#pictures #funny #bulldog #snaps not bulldog collectibles yet some of the pictures maybe vintage this we hope becomes a large gallery with many colourful bulldog pictures to muse.


Wiggles Strikes A Pose

Wiggles Strikes A Pose

There’s no English bulldog collectibles here but pictures sent in from collectibulldog fans.

In this section I hope viewers will engage with the site and send in any pictures they think are funny or pictures of your bulldog doing something hilarious that is what this page is all about and your pictures will get seen in lots of different countries making folks laugh.

I’ve made a start with some captured snaps of wiggles she does pull some funny ones but this page is for all that don’t mind the world seeing their bulldogs in funny snaps.


I always get the owners express permission before adding any content to this page these are real owners bulldogs that have been submitted and I ask permission even after the pics have been sent in just to make sure.

Thank you and enjoy…
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