Enduring allure Bulldog Antiques and collectibles 


Enduring Alluring bulldog antiques and collectibles waiting for new home remember to use Ave1 Code for your discount

Hello to all from collectibulldogs it’s been ages since my last blog ! I thought I’d start with a banger of a bulldog Blog and before I finish introduce you to Mary a lovely Bulldog collector whom just wants to retire. Let’s wet the whistle first and talk Bulldog antique’s

Bulldogs with their wrinkled faces and ever so friendly temperaments have captured hearts for centuries, This fondness extends beyond and into the realms of collectibles, where memorabilia has become a niche market for bulldog lovers collectors and even just Bulldog enthusiasts alike.

Sculptures to paintings ceramics bronzes and just your every day objects emblazoned with the bulldog image (English Bulldog) these collectibles offer a glimpse into the history and cultural significance of this beloved breed.

as we delve deeper I’ll add pictures and start talking about our latest liquidation with a lady from America called Mary, I think Mary is the 10th Bulldog collector I’ve helped that’s also two artists and I’ve been studied twice by Sussex university students there’s lots of modern interest there’s buyers to for Mary but you have to do your ground work.

Enduring allure Bulldog Antiques and collectibles heres an example!

Mary’s Enduring to sell her bulldog antiques and collectibles

A beautiful painting would like fantastic on a wall with a Bretby statue below


Bulldogs have a representation and rich history in the art world and I picked this sub section just to prove I do my research lols, so Bulldogs as we know them have been a popular art subject since their rise to prominence in our 19th century England. Early depictions include paintings by renowned artists like Edwin Landseer and James ward and in their creative work shows the bulldog as powerful and courageous the best of the best when it comes to man’s best friend.

As the Breeds popularity grew bulldogs appeared on a wider range of objects including the norm like ceramics pottery Soft toys even silverware, these every day items Reflected the growing appreciation for bulldogs not just as working dogs but also valued members of the family.

It was the 20th century that first saw the rise of bulldog collectibles more collectors and this era saw a surge of supply and demand for specific products and that was Bulldog related items, Mass production is both the friend and the enemy of collectors or collections the new industry had techniques to make bulldog figurines statues and other memorabilia more affordable this fostered what I now advocate and that is this beloved collecting culture.

Additionally became mascots for universities stateside and sports teams adopted themselves with the bulldog name this created even more merchandising prowess to collect and it just helped to boost visibility of the bulldog as a breed and collectability, so when I blog about Mary wanting to retire you’ll see an example of a diverse market for bulldog antiques and collectibles vast and varied

Why get Bullion when you can buy and invest Bulldog collector style.


Beautiful and timeless one breed that’s enduring society now for centuries

whenever we glimpse into a collectors lifetime of passion we all look for the most sought after pieces (we all do it ) items like antique statues and figurines cast iron brass and bronze bulldogs from as famous an artist as we can find (Franz Bergman ) is a choice for many and objected in a direct path with the victorians an era in the evolution chain that prized pieces for highly desired by collectors


The Time of queen Victoria was life’s experimental time they turned ceramics and pottery into Bulldog teapots they painted bulldog and related scenes on their crockery making what is today collectible decorative plates which usually feature many bulldog motifs and these artworks offer a delightfully unique big picture of the breed in everyday items and useful objects.


Memorabilia for bulldog collectors could be seen as suggestive everyone’s different and their knowledge will be based on what they love best an example would be me ! I know where a ceramic was made by its colour way and usually, this is because I’ve researched and collected so many pottery and porcelain bulldog figurines from around the world my knowledge on artworks metals and other subsequent sub sections has me knowing snippets but my expertise has to be ceramics which also comes 2nd to bulldog history


there’s different types of bulldog art in paintings prints commissions advertising signs postcards magazines early papers and other Ephemera featuring our beloved English Bulldog and all this just made the English Bulldog more collectible! A new appreciation for historical bulldog memorabilia had started it was or still is a collectors paradise with just budget stopping most collectors from obtaining quality as well as quantity both from the historical past and modern contemporary artists


You do not need to be rich to own a rich bulldog Collection


Check out Mary’s pieces from WW2 occupied countries they are now highly collectible


Someone’s up cycled this piece four different images creating one wall hanging. Remember Ave1 gets you ten percent off $150 or more spent. Collectibulldogs takes nothing

Contemporary artists create modern day objects that we call future investments and the value of the bulldog breed seems to be increasing rapidly by the rise of companies sports clubs advertising campaigns even places of educational activity like collages schools and universities are bulldog related as the value of the bulldog in our minds means licensing merchandise is a revenue maker and puts the English bulldog firmly at the top of the money tree.

these modern day products have a value that will rise again thanks to the power of the breed in society no other breed has ever topped the object list and before we know it collectors are freely fussy with choice, this is down to VALUE so bulldog antiques and collectibles are valued with several different factors in most collectors minds. Age rarity, condition and brands


Generally older and rarer pieces especially with exceptional craftsmanship does command higher prices (unlike Mary’s our latest collector liquidating hasn’t changed her Prices from 30 years ago but that’s her choice and more about Mary to come)However, even more common collectibles can hold sentimental value for collectors.


The true value of bulldog antiques and collectibles lies in their ability to evoke emotions and connect us with the past. These objects serve as testaments to the enduring popularity of the bulldog breed and its enduring place in our hearts and homes.

The future is Bright for Bulldog collecting maybe it’s slowed but the addiction to the breed is strong  


Another enduring element to bulldogs is the world of advertising going back over 200 yrs


Please use the links to get to a conversation with Mary. Facebook or eBay. (My Facebook group)

The future of bulldog antiques and collectibles appears bright. As new generations discover the charm of bulldogs, the demand for bulldog memorabilia is likely to remain strong. With online marketplaces facilitating easier buying and selling, the collecting community is poised to continue thriving.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting, the world of bulldog antiques and collectibles offers a unique opportunity to celebrate this remarkable breed. So, start your search, and you might just find the perfect bulldog treasure to add to your collection.and you could start asap with our latest collection being liquidated so that its owner can retire



lovely Mary from America is ready and wanting to retire she’s tried everything and came to ask for our help a few weeks back ! At first it was to me a Wow collection but I feel sad as I look at Mary’s pictures and wonder if she ever got the real value of some of her antiques! I’ve got a Crystal humidor with a plated seated bulldog yet when I asked about these and others I was told already sold. As long as Mary got what she wanted that’s all that matters really but again looking at her standard vs her prices I’m guessing many were bought for resale.


when I started helping Mary she was upset to see her bulldog memorabilia being resold on other sites but the price hike is what hurt her feelings ! As she stated “I’m putting up my pieces for sale and others are profiting more than me but I suppose once I sell them it’s up to the new owner what they do, this must be a kick in the teeth but Mary has said it all needs to go.

Mary Mary quite contrary can we see what’s left for sale (when contacting Mary use Ave1 for a 10% discount on orders over $150)


Antiques collectors items bargains galore at Mary’s Bulldog-Lots EBay store

before I start, I was just like to stay that if you use the code AVE you’ll get a discount of 10% on orders over 150 dollars (during these times mainly shops offer these discounts so Collectibulldogs is lucky as we are able to offer you this and the only place Mary will except this discount code from, or if your bulk buying then Mary would happily compromise, on price collectibulldogs feels like it needs to shelter this particular Seller people can be cruel in the world and try and get as much as they can for as little as they can and some of the stories I’ve heard Mary saying when she has been selling her pieces makes me feel life can be unfair for some people it’s not a crisis but people do not see the seller as a human when using applications and as we know apart from Temu Sellers are normally in the wrong and buyers are normally in the right this is because of repeat purchasing and consumer rights


Mary’s a lady whom came to Collectibulldogs for help with a collection liquidation, personally I feel this came at the right time as a lack of compassion for my own collection It felt far away after I had quite an illness but I have fought  through my worst and on the other side.


This blog article is not about me anyway after saying hello I was like to talk about the collection that Mary has asked Collectibulldogs to help let go of, it also gives me the chance to explain few facts about the bulldog world how it’s changing and where it might be in 20 years time or even shorter. I don’t know if you have heard or seen but so far two or three countries in the European Union have banned either the pug or the French bulldog whilst in the UK a new license and papers have been created for Bulldogs that are non-standardbred  I believe this is The beginning of the end, but more fact finding is needed to truly understand the extent of the lobbying towards government officials over the three breeds not only that but when I look around my front room, I see Bulldogs everywhere if it came to the point that Bulldogs got banned for health reasons does my collection become special or is it seen as a pariah?

It does sound funny when you think about it bulldogs and bulldog antiques being part of the underground I can just imagine to collectors under a lamp doing what you call dealing, but with Royal Dalton or Danbury the thought is ridiculous but I do wonder how far they are going to take this.



Mary’s collectors life has reached it’s conclusion she’s now wants good homes so her pieces continue to fight enduring time

Collectibulldogs does normally entertain people like Mary that have expressed to auction houses intend to sell but most reply that it is to one breed specific. It is unfortunate that the cost-of-living crisis has put big buying on the back burner and there are not so many collectors as they used to be with some just keeping the pieces that they have now and have stopped because of the pricing craze bought on like first dibs. A collection of auction, antique dealers and gallery owners that basically make up their own prices for the pieces they are selling this trickle down two places like eBay where many are inflating their prices to obviously compete and there is so much buying and selling going on some people do not know where to look for what they are buying but if you are into bulldog memorabilia, antiques and collectables this lady has the pieces that for the first time have made collectibulldogs feel a little bit smaller.


We are still number one and I feel that will always be the case. They have seen some close shaves with a merger that didn’t happen but we are glad that it didn’t. Collectibulldogs is way too special to be merged with any company and I know for a fact, the prestige behind it it’s just around the corner.


Mary‘s items all bulldog relatives are some of the best quality pieces I have same and it is a head scratcher as to why these pieces are not flying out the door especially with the prices that Mary has left for example I am buying a majolica piece for $85, which is around £60 this is an absolute bargain and Mary has not changed the pricing since she brought the pieces all those years ago.

Mary would like to retire and live out the rest of our life. She knows that the collection is not going to make her millionaire but if you look at what she has for sale, you will see that her bulldog collection is just like mine it’s unique but it is more American, whereas mine is more European

Mary’s got quite the collection there

Unbelievable outstanding fantastic and I think congratulations will be some of the words that I used to express how I feel when I look at this ladies pictures now I have seen collections before and don’t get me wrong. These people who I have helped before have had beautiful collections quality wise , they do not stand up to what Mary has been showing me. It is true that not every piece is going to be financially available for any collector out there but I have noticed that there seems to be three different available price ranges which I’m happy to divulge and all Mary wants to do bless her is retire peacefully and prove her family wrong. many of us collectors know the worth of our collection but others around us do not see the same we are all different that is understandable and I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot who would not get a financial estimate completely right? It’s not just that. I also understand when you are doing something passionate but your loved ones are not interested. now I know from personal experience that most loved ones are quite happy if you’ve got it right and dollars or pounds of bouncing around but other than that there is no same love for the collection.

Retirement sounds so last minute but at the same time refers to peace and time spent resting my own collection was or is for my daughters. I hadn’t even thought about retirement age. I still do not like thinking about it LOL and everyone collects for a different reason this is also the first seller that I have met , that didn’t own a bulldog. Yes she knew people that owned bulldogs and has been part of a bulldog community but never owned the breed that we all adore and love so much even to the point my wife went out and come back with an old English bulldog, she will be Added to the website and pictures will be shown of our puppy Starlight but for now it’s blog article. It’s to try and push the knowledge that a beautiful collection is up for sale the pieces are of top quality and if you are of a European

Geographic area you will be loving the pieces that she has for sale just like I am and adding some beautiful American English bulldog Collectibles to a European collection has to be a must.

Collectibulldogs normally picks up the tail end of a liquid is English bulldog collection this time I’m happy to say it is different I have already gone ahead and put in my first order. I have spent over £1000 with this lady in America loop holes for shipping might be a good idea and as Collectibulldogs take her under our wing for now this may be something to talk with Mary  about. I know for a fact certain pieces can come in and out ie import.import where duty is not applicable you still might have to pay your VAT I’ll also find out if it is cheaper for the shipping to be through eBay than a private sale and let people know when I have found out. The only reason I mentioned this is because of The amount I have had to pay in shipping myself to get pieces from the USA to the UK Mary has only been used to Ebay shipping methods and I do not think that this sailor knows much about sending parcels I am of course talking about couriers whom fight each other for the right to take our parcel. It is quite lucrative and now there’s lots of different carriers I should remind myself to compare a list and send it to this lady. So it has not been a cheap exercise but that could be the fact that I have chosen quite a few pieces rather than one or two.


Being the owner of the collectors club on Facebook Mary is I think about the 8th/10th seller to get the assistance of Collectibulldogs in the help of liquidating the bulldog collection. It always surprises me when people are taking aback when they ask how much commission do we want or how much is it going to cost for the help because we are free and do this because it is part of a deep belonging for these historical pieces to go to good times whether that be here your home or the home is someone you know because you may have bought one of Mary’s beautiful bulldog pieces as a gift for someone else

bulldogs a beautiful breed a proud breed a breed that’s been fighting this world or for the people of this world so owning one or more antique or collectible objects from the most used and visually advertised of our canine breeds to me is an honour I’m just the conduit of this mass of bulldog love in object form, I still waited until Mary was ready to sell in our group and gave time before working my funds out

Having had over £1000 spent on me this past Christmas and birthday I nearly denied myself but the quality of the pieces was on par and sometimes better than what I’ve found so far ! I couldn’t help myself the pieces chosen have a theme I went with a vase with a bulldog a little boy (Victoriana scene boys looked and dressed girl like ) I should make a note now that in 10 years time if someone is reading this it will most probably be politically incorrect and for that I apologise so I have a couple of framed pieces depiction the same so they go together.

Silver bracelets are usually pretty to look at especially the Bulldog Cuff Bracelet I’ve asked for, I think Mary said it’s Mexican and if so I’ve got two pieces from the country that holds the Chihuahua closest to its heart. It was just a few weeks ago that I took myself back in my head to when I was offered a majolica plate with a 3-D type scenario. It was a bulldog pulling down a boar looking back for £200 I think it would’ve been a brilliant deal unfortunately I did not have the money and lost out and then comes along this lady with the majolica that is seen online and at great prices

The list started small and just grew Its amazing how fast funds can be found and yes obviously I went over I actually went way over but it’s worth it.


That’s actually a great question Ave lols ! I did ask this very simple of ideas but Mary’s response was one heard all to often and it’s mainly an excuse. When you hear an auctioneer state your collection is to BREED SPECIFIC what they really mean is there is not enough variety in quality, they want the Daultons rare as 1900s real bronzers like Bergman from Austria or K&O a metal of Germany that made high end metal objects. French glass like Lalique and silver club pieces….. even if the collection has a few thousand pieces in an auctioneers mind they are calculating with experience their customer base how long the sale would take and how much investment in the catalog viewers usually get before bids go live. I know this because I contacted Sotheby’s


At the moment Mary hasn’t been that far away from eBay where she’s up against other sellers many using sponsoring so that it’s their pieces you see when using a keyword, remember the lady is in her sixties now just like many of us family are not seeing the potential and even though Mary’s had prosperity selling bulldog memorabilia I feel folks have come in picked up the pieces they know were very underpriced and left Mary stranded with lots of pieces now fighting for advertising space on the Bay.

it is not often that I am up at 3 o’clock in the morning writing a blog article not just to educate people about the English bulldog but to give Mary a chance to reach a bigger demographic compromising 10% was not easy when this seller feels that her pieces are already cheap enough but she has been kind enough to do so so if you have a look on a her ebay store or join my facebook group  

having spent more money than I should’ve done on Mary‘s pieces myself I can assure you that Collectibulldogs does not take a penny for helping anyone liquidate that bulldog collection. I am happy to help as I am also thinking that as always for Collectibulldogs to become bigger and better I know the website needs attention and I think the English bulldog has a breed and part of our society should be part of a module so I will be contacting Sussex University to see if there is any scope for collaboration




Crufts entry Michelle Sullivan read on for EXCLUSIVES !


given the days of uncertainty Collectibulldogs is asking its readers to start showing some activity on the website. It would be brilliant to have comments and threads started and if there is any issues in doing this, I would like it if you contacted me and I can sort it out as an educational website. This is the kind of response that is needed for us to be saying online


space for over 10 years I have been blogging about the English bulldog. I have been showing examples mostly quality pieces indicative of what is found in English Society and other cultural races where the English bulldog is revered and sewing grains into the wine people live it is only the last 10 years where Bulldogs have been pulled away from national and international advertising and future blogs especially with CRUFTS 2024 Bulldog entry Michelle Sullivan.



With 2 bulldogs we buy Michelle’s pieces especially with a growing pup I’ll ask Michelle if we can get a discount code they are independent sellers so any chance of a mall discount helps you the buyer and more sales for Michelle

we are proud to announce that after one-to-one interview we are Collectibulldogs has got access and managed to get this exclusive something that not even the BBCITV or other media has managed to do. I have my questions ready and I’m looking forward to when I can publish this brilliant once in a lifetime chat with one of the best in the business


so if you would like to talk to or look at her products even if not why not hit the link and congratulate Michelle and a little exclusive here I’ve heard Michelle might just try crufts one more time, collective bulldogs will be giving Michelle Sullivan a home here on the website but we are not e-commerce so any sales you will have to link over it is ironic that such a prestigious name in the bulldog world does not have a base of operations other than Facebook so Collectibulldogs is happy to give Michelle the exclusivity of being part of the website and I am going to speak to my house about how we go ahead with this and until my next article, thank you very much. You guys rock


https://www.google.com/gasearch?q=collectibulldogs%20ebook&tbm=&source=sh/x/gs/m2/5 I’m hoping my Free Ebook has helped there’s been over 1000 copies downloaded already.

Collectibulldogs is always looking to do better all the time but with limited tools and ideas need the technology to advance so I am hoping to find better editing tools until then if you think collectibulldogs deserves a Cleo or pat on the back we are registered with TRUST PILOT where you can rate us.

best wishes Eiffion Porscha and (Starlight) ?