed with information and articles on the Bulldog Breed.

Check out the Facebook group for Bullish Magazine here.
Also keep your eyes peeled for a special advert by Collectibulldogs!

About Us

My collection has one sole purpose readers, and that’s to make it so my Antique bulldog collection is worthy of auction one day or in years to come, this is so that my daughter can go to university once leaving college and study to live whatever dreams she wants as her vocation in life.

Read more about Eiffion here.


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Feedspot top 30!

Collectibulldogs.com reaches no. 15 in Feedspot’s Top 30 Antques Blogs & Websites!

We are proud to announce that we have been voted 15th in the top 30 Antiques Blogs & Websites by Feedspot.



Here at Collectibulldogs, we are ecstatic at the news of this & we hope you enjoy the website’s content.

Thank you all for following us, continuing to visit us & read our blogs.

Thank you to the team at Feedspot for featuring our website!

Brighton museum listed collection

We are so proud to announce that collectibulldogs is now seen as an offical collection & subsequently now listed under the private collections page on the Brighton museum website.

We feel like we are finally getting somewhere as the collection rolls forward.